Cole Haan Kyle Large Nylon ToteDoes anyone else think that the Cole Haan Kyle Large Nylon Tote seems kind of…crowded? I count…one, two, three, four…FOUR pockets on the front alone, the top two of which don’t match each other or the twin pockets below them. At the same time, it’s one of the “tobo” bags we’ve mentioned before that seem so popular this season; it’s the shape of a hobo, but it has two handles, making it a tote. And then there’s the webbing that stretches all the way up the corners of the tote, framing in the orange-trimmed pockets (which, varyingly, have both buckles and zippers) and making them seem all the more squished.

It kind of reminds me of a fly-fishing vest you wear on your shoulder (and for all of you girls that aren’t familiar with fly-fishing vests…you’re lucky). It looks a bit like it’s a duffle bag made into a hobo (excuse me, tobo), and I’m not entirely sure that I’d pay $298 for a nylon Cole Haan bag when the leather ones are scarcely $100 more. I think I understand what they were going for here, but I can’t say I think the end result is good. Buy through Zappos for $298.95.

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  • Cate

    All i can think of when I see this bag is the orange and brown 60s throwback feeling i get from this mix of color. It’s too distracting for me to even notice all the pockets.

  • Suzanne

    I adore pockets on my bags & try not to buy bags that don’t have them because I inevitably end up frustrated without them, but this seems a bit excessive.

  • Lotte Decker

    Please help me: Where is STYLE in this bag???

  • skiddo2000

    ehh. Might make a decent travel bag, but why buy it just for that? Not too thrilled with the colors.

  • Maura

    Agree it would make a great travel bag, would take it overseas in a sec if it were different colors.