At best, the idea of having a tennis star design (or at the very least, “consult”) on a line of expensive handbag and shoes sounds like kind of a silly idea. At worst, it could be a disaster – what does Maria Sharapova know about fashion or design? Somehow, though, Sharapova’s capsule collections for Cole Haan continue to feature some of the brand’s best pieces. I’ve written about my love for the Maria Sharapova for Cole Haan Maria Triple Zip Satchel before, but this new leather and color deserve a look.

Because this leather is embossed with a lizard print and glazed, I don’t know if it’ll be as soft as the previous Maria Triple Zips, but I’m sure hoping that it will be. The lamb leather used on those past bags was sublime, and the suede trim that runs throughout the bag offers the perfect bit of textural contrast. I’ll have to see this piece in person to judge, but if you’re feeling confident, go ahead and order it – I would be surprised if it wasn’t delightful in person. Buy through Nordstrom for $498.

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  • 19yearslater

    Wow, this is very stylish. Normally these lines with celebrities of any sort are a little sub-par. This is definitely an exception.

  • Karin bag4bag

    It is a really interesting design with the wide bands of leather meeting diagonally off center of the bag. The color is a lovely neutral. I like the metal fine detail on the ends of the strap.

    My only concern is that these straps look quite thin and I wonder about their strength on this bag. I even quite like the tassel as a fun element on what looks essentially a classy well though out bag.

    • Karin bag4bag

      Sorry spelling error – I MEANT to say a classy well THOUGHT out bag !


    I love it!! I agree with the thin straps though, hope they can hold up!

  • Mochababe73

    I never thought that I would say this about grey, but what a pretty color. I really like it.
    The price pointi good.
    And, yes. The straps are completely inadequate for the size. This bag appears to be in the medium to large range and should really have something more substantial.

  • Carol P.

    I have this bag in black, and I love it. It benefits from a structured purse organizer in the middle section.

    The straps on my bag look the same as those on Nordstrom’s product views. They are about 1-1/8″ wide each, double sided soft leather, well stitched, and nicely cushioned.

    I usually carry a pretty full purse, and haven’t had any concerns about the straps. But I am disappointed that it’s just a bit too short to zip my iPad into one of the side compartments!

    One of the greatest features of the bag is its ultra soft leather, so I’d want to see the new one IRL to be certain it has the same smooshy softness.

  • Pink Combat Boots

    I love love this bag. It is next to impossible to find a rich colored gray bag that doesn’t either: (a) look cheap or (b)make you look like you’re 70

    This I would grab in a minute and wear until…well, I was 69.