Let’s be honest: most bags on our wishlists aren’t “needs,” they’re “wants.” Some of them we want because they fill a gap in our accessories wardrobe, and others we want because they are pretty to look at. Some bags are much more usable and functional, while others are just fun to own. Some bags are extremely expensive; while we could find another, similar option that would serve the same purpose, we just want to save and splurge on a dream bag.

All this got me thinking. I own so many bags that now it’s fairly hard to convince myself that I need a bag, versus just wanting one. There are plenty of bags that I want but I know I don’t need, and I’m sure many of you go through this same process. It’s easy to find reasons why we want to own a new bag; let’s be honest, the reasons are endless. But there are bags that make more sense than others, and sometimes we find ourselves drawn to an impractical option.

So let’s hear it: which bag(s) do you know you don’t need but you totally want right now?

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