Today we hosted our first-ever live Q & A on PurseBlog. We are going to make this a reccurring thing we do because so many of you participated, so thank you for coming by with your questions! One of the questions that legitimately made me laugh out loud (because I could not think of the answer!) was posed by madelanie; she asked:

Hypothetical question…if there was fire and you can only save 1 bag from your collection, what would it be and why?

Amanda was able to answer and said “I’d save my Fall 2011 Proenza Schouler PS1; it’s black leather with a seasonal textile over it, so it’ll never be made again. It was the bag I carried for most of my first two years living in NYC and I have a lot of love for it!”

I, on the other hand, still can’t think of which bag I’d want to save. I probably have ten bags that hold significant memories for me, and it makes it hard to think of which I would pick. So while I keep thinking of my answer, I want to turn to you: if you could only save one bag from your collection, which would it be and why?

[Picture is of @beingbrutus, Megs and Vlad’s pup – you should follow him!]

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Karen

    I would have to save my Chanel GST. It is a bag I had wanted for years. I just recently acquired it and based on what is written it is discontinued.

    • Karen

      This actually brings up another question. Do people insure their bags specifically or just with the basic homeowners policy?

      • TexasST

        I would love to know this too!!

  • Amazona

    OMG, nightmare! This is exactly the situation I dread even thinking about. :o

    If forced to choose, I think the winner would be Modalu Pippa Brogue. It’s a perfect size, the Brogue isn’t made anymore and the tan color fits most things I wear. Also, it’s a bday present from my BF so it holds sentimental value.
    Then again…Longchamp Roseau, Lumi Supermarket City, Mulberry Ledbury, OMG.

  • anon

    Probably the most reasonable one. If there was a fire, then I lost a lot of things and there will be plenty of costs. So because of that I’d want to save the bag the would get me the most money if I sold it.

  • Rashmi

    Hi Megs, first of all I have to tell you that this is one of the most adorable pics of your puppy! Smart and creative presentation of this topic! :)

    I am in the same boat! I too have a few that I’d love to save. Therefore I think you should re-write the topic as to What FIVE bags would you save instead of ONE :)


    Chanel Jumbo Flap in Caviar gold flap
    Celine Trapeze in the flamenco pink and green calf hair
    Adriana Castro Yellow Ostrich hobo
    Judith Leiber red teeny clutch
    Celine Belt bag in Dune

    there are so many more i want to carry as much as i can…. :)

  • Rashmi

    OMG I forgot about my Prada double bag and the red one, my Gucci Bamboo shopper in red, SAlvatore ferragamo in beige python and blue calf satchel and above all my recently acquired Red Fendi 3 jours with the croco tail!! oh this is not faaiiirr!!! :)

  • Manolos21

    Ah, too hard to decide… I’d have to choose between my Chanel jumbo chevron so black from this year and the Chanel red m/l flap with the bijoux chain from 2007. I wouldn’t be able to find either one again!!

  • FashionableLena

    Probably my Balenciaga. It’s the perfect size. I would probably also grab my vintage Coach Penny bag.

  • Amy

    Longchamp expandable travel tote which will be filled and ready to go with:

    1) BV Large Electrique Veneta

    2) Gold knot

    3) Black knot

    4) BV Large Fraise Miniode Veneta

    5) Fendi 3jours croc tail

    6) Chanel chevron boy bag in Grey

    7) Reissue 226 in Red

    8) Hermes evelyne GM in Gold

    9) Goyard St louis GM to hold al these bags

    10) Chanel WOC black SHW

    11) Chanel Jumbo Black GHW

  • Lenna Chhim

    Thanks God, I have small closet so I keep most of my bags in luggage so if this happened I am sure the one I pick is my luggage full of bags!!!

    • Joana Richard

      Ahahahah Funy

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    • TexasST

      Genius! What a space saver, I love it!

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  • crescent

    I would save my chanel flap bag. It’s something I’ve wanted for years and plan to pass on to my future child.

  • would save my chanel flap bag (as i don’t have Hermes), if have Hermes, off course i will save my Hermes. ^^
    can pass to my future child!!!!! :D

  • Smithy

    I would only save the one bag that I no longer have but long for on a regular basis. I bought this awesome Fendi Selleria black small tote about 7 years ago from Barneys. I had second thoughts about the price and returned it. I look for that bag regularly on eBay and I regret not keeping it. Other than that, I seem to sell every bag I think I have to have.

  • Hands down my Lady Dior and nothing else. I’d be overdressed but I can carry it everyday until I replace my other bags.

  • JaneH

    LV Watercolor Speedy! Purely for sentimental reasons because I got it when I was studying in Paris and it always reminds me of the good ol’ times :)

    PS: Brutus is the cutest <3

  • Michelle Lim

    My Chanel 2.55 reissue.

  • Joana Richard

    Im starting to sweet eheheheh I cant answer that… I cant just keep one, because in case of fire if I can grab one I grab more ahahahah I love my 3 Lady Dior my mini square classic chanel and all of the others ahahahah

  • John

    It’s a toss up between my black Givenchy Large Pandora (goatskin) and my black FENDI Monster Nylon tote. They both just fit my lifestyle and personal style. It’ll be hard to choose. :(

  • Well, i came here mostly because of the awesomely funny picture.. But well, if i had to choose right now from my collection i would probably point to lust by EllenVicius because it has timeless lines, it is roomy without being huge and can be used as a shoulder or as a handbag, and is handcrafted with leather, you can check it at

  • Mya Wilkes

    This is easy – My Chanel classic flap for sure! Its black, its timeless, its my most expensive bag and I’m absolutely in love with it.

  • madelaine21

    I should probably answer my own question too, I would save my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 because that was my first high end designer bag purchase and I saved up 4 years in college to eventually buy one. I now am a working career woman and have purchased multiple designer bags but The speedy 30 will always remind me of my college years and how hard it is earn a dollar! :)

  • slyshar

    I would easily save my black Chanel classic double flap maxi. But, the carnage would be horrific for the rest of my bags.

  • Passerine

    My LV Trevi PM. My first LV bag and still my favorite. It’s perfect for all but really dressy occasions, not too big but holds a lot, extremely durable, waterproof, and easy to carry. And since it’s been discontinued, I wouldn’t be able to replace it with a new one. I’d stuff inside it my small Prada Cervo hobo, which everyone likes. It’s another workhorse bag, still looks brand new after years of use. And if I could keep one dressy bag, I guess it would be my Fendi Demi-Jour in the crocodile effect. That way I’d have one bag that can go from work to dinner in a good restaurant, one small bag for casual wear, and one for dressier occasions.

  • StargazerSpider

    Lol, my school bag from high school. It has extreme sentimental value.

    But besides that, it would be a tie between my Fendi 2jours or Chanel jumbo flap. I adore my 2jours, enough that I’m willing to leave the flap behind.