Celine Bittersweet Large BagMy trip to Italy had some time for fun and much time for business. Vlad and I met up to scour the fashionable streets of Venice, and Kim joined me in Florence, to find out new info on handbags around the world. We hopped in Celine Florence yesterday to inquire about new styles, what is selling, and the perfection behind the simple Celine designs. Kim, who can be known as the gal who loves a good leather bag but hates a lot of fuss, was eyeing the Celine Bittersweet Large Bag. Simple enough for her taste but carrying a bang of style, this handbag features pebbled leather along with fine top stitching and polished metal hardware. The idea behind many Celine bags is to stay true to the beauty of the bag and let the simple elegance take over. The ruched pleats along the bottom add a little flair. Kim added that this handbag can easily be carried during the day or dressed up at night, but she wont take it to the grocery store :wink: . The size is rather large, but can fit plenty, 18″x 10″x 10″. Via eLuxury for $1200 or contact your local Celine boutique.

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