Welcome to the PurseForum Weekly Roundup! We’re excited to whisk you into the weekend with our newly customary look back at what’s been going on at the PurseForum this week. We know that the Forum can seem kind of big and overwhelming to newcomers, but there’s so much information, friendship and support to be found within it that we hope these choice tidbits encourage you to venture over and poke around. No matter your interest, from pets to gardening to health and wellness, there’s a little bit of something to enjoy. (And lots of handbags, of course.)

When looking back on the month of November, it’s hard not to think about what we’re eating – we seem to be eating constantly! Holiday parties and indulgences so often lead to thoughts of diets and weight loss resolutions for the coming new year. We hate that! That’s why the “Let’s Do It, Let’s Just Get Healthy” thread caught our eyes. This surprisingly fun little thread focuses on health rather than weight loss and has some great, simple suggestions from supportive PurseForum members. Don’t miss this wonderful workout playlist from CReneFriborg on page 21.

A visit to the Jewelry Box always rewards us with wonderful eye candy, or in this case, arm candy. Do you stack? We do! The Watch + Bracelet + Bracelet thread showcases creative and stunning combinations by the members who frequent this glittering subforum. By the way, if you are in the market for a new watch, there are plenty of threads to help you with your decision, including this ongoing conversation about Cartier, Chanel, and Rolex. Be sure to also drop by the Michele Watches thread on page two for some super watches that will make your stack really sing!

So, what are YOUR pets doing right now? If this thread is any indication, your pet is probably asleep while you are busy on the PurseBlog or PurseForum! It’s great fun to visit the photo threads in Animalicious to see what our members and their pets are up to. Whether you visit the “Pics of Your Pet that Make You LOL” thread or “Post A Picture of your Pet[s]” thread, or one of the other many discussion threads in this subforum, it’s a delight to peek into this side of our members’ lives (particularly since we have already been peeking into their closets). Thanks to member MegsVC for posting pictures of her gorgeous dog Stella.

The PurseForum’s relatively new Home and Garden subforum has proven to be a wonderful resource for everything from buying or building a new home, to decorating, gardening tips, and especially interior design and decor. Sometimes a new home decorating purchase, be it large or small, really makes your hearts sing and a room come alive. We love to see the latest in home decor acquisitions in this thread in particular. PurseForum member angelastoel was kind enough to wow us recently with her new couch and vintage French factory lamp, pictured above. Did that Prada Marfa sign catch your eye? You can order these, but clever angelastoel made her own, and you can see how here!

We love investigative work, especially when it comes to fashion! Many a tantalizing glimpse of a beautiful coat, purse, or other accessory has set us off on a grail quest to identify the item and make it our own. PurseForum members are some of the best investigators around, particularly when it comes to Chanel. We see lots of handbags in the Help Identify This Chanel thread, but recently this gorgeous limited edition scarf appeared. It really is a beauty, and remains a mystery! Member princessjaina posted details and more photos here – Can you help solve the puzzle?

If bags are more your specialty, member Baby_ann is still looking for some help identifying the bag pictured above. Even if you can’t help, you will surely enjoy the myriad styles and designs that pop up in this longrunning thread. And for more identification challenges, be sure to stop by the Celebrity Forums and test your mettle in the Can You ID subforum, where from bags to glasses to jackets to shoes, members help each other identify and track down their latest must-have pieces. Have fun!

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