I’m a recent convert to wearing suede. For years I avoided the luxurious material, but this past January I had a change of heart when I got my first suede bag, a beautiful Chloé Faye. My Faye has a suede flap, and despite being nervous about the delicate nature of it, that bag needed to be mine. I happily carried my Faye all winter long with no issues, but when spring rolled around I put her in her dust bag with the intention of patiently waiting out the April shower season. Unfortunately for me, it’s now nearing the end of July and I haven’t had the courage to pull my Faye out of her dust bag since April. I’m not someone who follows fashion “rules” very closely (I strongly believe white is a year-round color), but for some reason, I just do not associate suede with summer fashion. This is my first summer as a suede owner, and I know it’s old school, but there’s something to be said about my aversion to carrying the thick, heavy material of suede on a 100-degree day with high humidity. I want to be as light and airy as humanly possible on a hot day, and suede definitely has a weight to it that I’m not sure I can commit to during this time of year.

I was in Paris a few weeks ago at the tail end of their record-breaking heatwave (thankfully I arrived on the very last day of it). Although the humidity levels were way lower than DC’s, it was still extremely hot throughout the duration of my trip to the City of Lights. One afternoon I was browsing for bags in the luxury shops on Rue Saint-Honoré when I spotted my Parisian bag twin, a woman carrying a motty grey Chloé Faye. I honestly was so excited to see the bag in the wild, as I haven’t used mine in months! But it really got me thinking…is a grey suede bag okay to use in summer? It certainly looked fantastic on this woman, but can I pull it off? Not only is suede a thick texture, but grey doesn’t exactly scream summer to me either. I’m wondering if I had a suede bag in a brighter color, would I be more prone to wearing it in summer? Is it the color of my Faye or the material that has me hesitating to carry this bag in July?

Aesthetics and style aside, suede can be ruined when it gets wet. Summers often result in unexpected afternoon thunderstorms, which is another reason I am wary of wearing my suede during the hottest season of the year. Not only do you run the risk of water stains, but suede will become warped and stiff after being saturated. Getting stuck in an unexpected thunderstorm would break my Faye-loving heart. So I’ve got to know suede lovers…Do you wear suede in the summer or should I hold out a few more months?

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