Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US, and although we know that PurseBlog readers hail from near and far, giving thanks and being grateful seems like something we can all agree on, even without a specific holiday. At PurseBlog, we’re thankful every day for the community you’ve helped us create, both about designer bags and so much more.

Personally, I’m also thankful for the friends who will take me in for my fourth Thanksgiving away from my family tomorrow, as well as my grandpa’s biscuit recipe (as taught to me by my mom) so I can bring something that feels like home. I’m thankful Amazon carries proper southern flour, so the biscuits can be right.

I’m thankful for Hermès and Chanel, who always provide so much fodder for ridiculous discussion in the PurseBlog family. And I’m thankful for that family itself, where I’ve found a home with Megs, Vladi and the whole crew for nearly eight years now, as well as with all of you, who give us the opportunity to come to work and talk about bags every day.

So now, it’s your turn. Let’s give some thanks in the comments.

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  • I am very thankful for my life, health, my family and for this new awesome job I am about to start that will allow me bring more Dior home!! I’m also thankful for you guys at Purseblog for creating this community to celebrate our love for fine leather goods!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    • Mya Wilkes

      woohoo! cheers to that job.

  • TexasST

    I am thankful for the health I have, for my family and friends and my job which funds my ridiculous shopping addiction which mostly focuses on these silly bags! Thank you for creating a place for a purse addict to get her fix!!

    Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  • Amazona

    Having lost everything once, it’s easy to be thankful for every little thing in my life; a roof over my head and no fear of losing it, a partner whom I love very much, a job I really enjoy, health, freedom, a mum and stepfather who support me through thick and thin, friends, the sweetest, prettiest goddaughter whose life in itself is a huge miracle, and on top of all this, I have money to get things that I like. It would be hard to name a thing, person or area of my life I’m not thankful for.

    • Immodest Goddess

      Awww. This touched me. I am happy for you as well.

  • Sara

    My health, my children’s health, my cat’s health and Purseblog.

  • GoFashiondeals

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for my little one, family and friends and finding this great blog to read! :)

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  • Maureen Kelly

    Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m thankful for my family, friends and cats. Love your website and consider it a valuable resource!

    P.S. What is the dark red apothecary-esque bag in the photo?

  • dinabobina

    Botox…Just kidding! I am thankful for a healthy and happy family, a son that is compassionate and loving, a husband that is my best friend and love of 31 years. I am thankful for kindness.