As much as we love the established designers with their signature handbags, we get giddy for new designers offering handbags that we must have. It does not happen often that there is a bag that I see that I absolutely MUST HAVE. I can rave about specific bags and even profess my love, but if I am not out buying them up, they are not on the same level. Recently, I had to have the latest DvF Bag, and I went out and bought it. Of course there are pricing restrictions, but once you catch me raving incessantly, that is most likely a bag that will be added to my collection.

Proenza Schouler PS1 Crocodile Satchel

The next designer that will be added to my collection is Proenza Schouler. Their clothing line is established yet their sporty handbag line is new. And I love it! We have covered Proenza Schouler bags quite a bit on Purse Blog (a sign of a must have for us) and now we are thoroughly obsessed. I desperately want to see one of their python PS1 bags in person, to touch and feel the python that they use, but now I want to see the Proenza Schouler PS1 Crocodile Satchel. Of course Net A Porter had to go out and decide that not only is Proenza Schouler producing some lust-worthy bags, but they also decided to tease all of us with a crocodile version that has not been posted online elsewhere. I want to feel this bag, try it on, hold it, see how the skin moves and if it gives a bit. And with a large price tag, this crocodile version is out of reach right now, but it is only furthering my love and want of a Proenza Schoulder bag. Watch out, one will enter my collection soon. Buy the crocodile PS1 via Net A Porter for $14,500.

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  • hazel

    Wow, the design is really lovely with the croc!

  • spanish moss

    my hand NEEDS to touch this bag!

  • Lotte Decker

    How large is the bag to justify the price and where (from which country) did the material come from ?

  • MizzJ

    HOLY CRAP that’s expensive!! That’s the most expensive bag I’ve seen in awhile. Sorry, but I’ll pass haha

  • bethany

    I like it! Expensive but I like it!

  • me

    It looks like my history teacher’s briefcase done up in an exotic. No thanks.

  • Great minds think alike, Megs! I was going to write about this bag when I saw it today as well!

  • Julia

    Yikes I didn’t look @the price till I saw the above comment. But I do like it! The straps are good for work! for sure LUST WORTHY! :)

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    My! My! this Croc is driving me WILD & the price is just FREAKING CRAZY!!! Thanks for posting a photo of this HOTT bag, it appears this is as close as I am going to get to it, I am afraid it might BITE me..LOL! :)

  • Carolyn

    I know croc is expensive but that is too much for a bag that looks like a saddle bag. you can get some hermes with that kind of money

  • Jane H.

    Whoa, this bag is sold out on the NAP UK site…

  • stella

    Not for me. I’m sorry. The price is crazy even though it’s an exotic (and I dislike exotics!). The overall design doesn’t appeal to me, either.

  • QueenMAB

    SO expensive :( but just BETTER than the suede (of course.) But if I had that kind of $$ to throw around I would be running into Hermes.

  • People are buying!!!! I wish I was one of the ‘people’

  • Free

    I was in awe of the bag, until I read a few comments and had to scroll back up to look at the price. WAH HOW! I paid less for my car.

  • Johanna

    Wow, that bag is GORGEOUS (too bad the price isn’t!)

  • dierregi

    Not for me, it does look a lot like an old-fashioned briefcase more than like a handbag and I found interesting to read the comment mentioning that a car can be less expensive than this bag… Really gave me something to think about…

  • Elle

    Wow the price tag on this thing is insane but it is really a beautiful bag. I thought it would be 4-5K tops not 14K! At least Proenza Schouler clothing is cheaper?

  • Sher

    I recently bought the PSI in black leather. This bag is so organized and modern. I got the smaller, medium size, which is still large. The croc is gorgeous, but the black leather is truly a forever bag. Understated, but oh so stylish!!

  • edhardyclothing

    size is requin