I’m always ready for a lively debate when it comes to this topic, and it’s something anyone who carries an expensive bag is faced with daily. When you’re out and about – grabbing lunch, sitting on a park bench or at the movies, for example – do you put your handbag on the ground?

I have a double answer: yes and no, because it really depends on the bag. Remember my issue with carrying my nice bags? Well, that has a lot to do with this issue as well. My nice bags never sit on the ground, especially not in a place where I think they can be spilled on or get a mark on them. I go out of my way to put the bag on my lap, and if I’m at lunch, I go through the ordeal of putting my napkin over the bag so nothing spills on it. It’s a little absurd.

I have bags that I’ll put on the back of my chair, but I don’t do that with every bag – I’m a little afraid of it just hanging out there for anyone to grab. I suppose part of my issue is being in a very busy city, but I’m a little reticent no matter where I am because I simply like knowing where my bag is.

As far as the ground goes, I’m not going to lie: couple of my bags have seen the ground. For someone who is a tad fussy about my “nice” bags, when I have really used a bag or it’s one of my less expensive bags, I might plop it on the ground next to me when I’m out for a meal. I typically only do it when the bag has feet, because I tend to get a little skeeved out by what’s on the ground.

I treat different bags differently, that is for sure, and some end up on the ground. I’ve also seen others put their very expensive bags on the ground, including crocodile Birkins.

So now I want to know what you do – do you put your handbags on the ground?

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  • Amanda

    I always try to keep mine up. Usually hang it on a chair or put it on the chair next to me etc.

  • Karen

    I don’t put my bags on the ground. Especially in public places. I use purse hook whenever I can. I also don’t hang it over a chair just because I don’t want someone to take it.

  • weaslgrl

    I’d be hard pressed to put any bag on the floor (expensive or not, even if they have feet). I’m also skeeved by what’s on the floor — it’s where people walk, and can you just imagine what’s on the bottom of some of their shoes? Small bags stay on my lap, larger bags go on an empty chair. Or sometimes I use on of those little collapsible hooks to hang the bag from the table. And I’m constantly amazed by the women who bring expensive bags to salons — what if there’s a nail polish or hair dye accident? Color me over-protective, fastidious, and possibly OCD :-)

  • ecooper

    Never on the ground. But on airplanes I do have to put them under the seat sometimes, which always makes my skin crawl!

  • Mana

    I always try to put my bags either on my chair or on the chair next to me. When I’m out with friends, we’ll even grab a chair from another table – we call it our “purse chair”. A little goofy, I know. However, plenty of my bags have seen the ground. I’m usually not afraid to put LV canvas bags on the ground because they can take a beating. And I’m not as concerned with some of my older, more loved bags. I used to NEVER do this, but over the last few years I’ve loosened up and decided that a scratch or two can add character!

  • Kerri

    I had an older Puerto Rican lady tell me when I was a teenager years ago that it was bad luck to put your purse on the floor – that it’s bad luck and “money out the door”. Every since then I will do any and everything to keep my purses off the floor! I will even freak out on other women who I see doing it LOL!! The only time I can bear it without my OCD taking over is on an airplane.

    • Lori

      Me too! I heard that about the money and always keep my bags off the ground. The very few times I have set one down I am so uncomfortable until I get it back up to “safety”. And I do the under seat airplane thing too. To answer the overall question, I am carrying a Goyard right now and feel okay setting it on carpet or clean wood floors briefly, but only if I absolutely must! Never on dirt or grass or concrete.

    • Jen Blue

      Ive been told never to bag on floor otherwise you will have trouble keeping money in it!!! Truth be told, i have trouble keeping money because my bags cost so much!!! Anyway the ground is a no no unless you just don’t have any better option..

  • Lucy

    the only place i absolutely will not put my bag on the ground is a public bathroom (ICK). Anywhere else I will put it on a chair if possible (at lunch or the movies, etc), but if not I will put it on the ground. If it’s one of my nicer bags I can get a bit obsessive over the positioning of the bag. I am worried about it getting spilled on or scuffed and kicked. I also worry about food or oil or something on a restaurant ground. If it’s a nice bag and there is no empty seat to place it on, I will put it on top of my feet.

  • Khaya

    Besides potentially ruining the bottom of your bag, especially if it doesn’t have pegs, it is EXTREMELY bad luck to put your purse on the floor. Just like Kerri said, it forebodes financial problems, you’ll always be broke. So no, I don’t put my handbags on the floor. Desk, chair, anything but the floor. :-)

    • circafashion

      Let me pick my bag up asap! I need a bag stand,chair something. I dont need any bad luck

    • michelle

      yes i’ve heard this as well and don’t usually put my bags on the floor – occasionally i will but never say at the movies or some place with super dirty floors

  • Never with my light coloured, pricier bags. Dark bags – yes when there is no other option. I find the cleanest looking spot on the floor but I don’t ever like doing it. Putting a large bag on my lap is not a comfy way to eat a meal when out. In a pinch I’ll place it on the seat behind me so I can at least ‘feel’ it.

  • Sandy

    I really only purchase pricey bags…I believe in quality over quantity. With that said, I never ever put my bags on the floor/ground….no way. It is very inconvenient at times certainly….but worth the effort of holding it in lap, finding an empty chair, and yes, putting my napkin over it so nothing spills on it. We are silly, probably, but with the money spent I am determined to take the best care I can.

  • Yazi

    No, definitely not. Aside from the damage to the bag, the dirt alone would make me cringe. The floor/ground is NEVER a clean place to put anything on it, unless it’s your own home.

  • Jennifer

    Hmmm….this is interesting. I read once that most disgusting item you will ever own is your handbag, regardless of how much you baby it bc you touch it with dirty hands, you wear it on your shoulder or often crook of your (bare) arm so at any time there is dead skin cells, etc..not to mention germs from the air & everything else by simply being exposed. So I’ve never been particularly OCD about not putting my bags in dirty places. Obviously I don’t go out of my way to put it on the ground or whatever, but I don’t freak if it has to sit on the floor somewhere. As a result, though, I never put my purse on my couch at home or my bed or the counter, bc that’s whats really gross. And I have a Chanel GST, btw…

    • Guest

      but wouldn’t the couch be dirty as well if you lie down? The same clothes were exposed to the elements and dead skin cell probably rub off on the couch as well. Just a thought.

  • kindled

    *glances at bag sitting in a plop on the ground next to her* Errr. Well it was on a chair but then someone came to my desk and wanted to sit down?

  • Mya Wilkes

    OMG!!! I could NEVER put my bag on the floor, except in my bedroom which I clean personally. Apart from damaging the bag, the thought of having the bag on a public floor and then having it on my lap is gross. Besides I baby my bags too much for that.

  • Amazona

    It depends on the bag – my everyday bag will sometimes find itself even on the car floor, but it’s a workhorse and doesn’t mind. No scratches or marks have emerged yet. Then again, I have been known to watch a whole LOTR movie with my bag in my lap or cradle my huge tote like a baby while sitting in the car, “enjoying” a a 5-hr drive at the passenger seat…
    I once put one of my Mulberry bags on the floor in a restaurant and immediately rescued her, after realizing what I’d just done. Let’s just say my date gave me a funny look after I panicked, dug out a baby wipe and cleaned my bag whilst apologizing to it…that relationship didn’t really catch wind! :D

    • Amazona

      Forgot to mention that all my expensive/sensitive bags always contain a purse hook when I take them out with me. Most of my friends never seem to understand why I use a purse hook and usually question my motive for using it (trying to attract attention or something?) until I tell them what my bag cost. After that it’s always “Oooh yeah, that’s really handy…nice bag!” and followed by an eye roll. Unless I’m with someone who shares my obsession and OCD.

      • Averil

        Hehehe I too have friends who are just as obsessed about bags as I am, but the others can’t understand why I would ever pay so much for a sack to hold my crap.

  • Patsy

    It doesn’t matter for me if it’s bag from H&M or my Delvaux bag with metal feet, I’m not putting them on the floor. I can only imagine what’s been on that floor, literally shit and stuff. I always put it behind me when I’m seated or a chair next to me. Whenever I see someone put their bags on the ground while eating, I just think they’re brave :) For me, it’s not about how much it cost but the crap I don’t want on my bag.

    On the other hand, women who put their bags down on the ground when they’re in the restroom are in totally different league esp those who do it with their fabric/suede bags. That is just gross as hell.

  • Judy

    Whenever I take my bag on an airplane, I bring the original, or a larger sized dust bag. Once I’m in my seat, i put the purse in the dust bag and tuck it under the seat in front of me. Worries about my bag getting dirty/scratched are gone!

    • Averil

      Why have I never thought of this?! Genius!

    • Fara

      Hey thanks for the helpful info! superb :)

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    • sandy

      OMG! that is a great idea!!! why haven’t I thought of that! thank you!!

    • Ena

      that’s pretty crazy

  • Rosa Lily

    Ever since my mother in law told me that it’s bad luck to place your bag on the floor (according to her – you’ll go broke), I’ve been cautious ever since not to place it on the floor.

  • PortlandKelly

    My black Epi leather Alma is my only bag that goes on the ground! I’m pretty sure I could run over it in my car and it would survive just fine.

  • ami

    My bag either goes on a bag hook, on another chair or I place it behind me on a chair, not hanging off a chair mind you, but between me and the backrest of the chair.

  • Ashlee

    I’ve gone as far as putting my purse between my feet and letting it “hover” above the floor before LOL

    • weaslgrl

      LOL I’ve done this too! So glad to hear I’m not the only one!

      • Atelieross.com

        I’ve hung my bag from my knee before

    • MAC

      LOL yes! Especially at standing events lol.

  • Michelle Lim

    If it’s my workhorse bags, then yes if it means I deprive someone of a seat. I try not to be too precious about my bags. Sold my Bottega lambskin Roma tote coz I found myself babying it too much and frankly the hassle wasn’t worth it. Life’s much more than that.

  • Averil

    Here in Singapore, some restaurants provide a special basket to place bags in (I borrowed the picture off of Google), with a cloth to cover it all up. Other restaurants have a seat-cover type thing that goes over the back of the chair and around the bag that totally protects it from spills. Very glad for them, because there was one time a wait staff was clearing the table and dropped a serving spoon covered in sauce onto my bag that was sitting in the basket, but because it was covered with a cloth none of the sauce got onto my Trapeze! *pant pant pant*

    I think if one pays for a good quality bag, one should do their best to take care of it. Not being precious about it, but an animal died to make that bag so everyone should make sure it doesn’t go to waste! The only bags I wouldn’t mind setting on the floor are those LV canvas bags, since one could just simply wipe off any dirt and be on their way! =)

  • jacqueline

    when my husband and I go out to dinner, I ask for a table for three. When the hostess asks when our third will arrive, I lift my bag and say it’s already here. that joke usually elicits a smile and groan from my hubby.

  • rhiannonmr

    Cheap or not cheap, never on the ground unless on a plane and I’ve placed bags in plastic bags on planes. Never heard the story about bad luck, it’s just floors are DIRTY. And planes are awful.

  • lavinia

    Nooooo, never ever in my live I would put my bags on the ground even in my home. Sacrilege! It means respect: I love my bags and I treat them the best I can. :)

  • Ana

    Never! Sometimes I’ll ask for an extra chair at lunch, or stick it behind me/place it on my lap if the extra chair isn’t an option. I’m more relaxed at home though, since we vacuum our carpets regularly and no shoes are allowed indoors. It’s funny to see so many comments about bad luck – when I first heard that, I thought my mom was making it up! Guess it’s a common saying?

  • Jo

    Oh my god, after having read all of the below comments, I think I am the only few that do leave bags on the ground everyday I go to work. I cannot think of anywhere else to put it. Where I used to work has a big drawer I can put my bag in but now the office is very small. Damn… I wish one day I will have a beautiful wardrobe that has a beautiful cabinet where I can put all the beautiful shoes and bags altogether, that would be my dream!

  • eyda

    i would only put my bag on the ground when im in the car. and here in malaysia snatch thefts are rampant so placing the bag behind the chair or hanging on the chair is a huge no no. when i do bring out my nicer bags i sometimes bring out a recycling bag along so that i’d keep my bag inside it and place my bag inside it so that it is safe from spills / dirt. that way i can safely place it on my lap / on the ground even. it would also make thieves think that im only carrying my groceries inside. i have to be paranoid here in my city as i have been a snatch theft victim before. better be safe than sorry :)

  • Aurora

    I only carry Coach bags for now, and some I will put on the ground, some I will not. The bags that are pushing the $1000 mark or are light-colored leather I will typically place on the table or chair, or I will find the chair that has the least amount of foot traffic passing behind me and hang it off of the back edge of the chair that’s furthest away from people. There are some bags however that I have no issue with placing on the ground beside my feet. It all depends on the bag and the location, I suppose. I do know that when I have the means to make the jump from the contemporary market to premier handbags, those babies will never be on the ground!

  • Wendy

    No, don’t do it! It’s unlucky in life and in money

  • M

    It depends of the surface of the ground. If I am inside i.e. tree floorboards or carpet I always put my bags down on the ground. I am not a type to baby my bags and I don’t want to use my presious time on something like that.
    I am more carefull outside, but my Fjord Birkin has sat on both grass and stone tile without any harm done to it. I avoid dirt but am really not that picky,

  • Tian

    Come to Europe and you will see plenty of women put bags on the floor, even expensive bags. In Paris, if you sit at the terrace, just put your bag on the ground next to your chair. However these days security becomes worse so stop doing that, because they could be stolen any minute.

  • Steffi

    I’m not fussy about bags which can not get damaged easily, like LV canvas bags or even Chanel bags in caviar leather. But i am careful with bags made out of delicate leather such as lambskin or lighter colored bags. This is the reason why I would never buy a bag made out of suede, no matter how pretty (like the PS1 or the Phantom)…

  • anna

    I usually try to put my bag on a chair some restaurants offer you a special basket but if not I try to put on my chair once when I was a little girl my mum says me that if I put my bag on the ground I will have bad look so since than never ever i putted my bag down

  • MAC

    NEVERRRRR (unless it’s a shopping bag). Never a “purse” though or anything with my wallet inside of it. My mother is always superstitious about money. No bags on the floor or bed. Also the ground is just so ……………. dirty. I love my bags way too much for that lol.

  • NEVER. I don’t care if it’s my Jansport backpack, my Longchamp Le Pliage or my Chanel flap, it’s not going on the floor. It’s not really about how expensive the bag is, it’s about the germs on the floor. I tend to put my bags on my office desk, or the couches, chairs, and tables at home. Since those are surfaces I work/sit/lay other things on, I wouldn’t want to transfer germs from the floor to those surfaces via my handbag.

  • Bonnie Kisko

    Changing subjects– I have collected purses for years. It is time to downsize. Any suggestions on the best websites, etc to find the $ for resale? It is very frustrating when I know I have a quality piece but find none listed on eBay, google, etsy, etc., regards

    • Try thredup.com, they buy and resell new, near-new and consigned upscale brands.

  • Lynn

    If you put your shoes on a table/couch or bed, then you wouldn’t have a problem with having your bag on the floor. Regardless of how much my stuff costs, things don’t go on the floor unless it’s meant to be on the floor.

  • Lynn

    Well, you gotta think that your purse holds essentially your life in it. You put your keys, phone, ID, driver’s license, money (cash or card), and sometimes very important documents depending on the errand for the day and some women are going to put all of that on the floor, regardless of how nice or not nice of a handbag they have.

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  • Kevin O.

    I have an upholstered stand which serves a sole function as a purse platform/stand. I detest purses on my dining room table, counters, anywhere you prepare/serve food/drinks.

    Many people are surprised I have a purse stand. I don’t know why…all my mother’s friends had them in their homes.