A few evenings ago, I found myself in an interesting discussion on PurseForum started by a person wondering how often others are complimented by strangers. The incidence at which one is approached probably varies widely depending on the city you live in, lifestyle you have and general vibe that you give off, but I can’t help but assume that most people have at least one or two items in their closets that are sure to get a response.

Lately, it’s my Miu Miu studded loafers, as pictured at left. No matter where I’m going or what I’m doing, someone always asks about them, which is a pleasant surprise since I bought them assuming that half the people I encountered would think I was crazy. Last summer, it was my bright yellow Botkier Trigger Bag that made everyone ask where they could find one of their own. I’ve always been that person who strangers love to talk to (I must have one of those faces or something), but a good handbag or piece of jewelry can turn anyone into That Girl. So what in your wardrobe turns others’ heads and compels them to break all sorts of social norms by randomly approaching you? Let us know in the comments.

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  • 19yearslater

    My gold sequin Ugg boots. Yeah, I know, they aren’t “fashion” people shoes, but I love them and so does everyone else I meet! My Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal crossbody pouchette also gets its fair share of compliments.

  • Leah

    My Marc Jacobs Kid in dark purple… she’s just so darn cute!

  • dalex

    Probably these sandals that resemble Giuseppe Zanotti. Complements every time I wear them.

  • Jen

    These cheapo pair of jeans that I got half off at Anthropologie 7 years ago. Seriously. I get women who make me lift up my shirt so that I can roll down the waist of the pants to reveal the no-name label. Chanel flap? No comments. Prada peep-toe platform stilettos? Nada. Max Mara atelier coat? Nothing. $30 denim from Anthro – compliments every time. Go figure.

    • bethny

      totttaaaally agree with you .. when ever i dress by ZARA ppl checking my items out … and some times asking me around … but when dressing by labels .. no one seems notice ,,, i guess cause labels are well known so they just roll their eyes over you and you dont notice to ckeck you out

    • Maura

      Bet you wish you had another pair of those! :)

  • Kates

    My yellow Fluevog Operetta Malibrans. Every time I wear them, I get compliments from total strangers. I seem to get more compliments on my whole outfit in general whenever I wear those shoes, actually. I call them my magic shoes.

  • Wendy

    My Marc Jacobs red mouse face flats and my raspberry pink Kate Spade bag.

  • Bir

    Hmmm my very old and almost abused Birkin in black swift, something about that bag, i think it gets compliments because it’s floppy and un pretentious but I love her !!! And many people seem to love her too.

  • gpc

    My Balenciaga Large Partition frame bag in black – bought in 2007 from Barneys. It cracks my husband up about how many compliments and questions this handbag elicits…

  • bindc

    My Marc Jacobs Midler quilted bag in natural. Every time I carry it, I get at least one stranger to tell me they love my bag. I always reply, “Thanks. I do too.”

  • Staci

    My oversized royal blue Miu Miu frames. Since I wear glasses, I keep 4 pair in rotation and my blue ones always get the most compliments!

  • jj

    strangely, my acid green docs get me the most compliments… it’s the weirdest thing, and most often it comes from elderly women! my balenciagas don’t hear a peep, nor do my pierre hardy’s, but those damn docs get so much love.

    • I put some bright purple in my hair recently (and I had it done in a high-end salon, not my bathtub, so I swear it doesn’t look like a high school dye job!), and the number of people who give me compliments on it is insane. And it’s almost always older women who you’d assume would regard purple hair as distasteful. I think odd things like purple hair or green Docs are more likely to reach out and grab someone’s attention and elicit a comment.

  • quds

    its usually the cheapo stuff i get from target that everyone compliments me on! i have a whole bunch of adorable flats from there, and quite a few really nice coach shoes too; and everyone always wants to know where the target ones are from

  • Priscilla

    My Giambattista Valli Victoria platforms in pink suede. Whenever I wear them, people stop me to tell me how much they love them whether it’s in the mall or at a concert.

  • Candice

    my stewart weitzman 50 50’s, or my St Onge diamond pendant. everyone loves that necklace!

  • Ellen

    My vintage Louis Vuitton epi satchel and a Lucky Brand horseshoe shaped watch that I wear everyday.

  • monique

    my furs and Lucchese cowboy boots. where i live, most people don’t know Chanel, so my bags are for ME!

  • siobhan chiffon

    My chanel glitter/multicolor classic flap bag. Anywhere I go people stop to comment on how pretty it is. Its super shiny so it sticks out lol.

    Also amanda, I must have the same kind of face, because when I worked retail people would think I was dr phil or something and tell me their life stories ahahah

  • Beverly

    My vintage wood purses.I have several house purses,a boat,coffin,train and several more unusual wooden purses.I’m known as the purse lady,I always get comments when I’m out and about.

  • Vitta

    My husband. He’s so gorgeous that next to him no outfit stands a chance to be noticed. That’s the story of my life!

    • Earmuffs

      :D I like your response lol.

      • Vitta

        Thank you! You’re sweet.

    • babe

      I like this but then the question was: what ITEM in your CLOSET!

    • Chris

      That is indeed a very cute answer, Vitta !

      • Vitta

        Thank you, Chris. You’re so kind.

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    My LV Pomme Alma MM!!!

  • Brandy

    Unfortunately I have no designer bags or the money to afford them, but I still have over 35 purses, and I have this gorgeous dark silver and black motorcycle bag by Guess that I get major compliments on.

  • amy

    balenciaga day bag in outremer!!

  • Nancy A

    A pair of black suede sky high wedge booties I bought at the Office in London. Every time I wear them I get tons of compliments and comments. I always retort with how comfortable they are because everyone thinks they must be so hard to walk in. I have walked 60 NY blocks in them!

  • Ariel

    My Selima cloche hat. Everyone who sees me wearing it loves it.

  • Earmuffs

    My ghetto $20 hardcase clutch I got from ebay delivered from Hong Kong. It’s ghetto because the main part of the design on the clutch is designed with glitter but from a far and in pictures, it looks like crystals. IT’S AMAZING.

    I think that our high end bags never get complimented (unless it’s a very unique and seasonal one) because it’s very “typical”. There’s another girl somewhere within my five NYC-block radius who probably has it as well. But our cheaper stuff is more unique and fresh to the eyes. Just saying >.>

  • nicole

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  • MrsC

    my powder pink marc jacobs large envelope clutch, and my coach bracelets

  • MrsC

    my powder pink marc jacobs large envelope clutch, and my coach bracelets

  • MrsC

    my powder pink marc jacobs large envelope clutch, and my coach bracelets

  • Jane H.

    My fluorescent pink shoes from Zara.

  • MizzJ

    So interesting reading the comments! Recently, I got a lot of comments on my vintage fur poncho! People kept wanting to touch it haha


  • Mutya

    My DVF wrap dresses. No fail.

  • Merve

    Out of all the designer bags and shoes i have bought over the years, the only things that get me compliments are some light pink mary janes from Zara and a bag i bought from Patong in Thailand to carry my beach towel.

  • anna

    my louis vuitton bag

  • Jess!

    My Miu Miu Spectator peep toe pumps always get some nice comments.

  • Mochababe73

    My motorcycle skinny jeans from Torrid that I bought for $10 at a resale shop.
    Any of my handbags, but mostly my neon pink/black patent Uptown Astor which I bought on eBay for $40.
    My silver, sparkle Converse from Target that were on sale for $15. Converse and Coach are basically the only tennis shoes that I wear.

  • Marianna

    My Coach gathered leather Madison shoulder bag in royal purple. It’s a large bag with clean lines and beautiful pleated leather. Even men I don’t know comment on this bag.

  • mermaid

    A couple of Ralph Lauren blue label polos…but mostly I get complimented on my hair :D

  • Lauren

    I always have crazy hair – but I dress pretty high fashion, so I think it’s a juxtaposition that always surprises people (and I’m a classical musician). I had a mohawk (full-on shaved on the sides) for about six months and now I have a platinum and hot pink pixie cut. :)

    As far as shoes and bags go, definitely my Christian Loboutin Candy pump in Black with silver punk studs on the toe box.

  • Laura

    I have a pair of Naughty Monkey Spectator pumps (white, black and hot pink) from Nordstroms that I always get complements on. People have literally stopped me on the street to ask about them. I get way more compliments on these than I have ever gotten on my Manolos,Jimmy Choos or Louboutins.

  • Musette

    My cobalt blue vintage Murray Kruger crocodile (maybe embossed). Structured Kelly style. I can’t get 4 feet without someone oohing and ahhhing over it.

  • LDJ

    My closet itself gets me the most compliments. When people see how big it is, they overlook everything else. Which is great, meaning I luck out on letting people borrow stuff. LOL

  • Stacy

    My LV Hudson GM bag, but I wasn’t carrying it…I let my sister in law borrow it and every time I’m with her, ladies are approaching her to talk about the LV or they comment on what a nice bag she is carrying. I never got complimented when I carried it. (but I also don’t put out a friendly vibe like she does – lol. That’s probably why).

  • S

    A Zara knit top with a fox printed across the front.

    Also, a yellow Philip Lim bag i bought from Neimans a few years ago….but yet I never receive any compliments on my Chanel flaps!!!

  • MED

    A pair of black patent Jimmy Choo flats I’ve had forever, my MZ Wallace Plum Frankie, scarves from Etsy and my travels, and vintage jewelry I’ve picked up at antique shows.

  • Maxie

    LV Stephen Sprouse brown leopard stole.

  • Melissa

    I have a pair of brown leather over the knee boots I scored at the Bebe outlet in 2005- and I by far receive the most compliments and “where did you get those” comments. I need to get them resoled, as they are on their last leg but worn in to perfection.

  • erica

    I have this bag from Girlshop with a martini glass silhouette and boots that ALWAYS gets a compliment! I only paid $15.00 for it!! It’s on my blog prettyallthetime.blogspt.com.

  • boredgirl

    I have a pair of GORGEOUS black Chloe boots from about five years ago. They have a high chunky heel, and thick silver zipper at the back. Whenever I wear them I receive compliments from both men and women. I’ve even had female acquaintances who have offered to but them! But I’m keeping these babies until they fall apart ;)

  • bethny

    my jimmy choo merry jeans shoes … and oversized chanel tote even thu most men mocking it but who cares its chanel 4 God sake …

  • Maggie

    My DIY Judith Leiber cupcake necklace! Hands down! I get comments almost every day on work when I wear it and even from random people on the street. I think it’s because it just sooo sparkly and noticeable.

  • lina

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