I may be a tad old to be in the demographic for Coach‘s Poppy line, but I think that it’s kind of a brilliant idea anyway. My first-ever designer bag was made by Coach and it cost me $298, back when I was a senior in high school and working at an internship that paid me a very modest stipend. I saved my pennies and bought my bag after a few months, and I couldn’t have been more proud of it.

I was the envy of all of my young classmates, so it only makes sense that Coach would design a semi-affordable line to appeal to exactly that demographic. If I were to be 17 all over again, I would go straight for the Coach Poppy Leather Pocket Hobo – it’s simple enough that I could take it to the internship that I had, but also bright and cheery enough to wear to school or to the mall.

I know that some Coach fans have been critical of the Poppy bags, but I don’t think that there’s anything inherently wrong with trying to capture a younger customer, as long as the brand continues to make bags that appeal to their traditional customers, which they are. Not only that, but I think they’re beating Juicy Couture at their own game – these bags are young and hip, but they don’t look nearly as cheap or overworked as other expensive bags aimed at the same demographic. In fact, I kind of want to buy one, if only for first-bag nostalgia. Buy through Nordstrom for $298.

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