I was talking with a friend last night about when she used to be a personal shopper and bought a bunch of bags for people in the “it bag” heyday. Those days have left us now, and the most recent bag or designer that could be considered anything close to an “it bag” is Mansur Gavriel.

I remember certain bags over the years that I saw and I had to have. It was this deep yearning in my soul for the bag and I would obsess over it, research it, talk to people on PurseForum about it and, if I was lucky, end up buying it. So much has changed over the years; mainly, I’ve grown up a bit and been much more thoughtful with my purchases (ugh, adulthood), but also, specific designer handbags don’t quite reach that immense fandom that they once did. Overall, shoppers are much more thoughtful about their purchases and want to make sure they are making the right decision when it comes to buying a new bag.

I was thinking about this top and if I were to buy a bag right now, what bag would I buy, and I ended up having to pause to really consider it. There are some bags I like right now, including this Saint Laurent bag, and I’m drawn to Dior bags, but I can’t say there is a bag that is pulling at my heartstrings.

So it got me thinking: what is the last bag that made you say “I have to have it!”


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