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Hello and how are you beautiful Purse people doing? I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer in good health. Here in Brooklyn it’s been uncomfortably hot and the weather has me longing for those cool fall days. For this week’s round up I decided to give us all a little slice of fall in summer with some beautiful forest green bags.

If you’re just now joining in, hello and welcome! These roundups are made from a highly curated selection of photos posted by our tPF members of their very own bags that we found while reading through the forum! If you aren’t already a member you should totally come and join in on the fun as it’s the best place to connect with other bag lovers from all over the world. So with all of that being said let’s jump right in.

We’re starting with this sweet little lexie (Alexa) shared by our member TigerMoth in the “The Amazing Alexa Club…” thread. I adore this bag in this deep green!

Up next we have this classy Medium Box in Amazone shared by our member tatayap in the “Celine CLASSIC BOX Club” thread.

I’m in love with this stunning Chanel that was shared by our member tina588 in the “June 2021 Purchases!” thread.

A true bag love story was shared by our member atlantis123 who has had this Poker Fonce with rose gold hardware for nine years and shared it in the “Green Color Family PICS ONLY” thread. Love to see it!

Bags with a little contrast are always so much fun like this Everglade Coach bag shared by our member crazyforcoach09 in the “Color Clubhouse: Greens” thread.

For our grand finale we have this matching croc duo by our member netinvader that was shared in the “Your Hermès in action!” thread!

If you’re looking for more don’t worry we got you! The “What is your comfortable amount to spend on handbags?” thread has been a really good read. It’s been so interesting to see different people’s thresholds and what they are more inclined to drop serious money on. Another thread I’ve really enjoyed reading through is the “which bag are you drawn to buying all the time?” thread as this is definitely something I am guilty of. There are certainly bags I keep selling and rebuying, or purchasing in several colors because I love them so much. Well that’s all for this week, until next time!

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