March is here! We know there is still plenty of cold weather ahead for some of us, but it does feel like the end is in sight, doesn’t it? We found a really interesting story unfolding in Mulberry this week, spotted some splendid reveals in Chanel and got mesmerized by some pearls (and more) you absolutely must not miss in the Jewelry Box. Get comfortable and join us!


We have good news and bad news from Mulberry this week. Donauwaller’s beautiful apple green Bayswater was looking great last summer, wasn’t it? Things took a turn for the worse when this lovely handbag was snatched right out of Donauwaller’s car. You will want to check into this thread to see what happened next.


(Hint: it involves some tips and tricks for removing water damage and mold!)

Binny also had a happy ending when she found her wonderful holy grail bag, a Mulberry classic. If you haven’t visited Mulberry in a while, drop into this friendly forum and get to know its members and this terrific brand.


In the Wardrobe this week, we noticed some of our members getting serious about Spring Cleaning, and sharing their thoughts and successes in the KonMari thread. Some of our friends over there have moved on to the second book–have you discovered The Life Changing Art of Tidying? If not, this is a perfect place to get acquainted with KonMari and talk it over with a fun group of folks attempting to tidy.

Also in the Wardrobe, we have a bit of a situation unfolding with a Burberry coat and a dry cleaner. Travelgal16’s thread is a great example of our members banding together to give advice and support; unfortunately the coat has gone on an unplanned journey so we will have to wait to see how this turns out.


That sad situation made us feel we should post something from Burberry, and luckily we found Ellapretty front and center in the Outfit of the Day thread, which is one of the most popular threads on the PurseForum. If you have a yen for this brand, you can visit our Burberry subforum and find plenty of its bags in action in the What Burberry Are You Carrying Today thread.


Kathylicious made an impulse Chanel purchase this week and we love it. The March 2016 Purchases thread is just getting started, and it looks like it’s going to be another great month for our members.


Aryanna_a made a return to Chanel this week with a fabulous flap in a stunning color, and Jax818 stopped the show with the amazing chevron flap. We also have another repair-centered thread, this time in Chanel. If after-purchase service is important to you when selecting a luxury brand (and it should be), you will want to check in here and see how Chanel stacks up in this department.


Have you visited the Jewelry Box lately? The Totally Worth It–Totally Not Worth It thread is a fascinating conversation that twists and turns as members hash out where their jewelry dollars have been best spent. Speaking of money well spent, Bentley443 shared some spectacular pearls in the Jewelry Box in Action thread recently, and trust us, you will also not want to miss them.


Shelby33 has been busy in her garden, as usual, and is posting away in the Garden Photographs to Share thread. Home and Garden is one of our many non-fashion forums, along with The Kitchen, Animalicious and Money Talks, where frugal fashion lovers get together to discuss serious money matters. Of course, they also have a little fun with it too, like in this thread, where our members will be tracking their No Spend Days in March.

On your no spend days, you can visit the How do you make yourself feel better without spending a dime thread–it’s a pretty entertaining collection of alternatives, many of which involve animals! And, if you are an animal lover, be sure to visit Animalicious, where this week the “smushy faces” thread is once again topping the charts.


And with that, we bid you a happy March. Like Les0411’s precious pooch, we are pooped. Have a great week, and see you next Friday!

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7 years ago

Those thieves!
If I had my Mulberry stolen, I’d rather have it resold by the thieves and hopefully found its way to a nice home (with the thieves caught of course) rather than it be sunk into a dank river.
Sometimes thieves need to just discover purseblog and educate themselves!

7 years ago
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