Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and thought, “I know exactly what this needs. MORE DISCO!” Me neither. But, perhaps, there’s someone out there that has, or maybe you just like shiny things. Hey, I certainly do. There’s no shame in that!

So whether you want to add more disco to your life or just a bit of sparkle, the Deux Lux Fortune Hobo might be just your cup of tea. Be careful, however, because it’s “vegan leather,” which is a fancy way to say fake. If you’re anti-leather, then Deux Lux is right up your alley; if you’d rather have the real stuff, you might want to look elsewhere. I can think about that for too long, however, because I’m distracted by the shiny parts. And oh, how shiny they are.

The reflective insets are actually the metal mesh that first gained popularity with Whiting & Davis decades ago, and it’s hard to tell whether they’d be so blue-purple in real life or if that’s just the reflection of the leather’s color being picked up by the camera. If it’s actually navy blue with silver, I would kind of like this bag; if the metal is blue/purple as it is in the picture, I’ll pass. What I would love above all else, however, would be a black version with gunmetal insets; it would be just the right combination of industrial and glam. Buy through Nordstrom for $158.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • marian t

    love this bag! (fb)

  • krista

    deux lux rocks!!

  • swakjack

    maybe you should disco your face?

    ha. lovin’ on this bag, disco or no disco.

  • Tamar

    AMAZING bag!

  • Karin bag4bag

    Amanda Did you mean metal mess or metal mesh !! Like this bag – more disco is fine with me…(fb)

    • Amanda Mull

      HA! I meant mesh, but that’s a pretty funny slip there…

  • Peony

    It’s very reminiscent of the Belen Echandia Stoke ME bag to me.

  • Karen

    LOVE this!! I dod need more disco in my wardrobe!!! (fb)

  • Signe

    meh, way too disco for my taste… (fb)

  • Melody

    its a pity dat it isnt real leather… but with that price tag, i guess i would still fall for this one… the shape, disco mesh and the handle… NICE (fb)

  • Jane

    gross and ugly no thank you (fb)

  • deepbluesea

    I’m the kind who does care about “real” leather….really how does it matter as long as it is soft to touch, looks like leather and doesn’t smell like dead animal?
    Price point is great too!!
    I’m getting that!

  • natalie

    Just proof that some people will buy anything. Seriously…that bag should be on a hanger at Kmart, not Nordstrom.

  • Leticia

    Would never carry this, but it’s sort of pretty to look at… (fb)

  • James

    We sold it to really confident, sharp women who either wanted a fun second bag or to carry for fun when whimsy struck them. The bag was huge by the way.