I’ve been obsessed with Olympia Le-Tan book clutches for what seems like forever. Since I first discovered these handmade accessories, it has been love. With a wide variety of options stemming from many works of classic literature, if you’re a book worm and a bag lover, this brand is a match made in heaven.

I always check Net-A-Porter to see the latest arrivals, and usually, Le-Tan’s book clutches sell out as soon as they show up. Last week, though, I found the Olympia Le-Tan Planning Your Vacation in Florida: Miami embroidered clutch and I ordered it.

Olympia Le-Tan Miami Book Clutch (2)

I didn’t even think, I just ordered, and then I justified why this was the right option for me. I grew up in Miami, I still travel there often, and it speaks to me. I’m not typically drawn to green, but the green and taupe embroidery and felt feels organic and chic in its own way, surely to work with spring and summer wardrobes. The inside has a really chic Liberty car-print poplin lining that’s fun and quirky.

Vlad was not as sold on this bag, yet when it arrived I couldn’t wait to unwrap the box and take out my new acquisition. I can’t tell if he had an influence on my initial feelings toward my new purchase or not, but I began to question it. First off, with a price of $1,880, I have to wonder if I will ever carry this enough to justify paying for it. Second, will I actually use it at all? It’s an eclectic piece, and much like a Judith Leiber bag, it’s more of an art piece than a widely usable bag.

Olympia Le-Tan Miami Book Clutch (3)

Don’t get me wrong, though, I still absolutely adore this clutch. Miami is a place that I called home for most of my life, and some purchases don’t have to be the most practical, but they are there to fill a artistic slot for a conversation piece. While I know the decision is up to me, I want to turn to you and ask your thoughts: should it stay or should it go? Price is $1,880 via Net-A-Porter.

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  • David

    i think it would be cute running to lunch in new york with jeans and a tshirt, it’s not designed to be taken too seriously

    • Ebun

      What ^^^ said. Personally, it’s not my taste, but I think you could get more use out of it than you imagine. Simply keep your outfit casual/minimal and wear it for lunches, drinks, etc (think Karla Deras–karlascloset–dressing). If it’s your cuppa tea, I say keep it. The price isn’t bad considering it’s handmade.

  • Anjum Hameed


  • thescm

    It’s cute and all, but that price is outlandish for a novelty piece. That said, if you love it keep it. It’s nice to have something limited-run that you’ve been watching over.

  • Tiffany H

    If you have to ask, then you’re already doubting it. Return it.

  • Megs, I have to respond to your predicament with a question. Does this clutch cause rigorous heart palpitations every time it comes to your mind? The book clutches -the sought-afer, personal pièces de résistance- have no place in your closet if it fails to take your breath away. The Le-Tan books are little works of art. However, since so much of fashion is inspired by the arts, especially la littérature, these clutches must connect to you on an academic level, too. In short, one thing is clear from reading your post: this is not the correct variation of this clutch for you. I say, send it back and wait patiently until you check Net-a-Porter’s restock list one morning and find your favorite novel pop in a brilliant pochette that is full of whimsy and delight. Bonne chance!

  • sara

    I agree with Vlad, Dominic, and Tiffany. Send it back. It is cute. However, it is obvious based on your comments that you are having second thoughts. Save your cash for another Olympia Le-Tan clutch that you do love and that works with your lifestyle and your wardrobe. One is sure to come around one of these days!

  • send it back

  • jessica knowles

    Send it back. Just my opinion!

  • Well, since you asked….I think the price is outrageous. Send it back for something that you REALLY love.

  • SY

    If in doubt, send it back!

  • Ellen

    I think this bag is a riot! Fashion is supposed to be fun…this is definitely a great summer clutch that would turn heads at various outings. I say keep it!

  • Miss Elizabyth

    Handmade does not always equal great. I personally think the cover looks like a child’s felt project. Maybe it doesn’t photograph well, but I’d send that one back in a minute. Maybe if it was a handmade enamel book, or at least a high quality hand embroider…

  • Megs, I’m gonna go against the grain here and say KEEP IT. Bust it out whenever you have the occasion to get a little fancy this year, and then retire it to a prominent spot in the fabulous walk-in closet I imagine you have in my mind.

    Unless of course your desire to have that $1880 back outweighs the special joy you might get from carrying it/loving it forever. ;)

  • I am really glad that you’ve decided to purchase one of these little pieces of art, but I must admit, If I were to get an Olympia Le-Tan book clutch, it would be a book I have strong feelings for, like the Catcher in the Rye, Lolita or the newly released Jane Eyre. If this is too close to your heart, I say keep it.

  • klynneann

    If it were $1000 less, I’d say keep it. I know it’s a work of art, handmade, etc., but what gets me is when you say “it’s more of an art piece than a widely usable bag.” Yes, occasionally getting a bag b/c it’s just so darn beautiful is totally justifiable, but if that’s the case, you shouldn’t have a second thought about it. If you do, back it should go.

  • Gixxer

    Keep it. I’ve got mine in a glass cloche, displayed in the living room. I love it. I’ve got the Three Lives by Gertrude Stein, and the design was done by Alvin Lustig, who was known for his graphic, simplistic mid-century book covers, and it compliments its surroundings beautifully, so it was an decorating as well as accessory investment. Ever think about displaying it in a place that’s not your wardrobe?

  • SPA

    Hi Megs, so did you keep it? I hope you did!

    • I kept it!!

      • SPA

        That’s great!! I purchased the red Beethoven 7 inch bag some months ago. They are lovely bags!