So, not to be accusatory or anything, but doesn’t the CC Skye Love 82 Bag give you a little bit of handbag deja vu? Just a tad?

I don’t intend to cast aspersions, but to me, this bag looks an awful lot like the Botkier James Hobo. The James has been around for over a year, whereas I think that this is a new design for the folks at CC Skye, so the numerous similarities are making me feel a little weird.

The shape, the proportion, the handle size, the inverted pleats, the presence of very simple tassels…there are a lot of things that appear in both bags. When I first saw this bag pop up on ShopBop a few days ago, I thought that perhaps Botkier had just issued a new color that I had somehow missed in their Spring/Summer catalog, but that wasn’t the case. I’m sure that this bag is perfectly lovely, and CC Skye usually does quite a good job, but I have to side with the original. It’s even the same price. Buy through ShopBop for $595.

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  • elizabeth

    Deja vu for sure, but not as nice (in my opinion) as the Botkier version. (fb)

  • Jane

    yes that is serious deja vu. I don’t like it as much as Botkier version I agree with elizabeth completely. I do love the color a lot. (fb)

  • Loquita

    I saw the pic and thought this was going to be a Botkier review! I prefer the Botkier version brand, though – despite the lovely color of this one. The blatant use of the original Botkier design is rather off-putting.

  • Abby

    As a huge CC SKYE fan I prefer the Love 82, I saw it the other day at Saks and it really doesn’t look like this photo AT ALL if you go on CC SKYE’S website you can see for yourself:

    This bag looks SO much more expensive in person, it has the coolest side zippers that you can’t see in this picture… It’s a hobo not a satchel which it looks like here.

    CC SKYE is slouchy cool where as a Botkier is much more traditional. THEY’RE VERY, VERY DIFFERENT!!

  • Mochababe73

    I am not familiar with CC Skye at all. But when comparing both pictures, they are very similar. (fb)

  • Adiva Artuvogue

    I agree with Abby completely!

    This is tu shea, by far, another stylish handbag by CC SKYE perfectly casual and chic in every-way. Great Italian leather with touches of SKYE’s trademark jewelry glitz on the handle hardware!

    The body may seam similar, but anyone who knows bag’s should be able to see that it is in the DETAILS which give a great design style. So Ladies, look one more time closely!!! The handle, the draped couture body and custom construction only seen in a side view picture = to a pull-up look. The extra hand-tack stitches, the side zippers (…genious to be able to hold the bag a second way…shhhh, it’s a secret, better buy one to find out what I am talking about!) and the spike studs!!! Come on don’t be hatter alligator’s, otherwise this bag might come alive and eat you :)

    Honestly, this LOVE 82 bag is a perfect fit for all Bohemian Queen’s from the beaches of Malibu to the Castles of Beverly Hills to the flats of Sherman Oaks and the city streets of New York City!

  • Laurel

    wow have to say it looks exactly like the james hobo… the folds and tassels are the exact same. i really liked some of cc skye’s designs but this makes me less inclined to support them.

  • Lolita

    inmy opinion, this is really not the shape of the CC SKYE bag.. it looks like shop bop shot it sitting down – no blame on CC SKYE who is always fashion forward, not very often doing what “other designers are doing,” and sets the trends rathe rthan follows them.. not to mention CC skye is friends with all staff on botkeir including Monica Botkeir herself. Why would she intentionally do a bag of a designer who she is closely connectd to?? the CC SKYE style drapes long like a hobo, not like a satchel .. its not shot well on shopbop as much as we love the site, the shape just didnt come thru accurately..

  • coachbags

    coach bags It looks very noble

  • Adiva Artuvogue

    have any of you ladies been rocking this one? do tell how you love it x82!!!!

  • Jen

    I actually am a Marc Jacobs Collection hoarder and this is the first bag in a long time that has diverted my attention away from MJ. The Love 82 is SUPER soft; softer than my Marc Jacobs bag from the Mercer line that was released in ’07. I’m assuming the CC SKYE bag is lambskin, although I couldn’t find any identification when I hastily searched. The only downside is that the craftsmanship was made in China, which uses inferior quality leather although you would never be able to tell by its appearance, feel, and scent.