Another Friday means another PurseForum Roundup of the week’s conversations over at the Forum. This week, we pop into Chanel and Proenza Schouler and stumble into two live reveal threads. We also gave some thought to frugality, found some attention grabbing animals, and lusted over some shoes. We have been very busy.

Chanel Wallet Box

Today closes out a very active week in Chanel. We checked into the May 2013 Purchases thread just in time to see Bethc’s birthday gift and mcguffis’ trunkful of goodies (literally) from a recent shopping trip. On top of that, on Thursday we were lucky enough to stumble on a live reveal as member uyalison unwrapped this sweet little Reissue in black, much to the delight an appreciative audience. We also fell in love with Lexia1157’s sumptuous new Chanel and love the surprise interior. We also fell in deep love with missD’s new wallet, which she photographed so beautifully that we could almost smell the caviar leather. Come on in – we bet you will fall in love, too!

Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag

Late yesterday, we stopped in on another live reveal in Proenza Schouler. These instant reveals are fun, particularly when they include some serious eye candy! We were not disappointed with this beautiful and versatile saffron PS1 – this stylish bag really pops in this color, and kudos to Fresh76 on her great taste! After the instant reveal, we paid a visit to the Fall-Winter 2013 colors thread and spied some suede bags in some splendid new colors. We then poked our heads into Nanaz’s reveal thread to see another smashing PS1, this time in smoke. If you are thinking about a PS1, be sure to drop into the Medium or Large thread for help with size decisions. We are always happy to enable a bag purchase!

Alejandro Ingelmo Shoes

Over in the shoes subforum, also known as the Glass Slipper, we thoroughly enjoyed perusing the Shoe of the Day thread. Member mello_yello_jen posted these comfy and stunning Alejandro Ingelmo Origami heels, and vietnamese posted her practical and smart-looking Gucci flats. Have you visited the YSL Tribute Sandals thread lately? We are loving some of the shoes in the last few pages. And how can we not mention the great pair of Valentino Rockstud pumps goodbrand revealed in the newest purchases thread? We always have more shoes on our shopping list after a visit to the Glass Slipper – how about you?

Louis Vuitton bag in Washington DC

As much as we love to shop, many of us are on a budget or, as we say, “the ban wagon.” Of course the PurseForum is full of fun shopping and reveal threads, but we ban wagoneers have plenty of threads to enjoy and draw inspiration from. A popular frugal fashionista strategy is the “shop your closet” concept, such as in this thread going strong in the Wardrobe. Dani3ear posted an inspirational photo that shows that shopping in your closet doesn’t have to be dull. Don’t miss how weN86 repurposed a dress and styled it into a perfect spring ensemble. In Handbags and Purses, eggtartapproved challenges us to shop in our own bag and wallet collections, which seems a little easier than shopping for clothes in our own closets. If you want to get even more serious about spending less, have a look at the No Shopping Challenge thread in Money Talks. They are well underway for May, of course, but June is just around the corner and you start planning now if you want to join in.

Coach Bags cat photobomb

Over in Coach, we had plenty to look at as spring rolls on and the new colors pop up all over the Coach subforum. We loved this new Poppy wallet, and certainly enjoyed our visit to the Coach Photobombing Pets thread, where serious reveals and modeling shots are sometimes hilariously accessorized by attention-grabbing animals. We loved QueenLouis’s cat sneaking in her perfectly framed shot, and teerash’s tired canine audience during her modeling shot. A serious discussion of the new business model at Coach is also underway, as well as a new Forever Bag thread. There is always something happening in Coach, that is a guarantee.

Have a wonderful weekend, a long one for those of us in the USA. We hope no matter how you spend it, you have some quality time with family and friends, and we look forward to seeing you next week.

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