We’ve already talked about the weaker points of Prada’s Fall/Winter 2010 handbag collection – I’m no great fan of camouflage, and it seems like most of you agree with me. Thankfully most of the bags in the collection aren’t decked in camo, and I’d love to have most of them in my closet.

In particular, the Prada Cervo Shine Bowler looks like a perfect everyday bag – it’s neutral but doesn’t lack luxury and can be carried on the shoulder or arm, depending on how badly you need to carry other things at the same time.

I used to think that bags like this from Prada were kind of boring, but they’ve grown on me in the past six months or so because of how subtle they are. Season in and season out, Prada makes bags that a woman can take to her office without feeling as though she’s showing off in an inappropriate way. Showy runway bags may get all the attention, but I have a feeling that bags like this one that appeal to grown women are what make the brand so successful. Buy through Saks for $2100.

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  • H.

    OH yeh this is a keeper! Perfect for now and when im a granny. Fantastic. They did all camouflage? I cant stand camouflage prints…what does that ever has to do with style?

  • Graciella

    Love it! I’m hoping to get the tessuto+nappa version of this one in black.

  • evanee

    I like this bag, it seems practically easy to carry it around.

  • mochababe73

    Pretty bag, but it looks a little like the Tod’s bag that the celebrities are wearing. I could see myself using this in my everyday life.

  • bagladee

    This bag will definitely be mine. Just can’t decide between the tan and the red.

  • Valentina

    A favourite

  • Laura

    Now this purse I love! Great style, nice colors and not too wild like the camo purse. Great lookig all around!

  • Becky L

    It’s a keeper. LOVE IT!

  • Jane

    Wow I am actually starting to like a few of Prada’s bags. This bag could truly be a classic and I assume would look incredible after a few years of use, I love when really good leather bags get that old leather feel and look. I find it really beautiful.

  • MAX

    Classic !!

  • mandy

    Love this one. Definitely on the must-purchase list!

  • MizzJ

    It’s true, it may be boring to look at in display photos, but it definitely works for real life. Sometimes I think it would be better to see the bag in action, styled on a real person b/c that’s where simple designs like this one really shine.


  • MizzK
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    Different people can have many ideas,I agree with your opinions

  • Julia

    CAMO PRADA=LOVE! Don’t boohoo the camo bag. I just got the Saffiano Camouflage and it is awesome! The mimetio color works great as a neutral while the camouflage adds a subtle splash of pattern. I think you have totally missed the point of the bag.

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  • Jelita78

    i used to say prada makes boring bags.
    and now i’m saying it again: Prada makes boring bags! (ipad)