Almost two years ago I scoured the web and every store trying to track down this Yves Saint Laurent bag. Not only was I going crazy over it, but all of you were, too. It is so rugged and chic that it can easily be worn by a man or a woman. Simply put, I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BAG. But the folks at YSL told me it was an older season bag and was no longer available, which really bummed me out. However, it looks like my luck is turning around, on a Monday nonetheless.

Look what I found! It’s as if the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow found its way to me via a YSL bag on Mr. Porter. This bag is not only awesome for the gents, but I totally think the ladies can rock it as well. Right now I am so excited that I mostly want to write in caps, but that would be hard to read. So let me try to explain why I love the Yves Saint Laurent Logo Strap Leather Tote Bag so much.

It is the logo strap leather that makes this bag a seriously covetable piece. YSL always finds a clever way to integrate its logo or a nod to it in its designs, and this one is much more literal. However, YSL found a way to make the logo be a trendy and eye-catching part of the design, as they used leather straps with buckle details to spell out YSL. Of course it seems simple, and it is, but the finished product is so lovely it screams fashion.

The first photo I ever saw of this type of bag had me hooked and it seems YSL listened to us and is bringing back this lust-worthy design. Don’t miss out this time around and be sure to grab it before it is gone. Buy via Mr. Porter for $1,950.

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  • Bhebzbang_91

    Super nice!!!! Love it

  • Lulalula

    I saw this bag in the 57th St boutique this winter. I had been tracking it down also and that was really a magic moment to me.

  • purse lover

    is it for men ? i think it is nice for girls also .


     great bag omg is like the loui vitton or pradahandbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • klynneann

    LOVE this bag!

  • melody112

    I saw this bag in the 57th St boutique this winter.women asics running shoesI had been tracking it down also and that was really a magic moment to me.

  • Karin bag4bag

    It is such a shame when you miss the promotional time for a bag. been there, done that.
    I always feel like they really do have a longer shelf life than how long they stay in the stores, but then it is always lovely to see the next season’s collection.
    This is a strong defining piece from Yves Saint Laurent.  In the pic. the YSL leather looks more raw  than the smoothly finished pliable body of the bag. The S looks snakelike in its texture and positioning.  Such a nice design for everyone.

  • bluelly

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