I’m always ready for a lively debate when it comes to this topic, and it’s something anyone who carries an expensive bag is faced with daily. When you’re out and about – grabbing lunch, sitting on a park bench or at the movies, for example – do you put your handbag on the ground?

I have a double answer: yes and no, because it really depends on the bag. Remember my issue with carrying my nice bags? Well, that has a lot to do with this issue as well. My nice bags never sit on the ground, especially not in a place where I think they can be spilled on or get a mark on them. I go out of my way to put the bag on my lap, and if I’m at lunch, I go through the ordeal of putting my napkin over the bag so nothing spills on it. It’s a little absurd.

I have bags that I’ll put on the back of my chair, but I don’t do that with every bag – I’m a little afraid of it just hanging out there for anyone to grab. I suppose part of my issue is being in a very busy city, but I’m a little reticent no matter where I am because I simply like knowing where my bag is.

As far as the ground goes, I’m not going to lie: couple of my bags have seen the ground. For someone who is a tad fussy about my “nice” bags, when I have really used a bag or it’s one of my less expensive bags, I might plop it on the ground next to me when I’m out for a meal. I typically only do it when the bag has feet, because I tend to get a little skeeved out by what’s on the ground.

I treat different bags differently, that is for sure, and some end up on the ground. I’ve also seen others put their very expensive bags on the ground, including crocodile Birkins.

So now I want to know what you do – do you put your handbags on the ground?


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