That's meeeee.See that chick over there? That’s me, Amanda, your humble handbag servant. I’m 23 and I like college football and changing my hair color. And I’m not the only one here – I know you’re out there, I can see you! Well, I can’t see you in a creepy way, but we know you’re visiting. But what a lot of you aren’t doing is commenting. I’m here full-time now, which means I sit on my couch for 8 hours a day and think about handbags, and if you guys don’t talk to me, I’m going to go completely insane and start licking the walls or something.

Seriously, it’s just me sitting here at the computer, so I need to hear from you. I like to talk. I’m a people person (ok, so, I’m not really a people person, but I do like to talk). So let me know what you think about the bags I’m posting about here, or if there’s a bag you think I need to see, or if you need relationship advice (not that that’s really what this blog is for…but, you know, go ahead. Let it out, girl.). And if you don’t comment, I’m going to come and find you and we’re going to have to have a very stern conversation about why you’re making me entertain myself all day. We’re going to be doing a couple of commenting contests in the future, but right now, I’m just a girl, standing in front of a blog, and asking it to love her. Or something like that. +1 for anyone that can name that movie reference.

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  • Alexis

    Notting Hill :)

  • Amanda Mull

    I should have picked a harder quote!!!!! Shannon already emailed me this morning and she got it right too.

    Funny thing is, I thought it was from ‘Jerry Maguire.’ I fail my own movie test.

  • morgan

    notting hill!!!

    (hahaha i knew it before i read the comments! :))

  • mae

    i am so happy to find someone out there who loves bags as much as i do.
    seriously. seriously.
    i am so excited. believe me girl, your going to want me to shut up because i will probably comment EVERY post you make.

    good job with this site and i can’t wait to read more:].


  • hannah

    yay notting hill :)

  • Cate

    Well… with a speech like that I can’t help but comment. Every since I landed on this site I check at least once a day. (Ok, realistically, I check it like 5 times a day and get sad evertime I don’t see a new post). So, if people commenting is what you need, I’ll follow suit with Mae and try to comment on nearly everything!

  • Amanda Mull

    YAY commenters! We want to hear from all of you! You can also email me at or follow me on Twitter at PBAmanda. So if there’s anything you’d like me to write about or any comments in general, please leave them here or let me know!

    And double points to anyone who gets the reference in the title of the post…

  • Suzanne

    Is the title a reference to the classic Judy Blume novel, “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret?”

    And by the way, I love love love reading your posts, Amanda! Especially here on Purse Blog Savvy where the bags are much more in my obtainable price range.

  • Suzanne

    Quick Question- are members eligible to win the DvF beach bag (and other future giveaways where the only criteria is to post a response to a blog post) if we comment here on Purse Blog Savvy, or is it only good for comments made over on the Purse Blog? Maybe that’s why it’s been so quiet over here??

  • Ruth

    I ALSO thought it was Jerry Macquire. But then realized that of course, it was Notting Hill, when I read the answer.

  • Bonniesgirl

    Notting Hill, of course. I always cry during that little speech and the one where they’re all sitting round the dinner table vying for the last brownie. The post title I thought might refer to Pink Floyd. Pick me. Pick me, please!

  • Julie

    Hi Amanda
    Nice to actually see what you look like IRL!
    I read Purse Savvy every morning straight after the main page – I often comment on the other page, didn’t realise I could do the same here. Now you will regret asking for comments!!!
    Have a great day
    Julie :)

  • Julie

    OH! I did want to ask something seriously.

    Is it possible to have the “Must Haves” bags labelled somehow? I’ve clicked on a few I don’t recognise ‘casue I like them, but they just take me straight to the Sak’s site or something and then I don’t know how to find the bag I want. Even if you could just put the mouse over the picture and it flashes up the name of the designer or the bag, it would be wayyyyy useful.
    Just a suggestion!
    Told ya not to open the floor to comments!
    Julie :):)

  • choozen1ne

    I like the purple bag
    Do you have any opinoins on when it is okay to start wearing your spring and summer bags – like straw bags ? I live in the midwest and its still chilly some days , not sure if I can wear a straw bag with a winter coat

  • Amanda Mull

    @Suzanne – yes! Judy Blume reference!!! And I’m not sure if Savvy comments are eligible for the DvF giveaway, I’ll ask Shannon on Monday!
    @Julie – I’ll have to ask Vlad about that particular section since he’s in charge of technicals, but if there’s a bag out there, anywhere, that needs identifying, then take a screen shot and email it to me and I can probably tell you what it is! Of the 8 up there right now, I can tell you what 6 of them are with complete certainty, and another one with reasonable certainty.
    @choozen1ne – I’d say to start wearing them when it’s consistently warm. I wouldn’t do an obviously “summer” bag, like one made of straw or linen, when you still need to layer. Once jacket weather stops, straw bag weather starts, so it’ll be different for everyone depending on where you are! I could start circa now, for instance, because I’m in the deep South.

  • jaffa

    So Amanda, how do I get a job sitting on my sofa for 8 hours thinking about handbags? I mean, I kinda do that now, since I’m an unemployed writer, but how do I do it and get paid? (just kidding…or not) :)

  • Julie

    Thanks Amanda! Can you please tell me what the teal one is – in the third row on the right? Have been looking at it for ages! Also, in the 2nd row, the one on the left (black/dark brown).

    Many thanks

  • Amanda Mull

    @Julie: The teal one is the Longchamp Legende Shopper: and the black one is the CC Skye Lucy Bag:

  • Suzanne

    oh my god – u have such an awesome job! reviewing bags and all….do you get to keep any? lol. you guys are just so lucky with all the great bags you have here. back where i come from – MBMJ just only hit our shores not too long ago. you all have so many choices…envy!

  • Megs

    LOVED this post!!!

    And yes to comments on Savvy counting for the giveaway!! I will post this to update!!!

  • Swanky

    No, no! It’s obviously from
    “Are Your There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea”


  • Amanda Mull

    Swanky, lol, vodka definitely answered when I called its name last night…

  • Suzanne

    Thanks Megs & Amanda!

  • Ces-A

    I thought it was from Jerry Maguire, too! Cheers!

  • Linda

    Hi Amanda…Love your posts….have you reviewed Junior Drake? Love to hear what you have to say about that line. I had one of their hobos a couple years ago and it was a bit too small for me…so my daughter got it. The leather was to die for and the price is right…so what do you think?

  • Linda

    hey Amanda! Nice to see someone who is crazed like me about handbags! I love handbags. They are sooo much easier to try on then shoes! Check out Gryson’s new Olivia Harris Round Sac Lambskin Leather bag!! I saw it on line and it looks positively gorgeous! Especially being that it’s lambskin leather, they cleverly placed little metal rivets at the bottom edges to prevent wear. I’m a huge fan of Gryson! I just purchased their Tutu handbag in charcoal and am in love!!!

  • jo

    hi amanda,

    i saw a woman in a restaurant with to-die-for black chanel quilted satchel/shoulder bag.. before i can ask her about it, she was gone.. i’m not entirely sure if it’s a new design or if it came out past season. pls help!