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January is on its way out, and we are wrapping it up in style. This week’s terrible weather sent us in search of boots and scarves. We got sidetracked looking for scarves in Hermès, and we found some pretty wonderful goodies for you in the process. Join our visits to Valentino, the Beauty Bar, Hermès and more!


We know many of you are still battling snow and winter weather this week, and we like to look at boots and warm weather gear when temperatures drop. One of our longest-running threads in The Glass Slipper is the Fry Boot Modeling and Reference thread. This brand has real staying power thanks to stylish rugged boots like bebe0314’s brown beauties. In the What Shoes are You Wearing Today thread we also found  _Lee’s brown UGGS–a cozy way to spent a winter evening–and two sweet pairs of Tory Burch flats from Sukyceline, reminding us that spring is coming, eventually.


Another excellent way to chase away the winter blues is shopping for beauty supplies. In the Post Your Recent Beauty Purchases Thread, clu13 made great use of Ulta’s 20% off coupon to stock up on some goodies. The Beauty Bar is brimming with threads on skin and hair care, gift exchanges and swap boxes, and even a thread dedicated to our members tattoos. For those of you who like to think ahead (or are in the Southern Hemisphere), the Daily Sunscreen thread has gotten a bump and has some great recommendations.


In Nail Care, we found the Red Nail Polish thread under way, including this pretty polish from Pollie-Jean, which gave us the idea to snuggle up with some new polish of our own and spruce up these winter nails.


Isn’t this pretty? We found this floral Longchamp along with some pretty Vera Bradley cosmetic pouches from pandorabox in the What’s Inside your Longchamp bag thread. This is such a popular tote everywhere, including on the PurseForum, where this relatively new subforum is getting lots of traffic. The Le Pliage is the inarguably the most popular line from this brand, and we found a nice reveal from juls12.


The Show us Your Longchamp thread has lots of styles, including the leather lines, but this little keychain really stole our hearts. If you haven’t discovered this brand, a visit to the Longchamp subforum is a great way to spend some time.


Bonnielulu stopped the show in Valentino this week with this great reveal of her first bag in the Valentino in Action thread. If you missed it over the holidays, mgs13 showed off an incredible pair of Valentinos, too.


Speaking of magnificent shoes, why not add a little color–or a lot of color–into your life this winter? Janeetai did just that with this wonderful pair of Rockstuds from the 1973 Collection. We are hoping to see modeling shots of these beauties when weather permits. Our last offering from Valentino is a sweet tote from last month that is quite different from the Rockstud, and lucky hoching_yiu’s lambskin tote was 40% off, too!


Let’s wrap up January with a pile of orange boxes, shall we? In Hermès this week, pretty99 pretty much knocked it out of the park with a reveal of every single one of these orange boxes.


We will let you wander over to pretty99’s thread and enjoy the goodies, large and small, but we could not leave without sharing the details from this very special Sable Kelly. Be sure to spend some time enjoying the goodies–you will be glad you did.


We will wrap up our visit to Hermès with another reveal, this time from Paris, where we found this lovely photograph of autumnbubble, who took her brand new Céline with her to find new Hermès bags for her collection. We loved this!

That’s it for this week, Roundup readers. We hope you’ve enjoyed your visit–we certainly enjoyed bringing the Forum to you. We wish you a wonderful week and hope that if you are in the path of the storm you will stay safe and warm indoors, perhaps spending time visiting the PurseForum. Have a wonderful week!

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