Dolce and Gabbana Miss Sicily Snakesin BagMy first reaction when I looked at the Dolce & Gabanna Miss Sicily Snakeskin Handbag was that it didn’t look anything like a Dolce & Gabbana handbag. At least not the ones that have come out most recently – they’ve all looked like ruffly garbage bags or been in various color of lamé. I won’t say that’s a bad thing – I kind of like the ruffly garbage bags – but it’s certainly different than what we see here. The Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Snakeskin Handbag Miss Sicily is the exact opposite of a ruffly anything. Its lines are so rigid, just looking at it makes my back hurt, and I’m pretty sure that I could fend off an attacker with it quite quickly. That’s not to say I don’t like it, because I do; it would dress up jeans and a white button-down quite nicely, and snakeskin is my favorite neutral material of all time. Go ahead, try and think of something snakeskin, in one form or another, wouldn’t match. And this skin in particular is gorgeous – it’s textured with tons of tiny scales that really deserve some time spent with Nordstrom’s zoom feature. Seeing this makes me really wish that Hermes would consider expanding their snakeskin offerings in the future. Pre-order through Nordstrom for $2475.

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  • holly

    Ohhh gorgeous snake skin! I like the shape too and the way they did the handle looks good.

  • lipvixen

    I am in shock. This does not look like a typical trendy Dolce at all. I see myself carrying this bag after 50 years and it will still look desirable. A very good classic there D&G!

  • penelope

    right, this bag doesn’t look like dolce&gabbana, but it’s not hideous. i think it’ll look amazing with a little black dress and a gold necklace. actually i didn’t know much about history of this brand so i googled it. here is the article i found: Fetish Pulses and Sexiness – Dolce & Gabbana. the brand should be written as dolce&gabbana, without space in between. :)

  • Judy

    I own this gorgeous bag. It is the first Dolce&Gabbana handbag I have ever owned. Usually their designs aren’t my style. But, this bag spoke to me. It will definitely be an important part of my collection. I tend towards very classic, timeless styles and this baby fits the bill perfectly.

  • Nathalie

    You women disgust me!! you are sitting here talking about a bag that was made at the sacrifice of a living animal. You greedy people would rather spend money on bag made out of an animals natural skin than be happy with what you have got!! If you want to carry around a dead animal on your shoulder then you can wrap the dead snake around you if you love it that much! You disgust me, all of you! and i am especially disappointed in D&G for going so low as to use real snake skin! and íf your gonna turn around and tell me its not real then you’re guilty of fake advertising cause its state genuine snakeskin, i hope you all get what’s coming to you, you pathetic conformists!

  • Disappointed

    I am really disappointed with the women who are buying this product. I am hoping that you all didn’t know that the purse is made with real snake/eel skin. I really encourage all of you to educate yourselves around the torture and needless deaths these animals go through for the sake of shallow purse fashion. There are many products available that don’t use real animal skin…..PLEASE buy these instead. You may even save some money, which could be used to help a human being in need. Wow…what a concept!

  • Mari

    I love this bag. I wished that I had the $$$ to purchase it. If you can afford it, buy it and enjoy it. For those worried about the snakes used to make the bag…..GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! I live in Miami where the snakes are running wild and eating all of our wildlife in the Everglades as I saw on the news today. And they are urging citizens to train and become hunters to control the population. SOOOOOO we have plenty of snake to make bags in Miami. They are by no means endangered………THE END!

    • Marian

      HA HAHAHHAA! SUCH GOOD & FUNNY COMMENT! So let’s buy the bags! hahaha let’s kill the snakes before the snakes kill us ;-P