Now that Pre-Fall 2015 pre-orders are starting to arrive and Fall 2015 pre-orders are starting to become available, I bet that many of you have some shopping lists in your heads. Everyone at the PurseBlog offices definitely does–we’ve all been chattering about our favorite new arrivals all week, and we bet we’re not the only ones.

In addition to the stunning new Givenchy New Line Bag, I’d really love to see a Chloé Hudson Mini Tassel Bag appear in my closet come sweater season. Chloé’s really been on a roll recently, hasn’t it?

While talking to a friend a couple weeks ago, I described my personal style as “goth boho” (which is obnoxious, I realize), and the black version of this bag fits in with that idea perfectly. The tassels are just so lush and abundant that I can’t help wanting to sweep my fingers through them. Plus, I bet they’d have great movement while I walked.

Now you tell me: what are you looking to pick up for fall? Did you make any pre-fall orders that are about to arrive?

If you are also boho-goth but maybe not ridiculous enough to call yourself that, pick up the Hudson on pre-order for $2,150 via Neiman Marcus.

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