I wish I had more places to carry sparkly little bags. Not that I want more weddings to go to (in fact, don’t invite me to your wedding, I won’t come unless the catering is going to be really good) or things like that…it would just be nice if life was a little more glamorous, you know? I fabulous party here and there, maybe a premiere. Tiny, sparkly clutches and dive bars don’t mix.

If I had more places to take such bags, the Franchi Carrie Crystal Cage Clutch would certainly be among my collection. We’ve had the whole cage shoe “thing” going on for a while now – why not a cage bag?

Because of the nature of crystals and how they’re usually sewn into bags or garments, it’s difficult for them to look like they have movement. What Franchi does by making the cage a bit too large for the satin clutch underneath is accomplish just that – because the crystals have the opportunity to move a bit, they look more like an extra piece of jewelry than a few rhinestones sewn into a bag. This construction is also a clever way to incorporate a big dose of color into a crystal-covered design, and although it might verge on prom-y, I still think it’s plenty fun. Buy through Nordstrom for $238.

Pretty In Pink

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