I’m not a big clutch person. First of all, I have the giant version of the iPhone, and it doesn’t fit in most of the really dainty, jewelry-like evening bags out there. Second, that dumb phone is usually in my hand anyway, and holding it and a hand-held bag is just a hassle—I’ll inevitably drop one of them, and if I’m at a party, I’m likely also juggling a drink or some kind of snack on a tiny napkin, if not both. The logistics of the whole enterprise just don’t work out.

A few years back, Mansur Gavriel sent me a gold-lined version of the Mini Mini Bucket Bag when it came out, but it took my a while to find its One True Purpose, so it mostly hung on a hook on the back of my bedroom door, waiting for its moment. While trying to get out the door to a friend’s wedding a while back, I spotted it and had an idea. I don’t usually use leather shoulder bags for formal events, but this one’s small size and glitzy peekaboo interior made it feel party-appropriate, so I threw my phone, keys and card case inside. They fit perfectly, with room for plenty more, and I wondered why the idea hadn’t occurred to me earlier.

I’ve taken the tiniest bucket bag along with me to basically every book party, birthday dinner and opening night since then, and it’s always worked out great—it’s hands-free, unobtrusive and incredibly lightweight. In this season of abundant festivities, it seems more than worth recommending. You can pick up one of your own for $395 via Mansur Gavriel.

So now we want to hear from you: when you’re going to a party, which of your bags do you take along with you?

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