To paraphrase a cheesy old pickup line, do you believe in love at first sight, or does the Yves Saint Laurent Vanity Bowler need to walk by again?

For me, the bag had to walk by a second time, but after a that I had no more doubts. The shape is unexpected, the color is a touch lighter than the military trend generally dictates and the bag looks just different enough to make it stand out without all of that needy attention-seeking that tends to come from accessory designers with less finesse than the fine folks at Yves Saint Laurent.

New Minimalism can be tough for women who actually need a functional everyday bag because it generally dictates smaller proportions and fewer pockets, but this bag demonstrates that stylish women don’t have to make such sacrifices if they don’t want to. The design has clean lines and minimal unnecessary adornment beyond the normal YSL clochette, but it also attaches some gusset pockets to do the unglamourous task of organizing your keys and cell phone. If you want to participate in several of fall’s trends without looking like a fashion victim, this bag is among your very best options. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $1795.

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  • Mochababe73

    I love the color. It’s always fun to see how YSL “hides” the Y logo. I think that it’s fun and functional.
    My only concern is the shoulder strap. It seems that it should go all the way across the bag instead of just in the middle. When you start putting things in it, the bag may loose its shape.

    • shueaddict

      extremely well said !!! I have an “easy tote” and the Y shape is what got me in the first place.

  • Jenn

    lovelovelovelovelove :) that pretty much sums it up!

  • MizzJ

    I agree with Mochababe, I love how YSL keeps it classy and “old-money” style by concealing the logo in clever ways; I really wish more brands would take this idea to heart. This bag is very functional, yet the color keeps it fresh! It looks a bit tricky to match, but I would love take on that challenge if I had the money.

  • Connie

    Ummmm….This bag kind of reminds me of a bowling bag….does it do that for anyone else??

    • Well YSL calls it a Bowler, so that’s probably intentional!

  • Beth S.

    It would be much prettier without the side pockets, which IMHO look like big hips!

    • Mochababe73

      Big hips!!! LOL!

  • Lorie

    It’s sort of reminds me of my Grandma’s naugahyde sofa from the 70s. It was that same green color too.

  • Stylista

    It needs to walk by for a second time…and another…and maybe another…

    Yeah, just not appealing to me. Maybe it’s the colour, or the shape.

  • Mario

    Walk by and keep it moving. Not special at all, this could easily be Botkier or Kooba…..yikes.

    • Jelita78

      hey wait for me..
      i’m walking away too.. hehe.. (ipad)

  • 19yearslater

    I love the color and the shape. With the right outfits this wouldn’t look old at all. I adore it.

  • Merve

    I need to have a look at it in person but i think its rather lovely…

  • Jamie

    I just love the way everthing is suttle.
    Without the hardware and logos stamped all over.
    And yet we have the pop of color.

  • Seejayluvsbags

    I love it….the leather looks scrumptous and the color is a nice change.

  • Zaneta

    I’m not that crazy about this particular bag. YSL has much better pieces than this one. The side pockets are absolutely horrible and the color is very bold. Not my style.

  • Bagolicious

    This one doesn’t grab me at all although I usually like YSL handbags.

  • helen

    The color is for the confident. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Adore the color, style… Everything! (ipad)

  • nini

    interesting choice of color. (ipad)

  • Mimi

    Me likey!