Just like that, a new year is upon us, and the end of 2019 is a little more significant, as the start of the new year marks a new, fresh decade.

With that, I’m confident we will see a crop of inventive trends; and similar to this past year, I’m sure it will include a healthy mix of newcomers and revivals. On the flip side, a new year (and decade!) bring the opportunity for controversy and potential price increases. I’m interested in seeing how luxury handbags will evolve over the next decade, as they have in the past 10 years.

Will a Medium Chanel Classic Flap Bag cost upward of $8,000 (or more) at the end of the new decade? Will certain brands make an all-out comeback, while others lose their allure? How will the consignment market advance? So many questions!

Though only time will tell, there is one thing we do have some say over: What are our handbag goals for both 2020 and the new decade? Are you looking to grow your collection with a few signature pieces? Or, are you hoping to scale back your purchasing and even maybe consign a couple of your lesser used pieces?

Personally, I’m quite happy with where my collection is right now. I have a nice blend of classics and “trendy” pieces. And as I announced last month, I’m done buying full-price Chanel. Honestly, I’d be happy taking that statement a step further by saying I’m done buying full-priced anything in 2020. As I look back at last year, it’s getting harder to justify the cost of certain handbags, especially ones that approach $5,000 and beyond – unless we’re talking about a Birkin (and even that’s a stretch as I think if I ever do purchase one, it would be pre-loved). If there’s one thing I gained in 2019 that I’m excited to take with me into the new decade, it’s definitely my savviness and appreciation for reselling.

Pre-loved or not, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a bag wishlist for 2020! I would love to add the Louis Vuitton Multi-Pochette (if it ever comes back in stock!). I would also love a few funky colored vintage Chanel flaps, and maybe even a Dior Saddle Bag (preferably an embroidered canvas one like Megs’… something about that style really gets me!).

As we all have different styles and preferences, I would love to know what kinds of handbags you all have your eyes on. Have you thought about your 2020 wishlist? What’s on it? No judgement – let’s compare notes!

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