PurseForum Roundup – March 29

We have arrived at the last Friday of March more determined than ever to welcome spring, and so we shall. This week, regardless of the weather outside, we’ve scoured the PurseForum for signs of warmer days to come. We found an inspiring bag showcase, some tasty treats in the Kitchen, absolutely charming charms, and so much more. Happy Friday!

Gucci Purple Clutch

Bag showcase threads are such a blast. Have you visited the special subforum dedicated to these popular threads? We found a lot of activity there this week and really enjoyed Crazy8baglady’s wonderfully curated collection of bags and more. It was hard to pick a bag to headline this post, but we just love her pretty plum Gucci clutch. Do not miss this stylish and sleek watch, too!. There’s a lot more to see in the bag showcase, so be sure to visit often.

Tea and Dessert

It’s not quite warm here yet, but when we found GoGlam’s inviting al fresco vignette in The Kitchen’s “I Ate This” thread, we could feel the sun on our faces and spring in our hearts. Lazeny made a delicious cake for her husband, and Sweetpea83’s frozen margarita really hit the spot on our imaginary warm afternoon. This thread is always inspiring, so tell us: what did you eat today?

Givenchy Antigona Light Blue

The Givenchy subforum has been busy this month, and this week we took some time to see what members there are up to in the Action thread. Kiwishopper shared a classic black Small Antigona, and we got a much needed taste of spring when we spotted Sugar Cane’s gorgeous baby blue Antigona, styled beautifully. We found more great Givenchy finds and intel in this thread, including lots of colorful bags waiting for happy homes this spring in this post by Aluxe. Perhaps one is destined to go home with you. Happy Shopping!

Juicy Coutute Hummingbird Charm

Over in Juicy Couture, a brand new thread continues the love for Juicy Charms. Right off the bat, PurseForum member Juicylover kindly shared her updated collection and charming cabinets brimming with these sweet tiny treasures. Styling and storing Juicy charms remain popular topics, and we stumbled upon this “vintage” photo of tatertot’s hummingbird charm on her Balenciaga, which put us in a springtime frame of mind. Remember, these charms make great gifts, so pick up extras when you can.

Bottega Veneta Rings and Crocodile Knot Clutch

We always stop in the Bottega Veneta subforum, even though, compared with some of our other subs, it is somewhat subdued. Nevertheless (and we mean this with all sincerity), reveals in this subforum are always absolutely amazing. Case in point: this truly stunning crocodile stretch knot clutch and fantastic rings from Bottega Veneta connoisseur TDL. This picture-rich thread left us speechless. Be sure to catch the color comparison posts on your way to your boutique! P.S. If you love green, hold on to your chair before clicking here.

We hope this Roundup of the last week of March on the PurseForum has warmed you if you are still feeling winter’s chill. Onward to April, have a great weekend!


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