Hello! I hope all of you amazing purse people have been enjoying the heat. Today we’re bringing you an extra dose of sunshine with this week’s selection of bags! If you’re just now joining in, we’re glad you’re here! These roundups are made from a highly curated selection of photos posted by our tPF members of their very own bags that we found while combing through the forum! If you aren’t already a member it’s not too late to come in and join the fun! It’s truly the best place to connect with other bag fanatics from all over the world. So with all of that being said let’s jump right in.

We’re starting the day off with one of my favorite LV collabs, The Kusama Collection! This tiny work of art was shared by our member SakuraSakura in the “A Limited Edition Reveal” thread.

WOW what a stunner! This dynamic duo was shared by our member Chanelandco in the “Your Hermès in action!” thread.

This City is drool worthy, love that rich Chèvre leather! This beauty was shared by our member annmarpar in the “Yellow Color Family PICS ONLY” reference thread.

Personally, I love seeing flaps in fun colors like this ray of sunshine shared by our member Hanna Wilson in the “Please post your *YELLOW & GREEN* Chanel items here!” thread.

Up next we have this little Massaccesi bag shared by our member afroken in the “Time for a Yellow bag? Pantone Color of the Year 2021 – Illuminating Yellow (& Gray!)” thread.

Last, but not least, is this little cutie shared by our member Bec215 in the “Show us your Longchamp!” thread.

A really interesting subject that I think should be on all of our minds is being discussed over in the “Safety, Luxury, and Hermes” thread. Personally, I am incredibly anxious and worry about the possibility of theft often and it’s been helpful reading how others protect themselves and their beloved bags. Another good read is the “Your Favorite Non-Designer Handbag?” thread. Even though I love luxury bags, my passion truly lies within the craftsmanship and expertise that goes into bag making, and there are plenty of bags out there I adore that aren’t designer. This thread offers a space for them.

Well that’s all for this week, see you next time!

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