Normally I enjoy a good novelty bag a lot more in theory than I do in my closet, but the Kate Spade The Journal Newspaper Clutch is poking at a special place in my heart.

I spent a lot of time in college learning how to write hard news in an inverted pyramid and listening to professors pontificate on the unending importance of objectivity and the AP Style Book. I was taught to lay out a newspaper page and copy edit nearly anything. As it turns out, those skills aren’t all necessary in order for me to do my current job, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still feel a special fondness for newspapers. Combining a paper with a handbag gives me warm fuzzies like you wouldn’t believe.

Kate Spade has come to be somewhat known for its novelty bags, and the attention to detail paid on even a small clutch like this one is impressive. The clutch is marked as a Sunday edition from January 23, 2011, which actually was a Sunday. Someone in the brand’s design office looked it up before the bag was made, which to me indicates clearly the amount of thought that went into this little evening bag. The clutch is lined in red and closes magnetically to look more like a rolled-up newspaper than I would have previously thought possible for a handbag, and with such a reasonable price, I may be adding one to my collection shortly. Buy through Kate Spade for $125.

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  • shueaddict

    so cute … but I’ve already shelled out quite a bit more for a Galliano Gazette tote – newspaper print done right is very eye cahtching

  • Marianna

    I love this bag! I spent many years riding the NYC subway system with my NYT or WSJ in hand. Now I live and work in the burbs and my newspaper downloads to my Kindle everyday. This is a fun bag and a bit nostalgic for me. :)

  • 19yearslater

    I adore this. We’ve seen newsprint on fashion items before, but never so literally done and I love it. Brilliantly done, I absolutely want one.

  • Vitta

    Well, “newspaper” or “magazine” clutches have been around since 1960s. You can buy an original vintage “magazine” clutch for under $50 (see eBay Item 300518292627). So, there’s nothing novel in this copy.

  • Donna

    Cute. I read that it is made of Tyvek, the same material they make those USPS envelopes out of, virtually indestructable. I agree, this concept has been around. But, not executed like this exactly. I really like it. I’m contemplating getting it.

  • Amanda Mull

    @Vitta I actually think that there are quite a lot of important aesthetic differences between this clutch and the one to which you’re referring.

    • Vitta

      Amanda, you mean that this is a “newspaper” and the mentioned original vintage clutch is a “magazine”? Of course, the details would be different. What’s important is that the concept is not novel. There’s nothing wrong with modern designers being inspired by vintage trends. We just need to acknowledge the roots of such trends. I think a lot of handbag enthusiasts here on TPF would want to learn more about the handbag history. Don’t you agree?

      • TC


      • Lisa

        The review never mentions that this is a novel concept. I don’t think she was misleading on handbag history.

        I love this because of the NYC tie in. The magazine clutch on ebay is cute, but this sings to my heart because of memories. It will be really unique, as our news continues it’s digital trend.

        I don’t really like KS bags, but I want this.

      • Vitta

        @Lisa, the opening sentence presents the Kate Spade’s “Journal Newspaper Clutch” as a novelty bag. By definition, “novelty” means “freshness and originality by virtue of being refreshingly novel”. “Novel” by definition is “original, a kind not seen before”. Since the concept of “magazine” or “newspaper” clutches has been around since the 1960s, you cannot consider this particular Kate Spade clutch as “novel”, because it copies the original, vintage concept.

  • qudz

    this may be somewhat impractical for daily use, but its just the cutest impractical clutch ever! if i could think of a few occasions where i could use this, i would totally get it!

  • Mochababe73

    It’s cute. I wouldn’t wear because even for a clutch, it looks very small.

  • Frida

    I am sooooo getting this clutch.

  • helen

    Wow – that does not look real.

  • Stylista

    Haha! So cute! Kate Spade is good!

  • MishieMonroe

    Cute! I wouldn’t buy it but can appreciate the art. (Ipad)

  • Rad4816

    Purchased this weekend at Nordstroms—cutest clutch and a definite conversation piece. Fits a droid2, keys, card case and some cosmetics–took it on a trial run Saturday night and got more comments at the restaurant—best 125 spent so far this spring!

  • Chris

    This is indeed a very very cute clutch. And probably a conversation starter. :-)

  • Arie

    After seeing TPB post this on Facebook, I fell in love instantly and ordered it direct from Kate Space the same day. I received it today and absolutely love it. The material of the bag even feels like paper, and the edges are layered to make it look like multiple pieces of newspaper. It’s really a FANTASTIC clutch. Although its narrow and not at all very deep, its very long. You should be able to fit a Blackberry/IPhone, small digital camera, keys, a mirror and lipgloss in the clutch comfortably.

    • Arie

      By the way, what do you ladies and gents think of me wearing this NOW? I live in NYC and have been debating if it’s “season” appropriate. Can I wear it now when there is snow outside since newspapers are not seasonable or do I need to wait until Spring since the clutch itself is white??? Your thoughts?

  • Karin bag4bag

    It is a bag for now. It would always make you smile when you took it out with you. I love bags that do that.
    I loved the ‘newspaper’ print dress that SJP wore as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City too…

    • Arie

      I loved that dress on Carrie too! I definitely plan on using the bag this time of year – no matter what some of my friends say! Can’t wait until I have an occasion for it!

  • Eru

    I want this *so* badly, but can’t find it for sale anywhere, :( Can’t believe it was such a good deal at $125