I am a firm believer that bags are meant to be worn. However, when I first started buying designer bags, I was nervous to carry them. The first designer purchase I ever made, a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag in navy leather with a candy cane lining, it sat in my closet unworn for months. I would leave my Morning After Bag sitting in its dust bag, perched carefully inside the top shelf of my closet. I was in college back then, and every single day after class I would come home and take my bag out and place it carefully on my bed while I did homework, then I would put it back before bed. This routine lasted several months before I finally got the courage to carry my bag to class or out on errands.

Times certainly have changed since then, because I now make it a point to use my designer bags immediately upon purchase. Sometimes I even carry them out of the store, I’m the person who is that excited to wear my new bag right away. I don’t shy away from taking my bags with me just about anywhere, because it’s important to me to get use out of my expensive purchases. I love that carrying a designer bag can make even a trip as mundane as a grocery store run feel fun, and my bags do give me that feeling no matter where I’m off to. I travel with my bags, carry them to work, and wear them with leggings.

However, I do set some limitations around the use of my bags. In fact, I have two places that I make it a rule to never bring my designer bags. The first? A nail salon. I am a frequent nail salon patron (I’ve been addicted to dip nails lately!), but I never carry any of my designer bags with me to get my nails done. I was shocked a few weeks ago when I saw a woman’s gorgeous blush pink Gucci Marmont camera bag sitting on the floor of the salon a few weeks ago. I own the same bag, and the idea of putting mine on the floor of a salon sent shivers down my spine. I’m pretty sure I was more concerned about the woman’s bag than she was, but I couldn’t help but glance over periodically throughout my manicure to make sure the bag was okay. Beyond the horror of putting my bag on the floor of a public place, there are many extra accidents waiting to happen in a nail salon, I would never be able to relax with my expensive bag on the floor. With polish, nail oils, and acetone laying around, that is a handbag tragedy waiting to happen.

The second place I won’t carry a designer bag? A doctor’s office. With so many germs flying around, the last place I want to carry my expensive bag is to a flu incubator. I know germs touching my bag are inevitable, but it seems like the least I could do is leave the bags in my collection at home during doctor visits. Besides, I am usually at my least fashionable ever during a doctor’s visit and style is the least of my concerns, not even a designer bag can salvage my look.

Do you have any places you won’t bring your designer bags? Leave us a comment to let us know where!

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