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9 months ago

I took a look at the Hermes constance thread which was disturbing. A PF member discusses the prestige of being “offered” a bag from the store and how she does not have the money but needs to somehow come up with money by Sunday since this is a chance in a lifetime. I felt nauseous reading this. I love bags hence on the blog but to jeopardize one’s financial situation for an overpriced piece of leather from a fashion house that demeans its customers making them think they are being done a favor by being offered a commercial product is ridiculous. Yes I know Hermes is top quality but it’s not a body part people. I feel sorry for fellow pb enthusiasts stuck in this cycle of believing that their worth is measured by the price tag or logo on their bag. Buy the bag when it’s in your budget, not the other way around.

9 months ago
Reply to  Neve

I agree. I’ve been buying Hermes luxury for years and the SA’s present every bag as though it’s the most coveted bag, ever. My philosophy is if I purchase a bag, from any fashion house, I need to sell one. This keeps my finances, bags and anxiety in check. I won’t buy if I know the bag I want to sell can’t cover my purchase. I refuse to ever buy a bag that I cannot payoff in full when my credit card bill is due. My system may not work for everybody, but it does for me.

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