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I know, I know, why does anyone care about Lauren Conrad? Is she even a celebrity? MTV made her one, they really did, and actually I must admit that a) I love her and b) I was so excited to watch The Hills premiere last night! Ok I am totally a dork, but really, I know many of you will unwillingly come forward and say you love the show too. As her status continues to flourish as a reality star, the paparazzi love her more and more. All last week Lauren Conrad was spotted carrying her Rebecca Minkoff Wine Nikki around both the East and West Coast of the USA. The Wine color from Rebecca Minkoff is the elusive must have (refer back to the Wine Matinee). But the craze over this color is far from over, there is a growing crowd that is searching everywhere for the Wine leather Rebecca has produced. Because Rebecca Minkoff loves us so much, she has opened up orders for Wine leather bags to our forum members (READ this thread for details). There is also a pre-order for the Wine Nikki online which is back ordered until 5/31. Cost is $600.

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  • lisa

    the bag is cute but i have to say that i watched the premiere last night and lauren and whitney are the two biggest morons ive ever seen. whitney has worked in fashion for years and couldnt pronounce givenchy? and lauren wears an alberta ferreti dress that was lent to her for a ball to a nightclub- that is stupid and ignorant. and then she couldnt even call herself for a new dress but had to make whitney do it. meanwhile she has the money she should have just bought a dress instead of having the audacity to ask to borrow another one. who leaves their designer gown lying under a straightening iron? plus most people who know fashion have heard of collette in paris and would have been smart enough to go their first before picking up their dresses. wow they are stupid. at least audrina wasn’t on last night showing off her nonexistent personality. that said, i admit, i still love the hills!

  • missQ

    LOL, lisa. i must say…i still love the hills, too!

  • mrshoegal

    I love the show too, and think they are morons but it’s till fun to watch and ewww WTF with heidi’s over plumped lips and lip gloss looks like a bee stung her!

    • I thought the SAME thing about her lips!!! I kept staring wondering what she is having done to them. They looked REALLY huge when she first saw Spencer last night

  • Jahpson

    she looks like a regular woman handling her everyday business.

    i see no attention who*e in her.

    you dont see her releasing any sex tapes, “music videos” or doing auditions for any acting gigs.

    the girl is set on doing what she wanted to do before the first season of Laguna Beach was in designing. I should I know, I remeber her saying that in the first season…and I remeber me saying “fashion design? what a waste”

    well, she shut me up!

    Her clothing line is casual and wearable. Some people claim they are expensive. lol well, so are 90% of the handbags that we love.

    so rock on Lauren!! represent for all us “real” girls making a living for ourselves, and proudly displaying the fruits of our labor

  • LucianaW

    Just amazing! I like this design, so cute!

  • katy

    i love lauren!

  • foxyqt

    i love LC! =D

  • Kareberry

    Seems like you’re not the only one who loves Lauren, the Holt Renfrew Yorkdale in Toronto is having a Lauren Conrad personal appearance on the 29th to push her spring 2008 collection!

  • Pepa

    She is so cute, I just love her.

  • haley

    what dress is lauren wearing on the bottom middle section? the one that is strapless.

  • Helen

    how about the dress on the top left and bottom right (blue one with gathered front)? who is the designer?

  • natalie

    i have to say the same here i love lauren she is so cute i love her.And of course the show the hills is amazing seriously….

  • Anna

    I love the Hills despite it’s negativities.. lol.

    AND I LOVE RM’S WINE! :grin:


    lauren is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know that people are gonna say yea right 2 what im about to say but here i go im 12 years old me and my friends relate to her and every1 else on the show all the time. i use to be best friends with this one girl(lauren and heidi) and then she got dating with this boy and we got in to a fight and we are not friends now. Now for the postive part my friend is like audrina getting jeouls of me and this other girl(lauren and lo) also i have people like whitney as one of my good friends thank you so much for reading this write ehat ever you want back =) (good =) or bad=()

  • me encanta ella es bkn!

    su manera de ser es genial!
    jaj me encanta el programa=)*

  • mica

    I love lauren. She is just so cute. I love her fashion line too. The simplicity makes it work. I can’t wait to see her fall collection. I just signed up for the contest on where mark cosmetics is giving away two front row seats to her fashion show. I would love to win and get to meet Lauren and go to her fashion show in LA! Do you think they will put this on the show?

  • Jasmine R

    Let me just say The Hills rocks!! I love how awsomely-COOL(not a word) the show is. I wish I could be on it! But so does eveyother girl, so blah. I just wish I could get someone to see my sketches too. She’s so lucky to have been in Teen Vouge! Lauren Conrad, get me a spot on teen vouge please! lol

  • celestee♥

    i love the close lc but nathing moree! she is so bad! ( se hace la buena)
    but now before she is amizinggg! i love lauren i love whitney