I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved getting to share my love of handbags with you for almost ten years now. It’s pretty crazy to think that PurseBlog will turn ten this year, and it’s thanks to you that we’ve made it this far.

One of our major goals is to offer a wide variety of handbag coverage, including sneak peeks at new designs, handbag news and raves over our favorite pieces. When it comes down to a couple of humans picking things to write about, though, there will always be a bias. I’ve been on a Chanel kick lately (if you follow our Instagram account, you will see how intense it is!), and I’m also a major Gucci fanatic.

We try to provide as much variety as possible, but I am sure we’re missing some brands you love. We want to give you the most well-rounded experience when you visit our site, so I want to hear what brands or stories you’d like to see us cover more. Also, if there are features you love or new angles you’d love to see us cover, let us know. Tell us anything in the comments below; we love to hear from you! We will read all of the comments and do our best to integrate the best suggestions into PurseBlog.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Jessica

    I’d love to see more of “What’s In Her Bag” posts!

    • Jessica

      As well as more “The Many Bags of…” featuring new celebs and updates on past collections.

      • Mel

        yes! More!

      • anon

        yes and yes

      • Canuck65

        Yes but no more Kardashians

      • We will have more of those! We got to the point where we were pretty much caught up on everyone who our photo agency tends to follow around, so we’ve been working on other stuff while we wait for their stocks to replenish enough for more updates.

  • Jess

    Up and coming bag designers. Most mid-range designers covered here seem to be the Rebecca Minkoffs, Tory Burchs of the world. What about Paule Ka, Bhailiu (from Italy) and more contemporary designers. I love reading about the premiere brands but more stuff that I can actually afford, would be great!

    • Paula Cademartori is another one! And Max Mara!

      • WhosThatBag

        I like what Max Mara’s doing with bags, too, but I’m on the fence with its originality? However it’s sliced, though, the classic structured silhouettes they have reflect their client. Another vote for MM!

    • Em

      How about Vinces’ new venture into bags?

      • Dylan

        They talk about Vince quite a bit!

  • Biogirl

    How about some Furla news?

  • A

    More wallets editions! I love the old celebrity wallets posts

    • Carolina

      I love this blog, it’s my little joy of each day!!
      I really love “many bags of…” please more from them!!

  • lisa

    I lust after the luxury brands as much as the next person, but to see some interesting cheaper bags would be a nice change. They don’t have to be a superior quality or anything like that, but something fun. Maybe even do a challenge to see who can find the best bag for $50!

  • KloeF

    I’d love to see more posts about the business side of those luxury brands we all covet.
    For instance, I enjoyed the article on Talkshoes about Coach’s recent acquisition of Stewart Weitzman. Love the blog though :)

  • Daniella

    m2malletier & sofia al asfoor bags aren’t very well known but very beautiful! they’re my personal favorites. I’d like to see what you think about them too.

  • FashionableLena

    I like the idea of the business side of brands both luxury and non-luxury. I am definitely curious how Jessica Simpson has turned her fashion business into a billion dollar empire. Also, more lower priced handbag & small accessories. Some of us don’t have the desire to pay $400 for a bag charm.

  • Lori

    I have three ideas: I really enjoy the business side of the handbag industry, so more of that (love the price hike posts!). And also would like more information on how the bags are manufactured. And lastly lower priced bag options that are made in america.

    • We’re planning some more comprehensive coverage of price changes that will be coming soon :)

  • AnitaName

    I feel like the same bags are covered over and over. I see Birkin’s, Chanel Boy or Flap bags and Antigonia bags. These bags are getting tired and old to look at and read about. Can you not feature more up and coming designers? Celebrate more artistic designers vs constantly posting a Birkin which is a boring leather tote?

  • KMoya

    I’d love more Man Bag Mondays please!!!

  • KMoya

    I’d also love too see posts about Moynat! I absolutely love that brand and I think it should be introduced to the American audience!

  • Gpc

    I love the “made in America” idea previously posted. Would also love you to feature more from Delvaux!

  • b

    I always love a good Celine or Chanel article, but my favorite thing is the many bags of. But I prefer when you pick one celebrity and focus just on their collection. I know I have posted before suggesting Ashley Tisdale. I’m not a fan of hers but she has a lot of beautiful bags from Channel to Celine to LV.

  • Bir

    moynat-moreaux- faure le page please cover all of the very old but in re-generation phase because they are comming up with amazing options and its not very much covered.

  • Nancy

    I would love to see more celebrities featured who have handbag collections that include both high end (Hermes and Chanel) with more affordable options (Furla, Tory Burch, Rebecca Minkoff, Coach, etc.). I think Jessica Alba is a great example. (Think US Magazine feature – “Celebrities Are Just Like Us.”

  • MJ

    I hope you guys are going to feature Delvaux brand here. They are the oldest luxury brand in the world and they came into existence long before the French brands came into existence. Moynat is not included in your list too.

    • Grace

      Yes to Delvaux! And Loro Piana too please! And more focus on the smaller European brands like Furla, Lacel etc.

      • Grace


  • BonneChien

    I would love to know more about the luxury handbag business, also. The local mall near me has one high-end handbag shop after another and all next to each other. Also would love to hear more about very nice but more moderately priced handbags including Brighton.

  • Sofia

    I’d love to see posts about high end bag companies that aren’t very well known yet, like Moynat. I love carrying bags that no one else has.

  • SydneyEastCoast

    I would love to see a blog on bags for work but not just totes etc. More like the best bags for women who are lawyers, CEOs, work in Government or even in operational roles in emergency services or mining where they may wear uniform. It is tough sometimes to find bags that work when in senior roles especially in male dominated industries and you need to look the part but still want something smashing to make you happy but doesn’t grab too much attention.

    • Jade

      (I’m a lawyer and my fav work bag is Rebecca Minkoff large MAB. Perfect for my files and laptop.) And I agree w your suggestions!

    • viennaprinzessin

      Thatcher was famous for her handbag. It was part and parcel of her image. She used it to convey a message. Madeline Albright and Condi Rice both did the same.

    • Liza

      YES! Great suggestion! I’m a lawyer and am always struggling with what is appropriate without grabbing too much attention. I’d love to carry my highend pieces, but rarely do because of the comments I get from colleagues. Pretty aggravating.

  • T

    I’d love to see more about marc Jacobs and marc by Marc Jacobs.

  • More articles about how bags are made, please! And don’t stop the Chanel/Givenchy/Celine/Prada coverage, I can’t get enough.

  • chrisb

    I think you should do more on Loewe and Moynat. Also I would love to see the new ranges by Tod’s being covered. It’s a shame the above brands don’t even have forums here with their prestige.

  • Karina

    I would love to see a post on lightweight handbag options. As a healthcare professional I see lots of women with chronic backache whose problem is exacerbated by their super heavy handbags. Would love to be able to “prescribe” some stylish and lightweight options for my patients but I don’t know any except maybe Bal and the canadian M0851. Would be delighted to hear of other bag brands that design lighter bags.

  • Phiomega

    Outfit of the day features, anchored in bag choice…. I always find myself going back and forth between purseblog and whowhatwear….

  • TGreen

    Love all articles! Suggestions for additions are: bags carried by television and movie characters and wait list information on coveted handbags. Keep up the great posts!

  • Yoshi1296

    I would love to see a few of these things on top of all the great things you guys cover,
    A purse collection feature for each of the Purseblog/Purseforum workers.

    The business and financial side of designer brands.

    Many bags of male celebs (this one may be a bit challenging)

    Oh and feature some TPF member’s collections from the bag showcase every week (like along with “The Purseforum Roundup” you guys can do a “Bag collection roundup” or something and feature one TPF member’s bag collection and keep doing one per week.

    And just fashion news like designers leaving a brand/hired for a brand, or a celeb that was featured for an ad campaign. (For example, I’d love to know what you guys think of Joan Didion for Celine and Kim Kardashian and Kanye for Balmain)

  • Abbi

    I think an international spot look could be cool – like feature brands from different countries like Japan, Morocco, India, etc etc

    There are some nice brands out there for instance RM Williams (Australian brand) which was bought by LVMH.

    Just a thought though, generally speaking you guys are good and consistently feature better and better articles imo.

    • Abbi

      It often feels like a lot of other countries get left out unless theyre premier and there a lot more great contemporary brands out there other than american and english ones and i know you can find them!!!!


  • anon

    I’d LOVE more posts about you guys! Like, what’s in my bag, more handbag reviews, wallets (or just posts about wallets in general. I know its not bags, but I think slg are just as important and exciting), wishlists (incl. why they’re on your wishlist), handbag decisions (these are the MOST fun!). I would really like to see more posts like these, it makes the site more connective to us readers and judging by past posts, these kinds of posts are really popular!:)

  • Jeson

    Cool, affordable, smaller brands like Cuyana. Or brands with superior craftsmanship like Valextra, Moynat, Delvaux.

  • Nini Kaferle

    How nice of you to ask :-)

    As has already been said, reading about luxury brands and bags (and how they are made, too) is quite enjoyable, but more posts about mid-range bags would be great.
    Love the idea of the “best bag for $50 (or even $100)” challenge!

    I would love to read more “What’s in her bag” posts, too, plus some about the business
    side of the industry and the manufacturing process – what about a post on how a
    bag comes to life, from the drawing to the making?

    Lastly, regular posts about vegan bags + brands would be heaven!

    Anyway, the blog is great, varied and I can’t wait to read the new posts each morning!

    An avid PB reader from France J

  • Louise

    My favorite blog eveeeeerrrr
    I would love to se more posts about Prada!
    And more celebrity bags!!

  • Annina

    I would love to see some international news – like for example ebay picks or sales available in europe. also maybe some information about second hand fashion/designer websites we can trust :)

    • We’re working on a guide to our favorite second-hand and resale resources for designer bags!

      • Deborah

        Oooh I would love this.

  • busterholl

    How come virtually identical bags can have price points that differ by thousands of dollars. For instance, a virtually identical saffiano leather tote may cost $200 or it may cost $2,000 depending on the designer. Why? Dooney & Bourke and Coach are often derivative in their designs but they are brands that are well-made and timeless. Yet, they get no respect here. And Steve Madden may make cheap stuff, but his designs are on-trend and affordable by everyone. He makes a tote for under $100 that is a dead ringer for the Monsieur Graviel you are so hot about. Not everyone who loves handbags can afford $600.

    • Dylan

      First of all, I highly doubt PB is going to talk about knockoffs like the Steve Madden bag.
      The price difference comes into play in the quality aspects mostly. Prada, for example, uses Italian leather while most lower end brands do not. The tanneries in Italy are second to none and therefore, the labor costs quite a bit more than it would be for a brand like, say, Steve Madden or Rebecca Minkoff.

  • Jade

    Love the site, etc. How abt more of the bags you all own. I liked the first segment on Megs. Also just different brands. What’s new for the season for the other brands. Also size comparisons. I like celebrity bag features too. Keep up the great work.

  • S

    Love the “Many bags of” and “shutterbags”

  • More Purseonals…in addition to Meg’s can Amanda or the other writers share and review some of their bags? I’d loooove to hear more about which are their personal favorites! One of my favorite posts ever was Amanda’s what’s in her bag for her Balenciaga purple hobo.

    Also…more body shots of how the PB staff looks carrying their bags!

  • melissatrv

    Thanks for reaching out and congratulations on your upcoming 10 year anniversary! I agree with what some others have said that most of the time the Premier Designers are given the most blog real estate. I would like to see more contemporary brands covered. Perhaps a different monthly guest blogger, forum members,who could write about how their love of bags started, what are their favorites and highlight some from their collections? I would also like to see spotlights from the different brands, do an interview or guest blog post from someone who works for LV etc. and talk about their job, what their typical week is like. There are so many people behind the scenes that would be interesting to hear about their role, how they contribute to the big picture. I am sure it takes a village to produce a bag from concept to market. And there are people in roles such as Brand Ambassador, what does that mean, what do they do? It would be cool to see. Even yourself, what does behind the scenes at the Purse Blog look like, how did you get started, the 10 year mark would be a great time to look back at your roots and share with readers how you evolved over the years.

    • Nini Kaferle

      So many great ideas!

  • Dominic Leto

    Alright, to add to the mix here

    1. Fauré le Page/Loewe/Moynat — I’m still a little floored that there hasn’t been ANY report on Fauré or Moynat on the blog at all. There is a very loyal following growing, as evidenced by its increasing presence in street style. Loewe will be one of the next big things. Feedback on fashion communities is unanimously positive. There was an article when JWA took over, but there hasn’t been any posting since. What gives?!

    2. Street Style — I think we all drool over the bag pictures that Vlad snaps during NYFW. They’re crisp, they’re contemporary, and they’re human. These pictures really give life to bags that we are used to seeing in pictures or on store shelves. Maybe consider shooting a couple pictures a week of cool bags/style you encounter in NY or even FL?

    3. Politicians/Public Figures — This is a cool area to investigate through handbags. Purses are very revealing, and they often give insight into a person’s personality. Just thinking of seeing Clinton’s bag collection makes my heart beat faster! Maybe a feature on talk show hosts, politicians, media officials, and big business professionals?

    3. Bag Maintenance — Many shoppers commit to one or two big bag purchases a year. How about an editorial about keeping your purse well-maintained? You could do different articles by material/leather type,

    4. Pursefect Pairs — Combinations that work so well your drops and you ask yourself, “Why weren’t these displayed together in the store!” Bag/shoes, bag/scarf, cardigan/bag, jewelry/bag, etc.

  • Veryberry

    I love the posts focusing on one handbag, especially if it isn´t a popular one – I mean those design-dares you would´t see on the street but which are still amazing! The “best bag galleries” are nice to get an overview, but dedicating a whole post to one bag gives more ;)

  • Amazona

    Posts on how bags are made would be very interesting. Also, posts on “the hidden gems” of different countries – one country at a time, listing 3-5 of their best kept secrets; brands that do things differently, do things different from others, that are especially great value etc.
    I wouldn’t mind reading about how bags can be accessorized and dressed up or down and also more posts on other than high end bags.

  • AGen

    I’d like to learn more about the Belguim brand Delvaux, please!

  • Winn

    more about the manufacture of different brands and bags. I think you’ve done an article here or there in the past, but more in depth. Who still uses skilled artisans in France or Italy, what’s mass produced, who’s made in China, who’s basically made in China but assembled elsewhere so gets away with Made in X, etc..
    on that note- outline of different types of leather/material. could be done by brand or by bag… pros/cons, care, weight, look, etc.

  • Steph

    We love reading your blog and we have just opened up a Designer Handbag shop called Bagista in West London. We’d love to feature or contribute to one of your posts, please contact us or let us know how to get in touch, we’d love to chat to you! Thanks.

  • Jennifer

    Definitely more of the business side of things, also What’s in Her Bag but maybe someone NOT in fashion; a businesswoman, lawyer, female CEO, politician, book author….The Many Bags of is great always (even the Kardashians-lol), street style….

  • Deb

    More Valextra please

  • Marni

    I would love more ‘ The Many Bags of’, especially with comments, those are the best !!

  • Marni

    More lesser know brands.

  • Dylan

    If I never had to see the Speedy, Antigona, or Luggage tote again, I’d be happy. That’s my suggestion.
    Birkins are overexposed but at least they’re always gorgeous.

  • Anon

    What about American brands like Henri Bendel? As a company, Bendel was the launchpad for many a successful brand (MAC and DVF are two examples. Chanel was first sold there in the US) and is now edging its way into the contemporary market….

  • I would also enjoy more content on the business side of the accessories/bag industry. I would also enjoy content related to lesser known labels, such as European labels that aren’t sold stateside, as well as newer brands.

  • sam

    You all do realize that sites like this are supported by affiliate links. I’d say about 85 percent of the posts here are for advertisers such as net-a-porter, barneys, neimans, etc. Rarely will they write about anything that doesn’t put green into their pockets and bank accounts.

  • cbl


  • ami

    I’d like to see guides on authenticating 2nd hand bags. While buying only directly from the store is the only way to guarantee that you’re buying the real deal, that might not be an option with a lot of people especially since prices have been skyrocketing. An example of this might be discussing the meaning of the serial codes on chanel bags.

  • Stina Sias

    I wish you would do something on Coach’s new Swagger bags! TBH I am obsessed with them but I think this design represents a real shift for Coach!

  • Tourmaline123

    I would like to see some posts on different brands in all price ranges. Maybe some that you can’t get easily in the U.S. but that are still worth looking for. Borbonese, for example, esp their 1910 collection. Bally. Pollini. Voi (an excellent, moderately priced German line that isn’t made in China), Loro Piana, Delvaux. Also, I’d love to see a column on how derivative Michael Kors has become. I have been completely turned off by his label, too many copies of other brands, too over-exposed. He’s become the Pierre Cardin of the 21st century.