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  • laura

    I still can’t like the Luggage tote. But i love the belt bag.

    • Sparky

      For the longest time I thought it was silly but it grew on me. Now I’d like to get one. Go figure!!!

      • Katherine Callaghan

        That’s EXACTLY what happened to me and recently I just bought the Phantom!

      • Laurijcabrera

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  • Yoshi1296

    Celine is so next level. Every single design of theirs is so beautiful.

  • psny15

    I was never into Celine but now they are just boring bags (hidden behind the veil of simple and classic)

    • Dorothy5525896

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  • trendsetters

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  • Scottsdale Kim

    Loved the workmanship of my luggage tote but I decided to consign it because it was just too heavy to carry.