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We hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start.


We visited some of our non-fashion subforums this week, as we often do, and found a pretty picture of the Galleries Lafayette in Bon Voyage, our subforum dedicated to travel. BagLady14 shared this in the Paris Tips thread, along with plenty of other ideas for the City of Light. We have another interesting thread just starting, Tell Us Some Must-Do Things in Your Own Country, which looks very promising. Maybe you would like to drop in and share some travel tips.


Coach is never short of reveals, and this gorgeous blue Bennet from ChevalierNoir caught our eye this week in the Mini Reveal thread. This is a great thread to share a reveal if you don’t feel like starting a thread on your own.

We found plenty of advice and decision-making threads, like the Taxi Tote thread, The Borough Bag, and the Snoopy Line conversation, which is still going strong. Speaking of the Borough Bag, dont miss LVCoffeeAddict’s reveal; it’s a gorgeous suede and leather combination in a perfect honey color!


You can find plenty more Coach in action in the thread aptly called “Pictures of Your Coach in Action,” including xOverdose’s new bag, out for Thai food. You will love mcbeal’s grocery shopping adventure, too.


We thought we would start 2015’s first look at Christian Louboutin with a bang, so how about these amazing shoes from LoubieWant4Me? There are plenty more shoes in the New to You thread, too, and all are absolutely lovely.


Look what else we found in Christian Louboutin: a bag! PurseACold shared her brand new purse, and you will love this versatile, fun creation. We also found a new thread dedicated to members wearing their CLs with nylons, which doesn’t seem like a bad idea with some of the temperatures we are seeing here.


Of course, there are plenty more shoes in Christian Louboutin, and we found this simple, elegant pair from hellyers in the CLs at Work thread. If you are still feeling festive after the holidays, be sure to join JetSetGo’s celebration of the Pigalle.


Givenchy is always busy, and the stylish Antigona is a great part of the reason why. This beauty belongs to bagloverny; what a great way to ring in the New Year. This deep blue is a perfectly subtle color, and regular Roundup readers know how much we love blue. Sometimes you want a bigger pop of color, though…


…That’s why we fell hard for this mini “Ant” from babyhug, all fresh and new in spring’s brightest orange. This thread includes some terrific accessories and a jawdropping family photo, too!


We visited Tod’s to see what our members have been picking and found this splendid Flower bag, Lavidav’s contribution to the thread dedicated to this versatile addition to the Tod’s handbag line. Ujili added a new bag to his collection too, a classic, sleek black Sella, another one of our favorites from Tod’s. If you are interested in learning more about this brand, spend some time browsing the subforum or drop into the Identify This Tod’s thread for many more bags and styles.

We know it’s cold for many of you out there, and hope to have warmed you up a little bit with these beautiful bags. We will be right here again in seven days with more from the PurseForum, and hope in the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

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