Happy Friday! Welcome to May’s last Roundup. We are glad you stopped in. This week, we found the usual collection of fabulous bags for you in Chanel, Bottega Veneta, and more. We also visited the Jewelry Box and just began to scratch the surface of the glorious jewels our members have been sharing lately. Come on in and see what we found!


First up, we spotted this bleu empire Montaigne in Bottega Veneta, happily sitting in the front seat of Auvena15’s car and ready to roll. This bag came to us from the What Bottega Veneta are You Carrying Today thread, but many of our subforums include a bag-and-car themed thread, and all are a great spot to find picture-perfect bags (in cars).


Here is another random great bag, this time from Mulberry. The Alexa is being discontinued, and miss_t4k3n is thrilled with her new Alexa in Oak. This classic bag will certainly be missed in our Mulberry subforum! We also found an absolutely incredible restoration thread that you will not want to miss–check it out right here.


In Balenciaga, Harper Quinn is building her collection of Metal Edge City bags, and this time it’s with a Rose de Sables beauty that goes great with her collection. The PurseForum is bubbling over with these great collection threads that are a huge help when researching a new color.  Our Balenciaga members are hot on the trail of the new Small City, which looks to be a great temptation for many. Check into this thread to follow along, and if you have already taken the plunge, please share!


Also in Balenciaga, Kendie16 picked up a new bag this week, the stunning and supremely useful A4 ziparound. She also added a Gucci Blooms SLG (small leather good), which makes an appearance in a reveal, as Gucci Blooms accessories have been doing all over the PurseForum lately! If we were not already up to our ears in SLGs, we would be all over this line.


We picked up this great shot from Kendi326 in the Layering and Stacking thread in the Jewelry Box. We always see interesting stacks of rings and bracelets in this thread, to be sure. You can also find subforums dedicated to Cartier, Tiffany and Van Cleef & Arpels–we have something for everyone when it comes to jewels.


And speaking of venerable Van Cleef & Arpels, if you are a fan, please stop in and see what our longtime member Antonio Loredo has shared with us: a perfect collection!


You know that when a conversation in Chanel starts off with “Just got back from my trip to the South of France…” it is bound to be excellent, and steffystyle’s reveal of two classics does not disappoint! Gabbyss also picked up a gorgeous WOC (wallet on a chain) this week, and we are thrilled she shared it with us.


MsPing has been on the dreaded (but often essential) “bag ban” for some time. She got herself off  “ban island” and shared her two new bags; we aren’t sure if the ban is back on, but we appreciate seeing these two beauties, and the red is absolutely delicious! These and many more amazing Chanel bags can be seen in the May 2016 Purchases thread, which is a great place to spend some time.


What would you do if your bag had some wear and tear that revealed two different colors? Well, tune in to our Mansur Gavriel subforum’s “Oro Lining” thread and see how this turned out for mi.kay. Not all bag stories have a happy ending, but we are pleased to say that this one did.


In Coach, the action is in the Your New Coach thread, where we found this wonderful Tea Rose Dinky from drDev. There are plenty of great bags popping up in this fast-moving thread daily, so if you are a Coach fan, you will definitely want to stop in and see what our members have been up to. There is always plenty going on in this busy subforum; for example, Coach and Disney fans will also want to visit this thread to see the latest intel from this collaboration.

That does it for us, friends. Thank you for joining us for this last roundup of May. We hope your weekend will be an excellent one, and we appreciate that you started it off with us. Enjoy every minute and we will see you right back here next week with more from the PurseForum!

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