Happy Friday! It feels like we travelled all over the place for this week’s PurseForum Roundup, probably because, as most of you know, the PurseForum has evolved over the years to include much more than handbags! First we’ll stop by Chanel to visit a truly colorful reveal thread, then off to the check out some new makeup in the Beauty Bar. After spending some time clubbing in Louis Vuitton, we’ll celebrated a milestone with Alexanter McQueen fans and than collapse exhausted in front of the television with some snacks from our PurseForum Kitchen. It all begins below!


We found some terrific reveal threads in Chanel to share with you this week. PurseForum member and Chanel aficionado win28 graciously shared her growing collection of classic Chanel styles in lots eye-popping, magnificent colors. Be sure to stop by Sonicbabe’s gorgeous seaside reveal to take in the ocean views and her stylish new Boy tote, too! Of course, the February purchases thread, a must-visit for any Chanel lover, is a highly recommended stop this week as well!


Are you a MAC fan? We never fail to find great new products in the MAC purchase thread in the Make-Up subforum. This thread has been busy this week, as members stock up on the newest items from the Archie’s Girl line, like this great haul from Lady Stardust. Speaking of the Beauty Bar, have you visited the Rants and Raves subforum? This wonderful resource has reviews on a huge variety of products, and we got some great advice there this week. If Nail Care is more your interest, be sure to visit Rants and Raves section there, too!

Louis Vuitton

The weather has been far from spring-like for many of us this week, but the Louis Vuitton Clubhouse certainly felt warm and sunny when we spotted this cute reveal from Epi club member dlynn. The LV Clubhouse has something for everyone, as members gather in threads devoted to their favorite styles from this powerhouse brand. If it’s still chilly where you are, perhaps a visit to the Scarf, Bandana and Shawl club will warm you up. We love this great shot of Cilifene’s trio of shawls, one of which she beautifully styled with a gorgeous Balenciaga moto jacket. The clubhouse has something for every Louis Vuitton fan, so be sure to stop by and find your favorites!

Alexander McQueen

Speaking of scarves, did you know the Alexander McQueen skull scarf celebrates its tenth anniversary this year? Where did the time go? PurseForum member jamamcg brought this to our attention this week, which prompted a long look at the thread in Wardrobe Accessories featuring the myriad Alexander McQueen scarf offerings. We celebrate along with AM fans in this thread, spotlighting this must-have classic accessory. Gunsandbanjos’ colorful collection is absolutely splendid, and just this week, PrincessD shared two classic color combinations that are sure to get your attention. We think there’s always room for one more McQueen scarf in our wardrobe – wouldn’t you agree?


Last but not least, we made a quick dash through the Playground to see what our members are talking about besides fashion. In Television and Cinema, the Downton Abbey thread has been a chart topper for several weeks, and of course all of the Real Housewives threads are hopping each and every week. As usual, the Netflix thread gave us some great viewing ideas for a rainy Sunday afternoon. To finish up, what goes better with a good television show than a great snack? Check out these decadent chocolate chip muffins from lazeny we found in the PurseForum Kitchen. Guilty pleasures are so much fun!

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  • katia

    I love the LV! So cute!

  • Chris

    Gorgeous Chanel bag collection. :)

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