Juicy Couture Baby Fluffy Terry HandbagNow this is the Juciy Couture I know and hate. The Juicy Couture Baby Fluffy Terry Handbag simply has way too much going on. There is a good chance this all goes back to me being oh so over logos splashed all over handbags. I am all for the traditional and expect LV logo on some of their signature items but that is because although the logo can be seen everywhere, it is still a bit understated. Here, Juicy Couture being printed on the front and the back leaves absolutely no room for anything else on the bag. Or well, let me rephrase that, there is still room for an outrageously large heart-shaped mirror attached to the handbag. Brown leather handles hold the soft, shapeless bag together. Are you all with me here? If you are a logo kind of person, pick this handbag up through Saks for $188.

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  • sharon

    I’m definitely not a fan of this look.

  • Anilu Magloire

    My eyes!!!!!!!!

  • Maria E

    I like some of Juicy’s designs but this unfortunately represents the worst of that brand…I second (and third) Anilu on this one…my poor eyes! This is not an item that any one over 12 years of age should carry.

  • Angel

    I agree that this one does have to much, I like the small leather one that I bought, it does not have “Juicy Couture” in HUGE letters all over it. I love that part. Overall the bag style is cute, but not this color, or overdone lettering, and huge heart thing.

  • Miss G’lightly

    All 3 of my nieces own versions of this bag..BUT they are 15,16,and 20 and that’s surely the target market for the frantic baby fluffy,the overpriced daydreamer and my favorite ” the I conned my Aunt into getting me this hideous bowler.” That being said, there are some delicious leathers being done by the girls from Pacoima, that one tends to overlook as one treads the choppy charm infested waters of terry and velour.

  • Jean


  • maggie

    I’m about 15 years old, and even though I think i’m too young to wear traditional bags this early on (I have my whole life ahead of me to wear traditional items) I hate overly girly handbags. Juicy is THE brand for teenage brandwhores.

  • meatbun

    Shannon, you really this mean “elite-ist” kind of attitude. What is the difference between blazing logos on this Juicy Couture bag and those fucking hideous Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton or any Vuitton? They’re the same to me but you seem to think because it is a Vuitton you let it skate by? Give me fucking break!