It’s March! Happy March! Welcome to the Roundup, weekend-ready readers! It’s once again time for our customary look at this week’s happenings on the PurseForum, fashion’s liveliest destination. This week, we visited our newly-rolled out a Longchamp Subforum, took a turn around Beauty and Makeup, Prada, and a popped into a few other areas of interest. Let’s get started!

As our regular readers know so well, the PurseForum constantly evolves, whether by adding new features, new members, or a new subforum – so there really is never a dull moment. This week, we added a new subforum dedicated to Longchamp. Best known for the Le Pliage line of stylish nylon totes, Longchamp now has a PurseForum home for fans of all the brand’s offerings. Right out of the gate, piperhallie reminded us that there is more to Longchamp than the LP line, and shared her gorgeous LM Cuir Tote in cognac. At presstime, the brand new What’s your Favorite Longchamp Bag thread had just launched, and already we are seeing some fabulous styles and designs. We also visited the Longchamp Limited Edition Thread and found pamella’s lovely new bag, perfect for ringinging in the Year of the Horse, AND our new Subforum!

PurseForum Roundup March 7 4

Roundup Readers know that the PurseForum boast many, many members who love food, and many of them really know how to throw down in The Kitchen! This week, nerimanna stole the show – and the I Ate This thread – with a five-course meal she prepared at home. For a description of each delicious dish, visit our favorite thread, you won’t be sorry! We also made our customary stop in the What are You Cooking Tonight? thread for ideas, and will be roasting chicken tonight thanks to hotshot’s suggestion.

Also in the Playground, home of The Kitchen and other non-fashion conversations, we introduced the Just Good News section in the Up To The Minute subforum. Members are always anxious to discuss the latest news, and now they have a place where the news is all, well … all good! Drop in and share a bit of good news, the more the merrier!

PurseForum Roundup March 7 3

This breathtaking photograph comes to us courtesy of JDN and the Balenciaga subforum’s Bal Moto Jackets Thread in the Clubhouse. Yes, leather lovers, we have an entire thread dedicated to Balenciaga’s iconic and absolutely perfect motorcycle jackets. This thread never stops humming – this week, we even found a new addition to JustPeachy4397’s family (hint: its way better than even a Bal Moto jacket!). Luv2run41 shared a stunning beauty casually styled that will make you want one in every color.

PurseForum Roundup March 7 1

This week also saw the birth of the March Purchases thread in Balenciaga – only a few pages long so far but already had us swooning over this ziparound wallet from pinkelephant721 and this incredible bleu dragee City happily settled into nascar fan’s front seat. Be sure to make the March Purchases thread a regular stop this month, the bags are stunning!

PurseForum Roundup March 7 5

MissNataliie celebrated a birthday this week, and luckily for us, shared her birthday bounty in the Beauty Bar! Shopping for cosmetics and beauty products is a favorite pastime for many of us, and we love to visit the Beauty and Makeup subforum see what our PurseForum family is trying and buying each season. We also have informative threads where members share their favorites – including lip balm, perfume, face wash, shampoo/conditioner, under eye cream, and more! The Eleventh Round of the Beauty Swap is about to get underway, too, so feel free to drop in if you would like to participate and see if you qualify; sign-ups end March 7th. You can also check out the Valentine’s Day Random Act of Kindness thread to see what our members shared during this special gift-giving party.

PurseForum Roundup March 7 6

When it comes to organizing their makeup, our members throw down almost as well as they do in The Kitchen. In the What Do You Use to Organize Your Makeup thread, we found and could not resist sharing ClassyGame’s new DIY vanity project. Impressive! Over in Nail Care, the Polish of the Day Thread (Number 8!) is going strong and the spring colors are gorgeous.

PurseForum Roundup March 7 2

In the Prada subforum, there has been some discussion on the new Twin bag versus the (also-new) Double bag. Our discerning members are always concerned with quality as well as value – oh, and style of course – and these new bags are a hot topic. This week, SweetieLove_90 shared her new Double bag, and our members are anxiously waiting her review of its functionality and performance. Be sure to also visit this thread to see sweet7bebe’s very special gift from her husband, and this thread for sugarysoul’s smooshy first Prada.

Well, Roundup Readers, we have reached the end of March’s first Roundup. We hope you will spend some time visiting the conversations we have highlighed for you here, and make your way into others that interest you. We love that you joined us for the Roundup, and look forward to sharing more with you next week. Have wonderful weekend!

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