I’ve been busy these past few months with a variety of things, some great and some not (my grandmother passed away in January), but I’m back now! One of my trips to be with my family in Ohio ended up being much longer than anticipated, and I only had one bag with me, my black Hermes Birkin. I love that bag, but after carrying it for so long, I got to thinking about it, and the state of handbags in general. I spend a lot of time, actually everyday, thinking about handbags. (It is my business, after all.) One question that popped into my mind was questioning the last bag I bought that I truly love, the kind of love that makes you so incredibly pleased with your purchase.

Many of you know that I own my fair share of bags, and part of the upside of owning so many bags is knowing when I have a really great piece on my hands. All bags share the same purpose, to carry your things, but some bags do it better than others. Truth is, the last bag I got that I truly love is my Coach Borough Bag. The bag deserves the hype, it’s ultra functional and looks great as well. I tend to be someone who carries a lot of things, and having a bag with high functionality and ample pocket space works beautifully for me. Shop the Coach Borough here.

I’m on the hunt for a new bag, and I want it to be one that is both chic and functional. I want a bag for which I feel no buyer’s remorse. So now I’m asking you, what is the last bag you bought that you truly love?

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  • Charletta Carter-Brown

    I received the Borough bag as a Christmas gift and thought I was going to love it and it was nice but I saw a tory burch amalie satchel on sale at ShopBop and purchased it and I LOVE it!!! It is light and with my purse insert everything is organized. It is a black pebbled leather which I love. All of the pockets in the Borough Bag can become a little much and it is a heavy bag.

    • Ya, I carry so much that I’m used to having a heavier bag, but there are probably lighter bags out there!

  • nappy

    i just bought a 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli in tomato red and i totally love it! i love the mini trend and i think i’m getting tired of the numerous Celine Nanos (and other versions of it).. and this is the best alternative to it.. i would have loved the polka dot one or the snakeskin panelled one, but this tomato red is just the right amount of pop in my wardrobe that i need especially in the coming summer days! but still lusting for the Alexander McQueen Mini Heroine though,.. the studded one! oohh… absolutely gorgeous! and the SLP Sac Du Jour mini in studded also! oh, i’m blabbing! hahaha

    • JJp

      I’m so in love (aesthetically) with my celine python luggage tote, it’s so gorgeous it makes me melt on the inside EVERYTIME I look at it. I just wish I wasn’t so afraid to use it

      • nappy

        i used to be that way with my bags too.. but i realized that life is too short to not carry a beautiful bag..

    • Lots of amazing bags :)

      • nappy

        yeah!! too bad our funds are not to deep to buy all of them! hahaha.. this year i am really wanting to get my hands on the fendi monster fur charms… and 2 bags for the year.. so i gotta put a lot of thought on which bag to buy and not fall into stres shopping! hahaha

  • alice

    We don’t have Coach in Italy. I love my last Prada (double bag), I love my old neverfull LV. I truly love my old Gucci bags. I Love bags, all of them. if I do not love them I use sell them soon…

    • The Gucci Fall 2014 bags are beyond amazing! That is what I’m waiting for!

  • gpc

    Delvaux Le Pin – just love it!

    • I don’t own a Delvaux bag, but I want one :)

    • PenelopeB

      I first saw these bags in a French department store ! they were absolutely divine. the leather was as soft as ever and the designs were very functional.. unfortunately way out of my price range.

  • turbovivi

    The peacock blue Chanel boy that is slightly bigger than the standard WOC but functions like a WOC (with places for credit cards, bills and coins). Fits two phones, a lipstick and a small compact as well. And it looks great when wearing it crossbody.

  • HfromT

    Great post Megs (your birkin will be pretty miffed with you though!). The last bag I bought that I truly loved was my Hermes clemence Etoupe Evelyne pm. Of all my bags, this is the most perfect bag for my lifestyle. Comfortable to wear, a classic wear-with-everything neutral color…what’s not to love?!

    • I have another post to come about my Birkin…. lots of thoughts!

      My mom has an Evelyne and adores it too!

  • jmackate

    I bought a vintage Coach Stewardess bag through an auction and I absolutely love it. I don’t think I have ever been so in love with a bag – it is functional, looks great and I get so many compliments on it. On top of everything it is amazingly sturdy and fits so much.

    • New Coach bags are going back to old Coach quality, style, and beauty!

  • Jessica

    I’m with you, Megs. I bought the Coach Borough bag and I love it.

  • kindled

    Sometimes if feels like 90% of the hype for the borough bag is generated by you guys, maybe because coach supports this website financially. I don’t mean to be critical, but when I keep seeing it everywhere here (not to mention in those annoying pop up ads), it makes me skeptical of whether it’s a good bag or whether you’re just being paid to promote it.

    • Any paid promotion we do is always clearly marked as such, I can promise you that. Lots of brands buy ad placements and banners on the site, so sometimes the bags that we personally love are going to overlap with those brands, which is one of the tricky parts of working within a niche where the subjects we write about are the same people we do business with. We always try to be as transparent as we can be, though, and it’s something we’re very cognizant of.

    • I can understand why you may feel that way, but I assure you that any post that is paid is always marked as such. We work with many brands, department stores, and companies.

      Truth is, it is the latest bag I bought that I truly love! It works really well for me and what my needs are when it comes to a bag.

      I have my eye on a Fendi 2Jours, so maybe that will be my next bag that I love!!

      • emo.gen

        Dear Megs,
        A Fendi 2 Jours is a pleasure to have truly.. I have mine for over a year now and it’s still so nice to carry once in a while.. Getting all hype when it came out for the first time.. But maybe a smaller version will be cuter for me..

  • Maya

    Givenchy Lucrezia virgin bag, absolutely love it!!

  • sue

    Black Chanel Boy in the medium size – love, love, love, love, love.

  • Brielle

    Megs, is this your actual bag? The color is gorgeous! I am trying to decide on one myself.

  • Sandra

    Last year I had a Givenchy obsession and purchased a Lucrezia, Pandora, and an Antigona. I love them all!

  • Tiffany

    My Prada nylon tessuto messenger bag. I initially bought it as a travel purse but it’s so lightweight and functional with 3 well-placed zippered pockets that it’s become my go-to (especially with a baby). I also love that I can flip the flap over if I don’t feel like displaying the Prada logo. (Plus it was 50% off and bought in Milan on our honeymoon!)

    • One of my first designer bags was a Prada nylon bag and it was amazing!

  • Jen

    I just got the Indigo Blue Celine Mini Luggage w/gold hardware and I’m in LOVE! It’s beautiful! Now I’m thinking my next will be a Balenciaga City (Beige or Camel). I need a light colored bag and want something classic and timeless.

    • Camel Balenciaga is a great color! Blue Celine Mini Luggage is one of my favorites

  • Nívia

    The last bag I bought was about one year and half ago, in Paris. One leopard print Sweet Charity of Christian Louboutin boutique in Rue Fb.St.Honoré.
    I use it so much, that I come to think it would be very worn…so I keep it in my closet some times

  • Nívia

    The last bag that I bought was about one year and a half in Paris, a leopard print Sweet Charity, in Christian Louboutin boutique , Rue du Fb. St. Honoré.
    I use it so much, that I come to think it’ll become soon very worn out, so I keep it safe in my closet some times!

    • I’m happy to hear about your great experience with a CL bag, most people still think of them for shoes!

  • Sunna

    The las bag I bought, was a Balenciaga Velo, in black. I have had a clutch from Balenciaga for many years, and I´ve always wanted a bigger, more practical Balenciaga bag. What I love about my Velo, is that I can carry it on my arm, on my shoulder or crossbody. And inside I can fit A LOT! Also it looks beautiful, goes with most of my outfits and is so slouchy, soft and laid back. Ah; love <3

  • Sarah

    My balenciaga velo bag with the big 2011 gold hardware. My boyfriend bought it for me last christmas and I wear it the most out of all my bags. It’s the perfect size and adds an edge to any outfit.

  • Bay Area Fashionista

    The last handbag I bought that I truly love is my full-size Rebecca Minkoff Elle bag in white. I am always reaching for it, over my Chanel bags, and wear it almost every day of the week. I can fit everything I need in there and it has a little extra room in case my kids hand me things they don’t want to hold anymore. ;-) I also love it because I can fit my dslr camera inside! I hope RM comes out with the Elle in more colors, and maybe even without studs; just for more options :-) I could always use another one! Plus, it is comfortable and easy to get in and out of. Not to mention, I love the way it looks!

  • Jazzy

    I love all my bags but I will always treasure the limited edition America’s Cup Louis Vuitton San Francisco Neverfull tote bag (whew that’s quite a mouthful!). I live in the Bay Area and am a huge SF Giants fan so the orange “San Francisco” script is perfect. And my sister and friends and I stood in line for hours several times waiting for the LV pop-up store to open and then literally sprinted (!!!!!) to get it. It was a crazy but fun experience and finally scoring one was a sweet moment, indeed. =)

  • Phillia Wibowo

    I truly love my Givenchy Pandora – it’s a black calfskin with baseball weave edging. The two zippers are right where it should be, easily take me day to night, and here is a nostalgic value to it – I bought it to signify a big accomplishment, led a group of 30 people through a challenging project :)

    • Congrats on the great accomplishment, such a nice way to celebrate with a new bag!

  • Anjum Hameed

    My all time favorite bag is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Stephen, which I bought years ago..I use several bags, but always pull this out every few months to use over and over again..

  • eyda

    last bag i bought was the fendi mini 2jours. i have to say i have a chanel flap, but i love the fendi more! maybe coz it has my name on it so i’m biased due to that :) but the 2jours is an excellent bag coz its light, low maintenance and superb quality. love love love it!

  • dxs

    Vuitton Totally GM in monogram. So big, light, and comfortable.

  • FashionableLena

    I don’t buy any new Coach handbags after a terrible experience in one of their stores so they will never, ever get any of my money, but I do buy vintage Coach from the secondhand market. True vintage. I own two from the Bonnie Cashin era, but my favorite is a vintage Penny that I bought about two months ago. It is navy and perfect to wear to my kids’ basketball/football games because it’s crossbody. Mostly because it’s lined in suede and not fabric. The quality is amazing. Another that I have been wearing a lot is a vintage Dooney from the ’80s which is also lined in suede.
    Those two are in constant rotation along with my cayenne Alexander Wang Rockie. That bag is small but fits a lot.

  • Marc De Leon

    Rabeanco bag, try to make a feature on them. They are so functional and comes in a numerous different styles

  • Kate

    My 14c red caviar classic flap in jumbo. The perfect shade of red

  • Maddy

    I have ‘upped’ kindled’s critique, and I must say that I feel more and
    more convinced that you guys are no only snobbish but also extremely biased – if not bought. I
    wrote a comment about my new bag – a bag from a European brand, which is rather unknown but absolutely superb –
    and it wasn’t approved. Why is that?

    • It could have gotten stuck or marked as spam (I’ll look into it). All comments should automatically go live, we don’t manually approve.

      Sorry that happened!

  • Ashley

    Let’s see, mine would be the Valentino noir va va voom, I toted it around Paris for a week and I had two well dressed Parisian ladies compliment me on that bag. It works as a cross body and you can double the strap (or remove it all together!) for a fancy night out.

  • DiorrificLady

    My Diorbar bag.. with floral leather applique..whenever I look at it, it just takes my breath away <3

  • Mindy

    The most recent bag I purchased was a Chanel “Old Medium” Boy bag in black. I’ve only owned for a few weeks, but am loving so much so far! Besides the Chanel Boy, I purchased the Givenchy Antigona in black calfskin a year ago. Although I LOVE my Chanel Boy, my Givenchy Antigona has been and forever will be my all-time favorite.

  • Noelle

    Hi, Megs and Amanda! I love my black Balenciaga Velo with gold hardware. It’s versatile, practical and beautiful. The perfect bag! I will be keeping it for many years. That’s saying a lot since I am quite fickle. My second favorite would have to be the Speedy35 Bandouliere in damier ebene, for the same reasons why I love the Velo. :-)

  • Sophia

    Givenchy Antigona in black goatskin and the Chanel classic flap (caviar w/ gold hardware) cannot stop using both!

  • Mya

    Mine is my Celine Trapeze in Bordeaux and royal blue, hands down! Im in lust with that bag!

  • Pure

    Honestly, I’m not a fan of the brand at all.

  • Mel

    My black caviar M/L flap with SHW. I love LOVE it. My husband keeps begging me to carry another bag, but I love it so much. It looks so classy. Keep in mind, I work a lot, get one day off every 7-9 days, so I only carry it on my days off. That may be why I haven’t changed it out for more than a couple days at a time in the past year. I just love it and get so many compliments. It carries all my essentials and can be worn with the strap long, which I find so comfy. I love all the pockets on the inside, an extra pocket for cash, an extra pocket on the back for my transit card or receipts. It is my favorite purchase and because it’s black, I love black btw, I am fairly certain it will always be one of my favs. For right now I am enjoying that I am a year out from my purchase and still just as thrilled as the day my husband bought it for me!

  • the Duane crossbody by IIIbeca (Joy Gryson). Perfect for the summer and I love the vintage looking leather (the more you use it of course). Another plus? under $200!

  • LVmom

    I fell in love with the classic Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 and have used it everyday for the past 5 years. I love that its a classic and it can be used for any occasion. :)

  • Emogen Indie

    Mine will be my new Givenchy Easy Tote Croc Embossed Calfskin in Black.. It was so beautiful when I first saw it on an online shop.. So I decide that I will put it in my wish list this year.. But guess what, after Valentine my hubby just went and said that I can get anything I want this year just point it out.. And with all my might I point the Givenchy Easy Tote.. It was really beautiful and also spacious.. I literally able to put all the things that I need when I go to work in it without an extra bag.. I usually use an extra bag when I use my Mini Luggage or 2Jours.. It was a great one to have..

  • Vivyrox

    My blue Chloe Marcie bag….love it to death :)) but I also love a couple of my Gucci Bags, my Neverfull LV tote and a Miu Miu bag I bought a few years ago that is huge and quite heavy (don’t remember the model)….. My next bag is definitely going to be a large black Chanel Boy….currently my obsession :))

  • anna

    I truly love my LV Capucines BB Cobalt was a present for my parents and is my love forever now I need to take another one maybe this time will be GM ..

  • Susan

    I love the Celine boogie bag…I have three.