Let’s be honest: most bags on our wishlists aren’t “needs,” they’re “wants.” Some of them we want because they fill a gap in our accessories wardrobe, and others we want because they are pretty to look at. Some bags are much more usable and functional, while others are just fun to own. Some bags are extremely expensive; while we could find another, similar option that would serve the same purpose, we just want to save and splurge on a dream bag.

All this got me thinking. I own so many bags that now it’s fairly hard to convince myself that I need a bag, versus just wanting one. There are plenty of bags that I want but I know I don’t need, and I’m sure many of you go through this same process. It’s easy to find reasons why we want to own a new bag; let’s be honest, the reasons are endless. But there are bags that make more sense than others, and sometimes we find ourselves drawn to an impractical option.

So let’s hear it: which bag(s) do you know you don’t need but you totally want right now?

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  • Diane

    I always convince myself that I need them…..lol

  • Nancy

    I just bought an Alexander Wang on sale. I justified it because it’s a different red than my Gucci. Does that count?

    • Sofia

      it does ;) you need that shade right

  • “I just LOVE floral prints. Doesn’t everybody?”

    • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

      On bags? Not me!

  • Rosa Lily

    Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Tote. It’s elegant and practical.

  • Silversun

    Hermes Double Sens for me. I have a perfectly serviceable canvas tote at, like, 1/1000 of the price, but by god I want the yummy H leather in two reversible colours. :P

  • megustapurses

    Any Balenciaga purse, they’re subtle but so versatile, and can’t be detected by the untrained eye of it’s designer name/price.

  • laura

    Let’s be honest, most of our bag purchases are bags that we want and don’t need. If we were limited to just buying what we need, our closets would be almost empty.
    My list is long but right now a Chanel GST is at the top of my wish list. Don’t need it but I want it so bad!

  • ginger

    givenchy pandora… i thought i hated it until i saw it for steal at barneys the other day… i didn’t jump on it and now it’s gone and i am obsessed…

  • cheryl

    I have a Celine Edge in 7 color variations yet I want more!!! Can’t get enough of this bag

  • Nappy

    Bags that i don’t need but want (i.e, non functional) are the Chanel lego bags and my holy grails which are the perfume bottle bag and the globe minaudiere. Some pieces that i do want are practical in terms of use but impractical in terms of price is a bi color Birkin.. Black on the outside with blue electrique stitching and blue electrique interior.. Oooohhh.. Drooling just thinking about it…

    • Mya Wilkes

      Im so with you on the Chanel perfume bottle bag. Its sooooooooooo chic, I NEED it to up my self esteem further, lol. Pun intended.

  • IWantIWantIWant

    A Chanel classic flap…soooo want, but sooo don’t need and not the best fit for my lifestyle…and a tad pricey.

  • Amanda

    Neverfull or balenciaga. Both a little steep for my buying power but I don’t care. I feel like the bal would really fly under the radar because not many people around here would recognize it.

  • dredre47

    The Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola satchel in a cream or beige color… Totally out of my price range unless I saved for an entire year, but it’s so elegant and gorgeous.

  • Oohlalalove

    I knew I didn’t need a Speedy 30 Azur but I went ahead and ordered it online today!! I have 0 regrets as this was my dream bag. I had previously bough 2 Burberries, and 2 MK’s along with some wallets but it just didn’t fill that “hole” of looking at those pretty speedys and thinking: “I want one so bad!!” Finally had my husband convinced and since our 9th aniversary it’s coming up, well that was the perfect excuse, he says I will probably want another LV later, might be true but I’m counting the days till I meet my pretty baby!

  • girlfriday17

    Lady Dior. I just watched the movie about Princess Diana and it sparked my desire again.

  • A perfect example for me is the Gucci Nouveau Fringe Suede Shoulder Bag. It is a stunning bag nonetheless, but it doesn’t suit my style (I’m not boho at all! sharp tailoring ftw) at all. But I want it so bad!

  • Veruca Salt

    Louis Vuitton W bag. My goodness it’s just so stylish ……

  • Lupelamenta

    Proenza Schouler PS1 (large) in military, but I can’t possibly afford it so I will lust at a distance..

  • Steffi

    I looove the Celine Mini Luggage and the Trapeze, but the Mini Luggage ist so heavy and you can not fit it over the shoulder, and the Trapeze is a pain to use…But they are so pretty!

  • anna

    I am a huge fan of bags I like to assorted them with my clothes that I wear in that day so that’s why I need a lot of bags …I don’t care about money I spend with bags so I just ordered an Celine Multicolour Smooth Calfskin Sunflower just in case I needed

  • Sandy

    Let’s fact it, we could to to Walmart and purchase a bag for $19.00 that would carry our stuff around… fashionably, I think not! We are all about fashion and nice things.. Speaking for myself, I set my sights on my next bag and do not stop until I get it…and when I do well, my sights are on the next one. I have had to make promises with myself to only purchase bags with longevity….so the seasonal fly by night bags although pretty I do not purchase. I have been thinking about a Chanel Boy….it is really not very practical for me as I like to carry around a lot, it is just sooo cute! At least it meets the criteria, I think it will be around for a long while. I think spending $4600.00 on a bag that really is difficult to access and in reality will not carry all of my things…but I still want it!

  • b

    Black large Chanel boy bag

  • M

    I just bought my “want” bag that I didn’t “need” yesterday…the Fendi 2Jours Small Shopper! I’m pretty sure at this point ALL of the bags on my wish list are just wants. I know I “needed” a classic, great leather bag which I bought myself after my first promotion (it was an RM Nikki in Wine…still have it, it is gorgeous) since before that, in college, I never had an investment bag I bought for myself – nor did I need one as I was in college! After that, everything else were just wants. No regrets, I love all my bags equally and everyone has their poison. Mine, like many others here, just happens to be bags. ;D #kindredspirits LOL

  • Suzi MS

    Well..i jusf need A bag, that cld be any of my handbags now as they r all about the same sizr same design haha. M now eyeing for Chanel GST, Dior Panarea, Prada Saffiano and few LV bags…owh, it’s a never ending wishlist!
    it’s not sinful isn’t it?. ;)

  • Jadesmusings

    Ahh I feel like people are still mentioning bags that are legitimately functional :-D
    For me, bags I know I don’t need and can hardly use but still want (and have a few..) include EVERYTHING from:
    – Judith Leiber (zomg the famous cupcake one! the watermelon! the peacock! the camel! the smiling buddha! the bird cage! the Chinese pagoda! the LION…. *drools*); and
    – Charlotte Olympia (the telephone, compass, teddy bear, jukebox….)

    Only thing is they’re so tiny and impractical – the size of my fist pretty much!

  • Bored

    Chanel Classic Flap, Watercolor Speed and Celine Croc-stamped Phantom…I already have a closet full of bags, and yet all these will fill in gaps. They aren’t really “wants” if they do that for me right? :D

    And then yesterday, I saw a Givenchy Antigona in real life….so LV W bag or the Givenchy?

  • Anjum Hameed

    A Birkin…

  • Amanda Jean Corvini

    Since I was 16 I started buying handbags with my own money. Lately I’ve decided I needed more ‘adult’ and ‘work friendly’ bags. The bright pinks and blues I sold online, and with 98% of the older ones gone, I justify buying new ones with the money I made on the old ones. Although to be fair I’m sure I could find another way to justify purchasing these bags I covet. I’m so in love with Tory Burch these days I can’t get enough. How ever, I will never sell my Louis Vuittons, as they are timeless. I know I don’t need more Tory, but I want more!

  • Steffi

    I really do not need another large bag, but I love the Celine Mini Luggage. Furthermore, its not super practical AND its heavy…But pretty!

  • sarahm2808

    I really want the LV Soft Lockit…. “Sigh”

  • Sidrah

    I just need birkin in my life to be complete