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For our second installment of PursePeople, our new series featuring real bag lovers and their bags, we meet Samantha Welsch, a model and photographer who splits time between Maryland and New York City. Her insanely unique carry caught our eye due to its under-the-radar appeal and see-through silhouette. Our bags are personal and intimate—it takes guts to carry a bag thats contents are visible to the world! Just like us, Ms. Welsch understands that purses can be so much more than just functional and fashionable, sometimes they’re more about the stories they hold.

Name: Samantha Welsch
Occupation: Model/Photographer
Resides in: Maryland/NYC
Bag: Nana-Nana A5 Bag

The Bag

Honestly for the longest time, purses to me were simply bags that served a function. I needed a few good pockets, a sturdy strap, plenty of space, and most importantly it had to be inexpensive. Those rules still apply today, but I’m rather more interested in a bag I can take almost anywhere, is unique, and goes with any outfit I can think of. My friend Jacob is big into handbags and whenever I would visit him, I would admire the pretty embellishments, unique buckles, or the sturdy leather that they displayed. I longed for something nicer than the discounted bags I usually picked up from Marshall’s. They serve a high purpose, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted something special and elevated.

A Special Bond

The clear A5 Nana-Nana bag has been that for me since Jacob so lovingly gifted it to me. I had used it almost every time I came to visit him on my trips to New York, and he could tell I had grown fond of it. With its long strap, and clear material daring anyone to look at the contents of my bag, how could I not? Oh and who needs pockets when you can see everything that you need by simply peering from the outside looking in. The bag became mine, almost as if we were long lost sisters. I’m being a bit dramatic, but it does carry meaning for me. Every time I use it, I think of my special bond with my dear friend. Purses can of course inspire looks and serve a function, but they are also the relics of stories passed.

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