Handbag Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! We are so excited to spend another year sharing our love of handbags with you. I stopped making the typical New Year’s Resolutions years ago, as I never seemed to follow through (eating better and exercising more only lasted for a few days). Instead, I have chosen to make resolutions that I can follow through with – and that involves my handbag collection (here are my resolutions from last year).

Giveaway: Tell us in the comments section your 2012 New Year’s Handbag Resolution(s). We will pick our favorite on Friday, January 6th. The winner will have their resolution posted on PurseBlog.com and win a $200 giftcard! Good luck and Happy 2012!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Donna

    I resolve to skip buying any bags this year and instead put the money towards day trips with my family.

  • Virginia

    I vow to seize the abusive relationship between me and my handbags. I covet my favorite handbags, tote them proudly and try to give them all love and equal attention .. except when it comes to storing them. My gals are shoved in my teeny-tiny NYC apartment and deserve much better care than my studio can offer them. In 2012, I resolve to stop being a negligent handbag owner, which will only be made easier by the $200 gift card I’ll put towards the appropriate storage containers :)

    • rannaM

      I resolve to lessen clutter and rotate my bags regularly.

  • Janice

    I vow to rotate my bags more often so each one gets the appreciation that it deserves.

  • Jenn

    I resolve to bond with my mom via handbag shopping! We both love handbags and I love my mom! :)

  • Leticia Fontaine

    I resolve to put more effort into making my bag work with my clothing, instead of being lazy about bag switching.

  • DJ

    I resolve to stop overstuffing my handbags, to keep them clean and tidy, and to use each of my lovely bags instead of shlepping the same tired bag around every day and night until it is sad and frayed.

  • Estelle

    I firmly resolve to convince my husband that spending $2000 on my dream Balenciaga is an investment…in MY HAPPINESS AND GENERAL WELL-BEING, darnit!

  • Tre

    My resolution is to save my money and only buy high quality classic style handbags that I know I will use for years to come. I won’t succumb to the trendy bags that I can’t use after 1 season.

  • Leslie

    I spent new years working so I haven’t really had time to think about it… but i would have to say my one resolution is to find a new job lol.

  • fsc

    i resolve to give some of my neglected bags more love and to invest in more classic bags that i can use for years to come

  • Erik

    My handbag resolution is to 1st buy a LV Neverfull GM(in Damier Ebene) and second is to shed my fear of using it just because i’m a guy

  • Ruhee

    My resolution is to not buy a bag on an impulse and think hard and carefully before making an expensive purchase.

  • Alice

    I will not “store” receipts and clutter in one bag, and when I want to use that bag, transfer all the mess to another bag for storage purposes…trash cans are for that!

  • Swank

    Mine is to carry my other bags more often – be better about rotating bags!

  • Anju

    For every single dollar I spend on any bags or bag accessories, I will donate the same amount to my local palliative/senior animal shelter. Win-win ! :)

  • Kat

    My handbag resolution is to cherish the bags that I currently have and not continue to buy new bags. I find that sometimes I forget what bags I have! This resolution will help me save money for my first home that I desperately need.

  • Ann Jaime

    I had a baby three months ago so my resolution is to lose all the baby weight (20 pds left) if I do that I want to buy a Balenciaga Velo in red.

  • Magda

    I resolve to love the plethora of handbags purchased this year (yikes, 2011 was a ridiculously expensive year)… and instead put all my money towards the purchase of my currently most coveted bag. 2012 Will be the year of the Chanel Jumbo! :) Happy New Years to all!!!

  • Joy

    My handbag resolution is to only buy investment bags. If I don’t absolutely need it, I shouldn’t buy it.

  • Kathy T.

    My resolution is to start to think outside the box and start to gravitate towards handbags with more color. I have purse collection filled with neutrals and really need to stop fearing color pop.

  • alouette

    Besides the obvious resolution of only buying only what I love and “need”, I also plan on donating a bag to a friend who could only wish of owning a designer bag. I have been blessed beyond words and would like to pay it forward, be it in some minute way of showing my gratitude for our friendship.

    Giving her an iota of pride would be the most satisfying resolution of all.

  • annabelle

    My resolution is to get the celine luggage. I am getting it for sure before or a little after my birthday (3 months) so I have the time to think about what color. I’m thinking of going neutral since I choose color first (can’t help it). Hopefully I can pick fast so this year’s resolution happens! <3

  • JenG

    My handbag resolution is to celebrate myself by only making one purchase and one purchase only and it is to buy a Balenciaga handbag. I love this handbag, although I felt like I had died and gone to heaven when I found this site because I got to see all kinds of handbags my favorite is the Balenciaga. I definitely couldn’t and can’t afford a lot of the bags featured, but atleast I can dream. Thanks Purseblog!

  • Jessica Z

    My resolution is to buy my mom a nice bag (she doesn’t like the look of LV so hopefully I can save up for a Chanel) The nicest bag she owns right now is Coach…..And also to make sure my Louie gets plenty of sunlight!

  • Riley

    My new year’s resolution is to define my style tendencies and find a bag that truly caters to it. No matter what brand, I will invest in a handbag that screams that I have everything together and that my handbag is the most important part of my wardrobe!!

  • ainaa

    I resolve to have at least one new bag for this year cause the last one was about two three years ago .

  • Shana

    My new year’s resolution is to forgive the designers that have created horrendous bags in the past and embrace them for their unique style.

  • pixiegirl

    I have several handbag resolutions

    1- rotate what I have more
    2- clear out the clutter and get rid of everything that isn’t being used
    3- limit my bag purchases this year only 1-2 bags
    4- be more content with what I have. Its ok to like a bag and not own it.

  • AW

    My New Year’s handbag resolution is to stop buying bags that I will never use as a method of retail therapy. The thrill doesn’t last more than a few minutes and goes away completely by the time the credit card bills come in plus every time I see those particular bags, they are a reminder of the horrible pain I went through during my breakup and I cannot bear to use them.

  • Daffly

    My resolution is to pick the bag by the look and functionality, and not the name brand.

  • Kelly

    i will never again buy a seasonal handbag. only classics that will last me a lifetime from now on :)

  • Shawna

    My resolution will be to love what I got!

  • lintmag

    My handbag resolution is to repair any great bag staring at me from the closet shelf that has stitching loose, a broken clasp, a handle coming off – and then when I use them, to put a little treat in with the regular wallet, keys, etc – a mini box of maltballs, a pretty pen, some extra change to give out for tip jars – anything to be better to myself and others in 2012.

  • Patricia

    My handbag resolution is to show restraint in my compulsiveness with handbags. I have always been a bag girl and have dreamed of owning a coveted timeless Chanel but always seem to see a so so bag and feel like I deserve it since I work hard as a full time Mother and have a full time job. It usually ends up in the closet and I eventally give it as a gift to one of my sisters or my Mother. With a little one now the handbag budget is nearly nonexistent which makes me feel that sometimes I will not ever have that handbag of my dreams. Hopefully you can help me to get closer to my New Years goal :) I love reading your forum and drooling over the beautiful bags that you feature and dream of actually caressing and loving on the beautiful lambskin leathers daily…

  • Catherine

    I resolve to buy one purse only in 2012 and I know exactly what it will be.
    I will save up & only buy when the checkbook is totally comfortable with the purchase.

  • Mrs Haynes

    I resolve to spend less, eat healthier, tell the ones I love that I adore them daily and try to be satisfied with what I have.

  • Bindc

    I resolve to use every bag in my closet this year. Sadly some of my bags went unloved last year. Will love each one at least once in 2012.

  • jedimaster

    My handbag resolutions:

    1. Bags are about me, not about anyone else.
    While I have always resisted the pull of the “it bag”, I have not been completely impervious to the pull of “it-ness”. This has led to some costly mistakes. Going forward, “it” is about my tastes, instincts, and psychic comfort – not anyone else’s.
    2. Smaller is better.
    Big bags have been the rage, but nothing has been more fun to carry than my Celine nano, acquired in late 2011.
    3. If you find a small cross body bag in a neutral color, jump on it.
    Did I mention how much I love my Celine nano?
    4. Its okay to hoard, but its also okay to divest.
    Do I really need to keep that old birkin that I bought ten years ago, and is a color that doesnt work with anything?
    5. Have fun, don’t stress.
    The last thing a bag should cause is stress.

  • jenny

    My new years handbag resolution is to stop taking my handbag addiction so seriously! It shouldn’t matter if the hardware on my bag doesn’t match my necklace or my shoes!! I need to learn to relax, and have fun with fashion!

  • Emily

    As a first time mom-to-be and lover of handbags, my handbag goal is to find a fabulous bag that is also functional for everyday life with a baby.

  • Michele

    I resolve to pull that tan Chanel Cerf Tote out of its box and use it.so what if it gets dirty. It hasn’t seen daylight in 3 years! No more light bags for me!

  • Christine A.

    I resolve to give away the bags that I no longer use, then put the remaining ones on rotation so all of them get some love! And I resolve to get a red purse (never had one!)

  • mimika

    My resolution for 2012 is to write for purseblog! I have a passion for bag and passion for writing…but my bag collection is so small that sometimes when I try to write a post on bags on other forums I feel a bit inadequate. I love bloggin and I should channel my love into writing for bags. Hello editors of purseblog?!

  • Lucija

    Stop buying only the crazy super expensive handbags I’m afraid to use and start buying simple and chic ones that go with more than one dress!!

    Love your blog, I am looking forward to another year together!!


  • Jane

    I am a new mom this year and my new year bag resolution is to find a great new diaper bag. I keep debating between a Marc Jacob and a Rebecca Minkoff. You see when your getting dirty all day by those adorable little hands I don’t want to destroy all my nice clothes, but I can rock a great bag and still feel like a pretty girl.

  • Lily

    My resolution is to buy only bags that I love and not because it is a good deal. I am also going to try rotating my bags more often so they all get some love :).

  • Mel

    My resolution is once I get a new job that I finally get the Burberry bag that I have been wanting for years. I also resolve to figure out how to clean my Coach bags to make them sparkle and shine!

  • Musette

    My Bag Resolution for 2012 is to really ‘look’ at the bags I have, figure out why I have them and use (or send off) accordingly. Why? I actually FORGOT about this glorious little croc handbag, simply because it was slumbering in its sleeper, next to the other 5 I’d forgotten about…..sigh…I’m a Bad Bag-Mommy.


  • Lianne

    I resolve to carry smaller purses this year. I do not need to pack every day as if it were for a trip across the continent, and my back with thank me for it. So will my chiropractor.

  • Julie

    My 2012 New Year’s Bag Resolution is to not buy a purse on e-bay because I got one in 2011 that smelled like cigarette smoke YUCK, YUCK, YUCK. Also, try not to let my husband see me looking and researching purses on the internet and if I do find the right purse hide it so the husband doesn’t get mad, because he says “that I have plenty of purses to use”. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt. To bad so sad.

  • Catherine

    I resolve to support and honor my heritage by purchasing a handbag from a Chinese-American designer this year. I currently do not own any pieces from Chinese-American designers.

  • Julie

    Clean out my purse stop carrying things I think I may need while I am out. Then maybe it won’t be so awful carrying a purse and then I wouldn’t need to get my back adjusted so much this year.

  • marieodessa

    My 3 New Year’s Handbag Resolutions:
    1. Keep my handbag clean and organized inside and out (This is my first and foremost problem ever).The soul of the bag is found in the contents so I plan to be a little mindful of what I put/keep inside and know how to put things in order.Maybe buy more organizers and small purses to help me with that, especially for my pens.
    2. Always, always spray my stain and water repellent on my LVs and Bbag every 6 months to keep them safe from harm always. =) Why ignore using them on my bags when they really do work. Thanks for these inventions.
    3. Resist the urge to buy a new *bag*. I think I need to be more thankful that I already have these bags now and they are all beautiful in their own way, that way I’ll be more appreciative of them and I will be able to use them often and if ever I’ll get a new bag I’ll make sure it’s a classic and versatile with my moods.
    I hope I’ll be able to do all of this. =) I need to put these in my cellphone and planner, now! =)

  • paula

    1. check out all of my bags, try and find the hidden treasures in them. Create a list of bags owned, even those I keep forgetting about
    2. Make a selection. Keep all the brand ones, give away those that made sense while on high school and/or university but have no longer place in my life
    3. reconsider the selection, remove from the give away pile those that have meant or still mean something special, even if I am not using them any longer.
    4. Get more storage space.
    5. buy only good quality pieces, like the YSL clutch.
    6. Safe money for my upcoming visit to the USA and the Philipp Lim bag I plan to get as a souvenir.
    7. Try and convince everyone instead of buying separate, buy together my gift and get me a nice Jerôme Dreyfuss Billy bag.
    8. Assume I am and always be crazy about bags, and be proud of it!!

    Happy new year all!!

  • Pattie

    I resolve to remove the tags from all the bags (bought over the years…) and actually CARRY them! I LOVED them online or in the store, I WANTED them, I NEEDED them, and now they deserve to see daylight (or moonlight, depending on the bag!)

  • Kristina

    I resolve to not just buy all my bags on a whim and do a little investigation first!!!

  • rose60610

    I have two handbag resolutions. First, purchase a glass curio cabinet to place inside my small walk-in closet to display my bags so that I’m more apt to use all of them more frequently. Second, if my book gets published, I will buy a Birkin or a Kelly. Luckily, my super wonderful husband is oblivious to bags and wouldn’t notice.

  • Melody

    I resolve to donate all of the bags that I don’t use this year. Bags are meant for carrying, not for dust collecting!

  • Jillian

    I want to keep diversifying the colors in my handbag collection and keep trying out the brights. I also want to finally acquire my dream bag balenciaga city….gives me a goal and a reason to save $. :)

  • Chasing Ruins

    I resolved to buy Celine but I couldn’t wait so I bought the Celine Trapeze before new year.

  • Kristin

    Never again allow a fashion accessory into to become a snack crumb/ stain catcher. Keep all messy snacks and drinks out of my bags and keep all pens capped and in a case!

  • Wendy

    I resolve to buy fashion-forward bags. The ones I own are functional, but not as pretty as they could be!

  • Dana

    I resolve to purchase a blue bag in 2012. My collection consists of reds, black, whites, and browns. My eye is on a blue Prada Saffiano — to match my new wallet in the same color!

  • Jenny

    My 2012 handbag resolution, I have not one but three: first is to buy one bag in the next couple of weeks and that is it for the whole year, I always say this to myself, yet I take it with a grain of salt as a couple months go buy and I pick something else up and then the rest of my collection does not get used like it should.
    second: Actually use my Pomme Bellevue pm, like your first Birkin Meg, I only break this baby out on the right occasion, I haven’t even used it once in over a year, time to change that!
    lastly: I am going to finally post a collection thread on tpf of my bags, I have been wanting to do one for about 3 years and just “never get around to it” well this year its about time I do!

  • Kristine Orquillo

    I grew up in a middle-class family and so my mom would always find it outrageous for me to spend thousands of pesos for a designer bag. That’s why this year, I resolve to save enough money to buy her one- so she would finally understand why top-quality designer purses are so precious. I love her so much and I know that if she would have wanted it, she could easily buy herself anything she wants right now. But instead, she chooses to spend her money pleasing her grandchildren. I vow to return the favor and give her something she truly deserves.

  • Kathryn

    My New Years Resolution is to organize the stuff in my handbag so I don’t have to look for ten min. every time I need my keys. Also, I vow to stop buying less expensive handbags here and there, and I will instead use all that saved money to buy a very nice, expensive bag : )

  • Katie

    My 2012 handbag resolution is to begin saving for one of my dream bags rather than picking up so many of the more affordable ones. Every dollar saved will be put to great use once that ultimate dollar amount is reached. I would like to save for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull or a Balenciaga City. Just love love love the look of both of these bags.

  • Susan

    I resolve to save up for a baby peltro mini cabat in case BV decides to make a limited run of this one of a kind bag shown in the celebrity thread!

  • Tammy

    This year I will rotate through all of my bags. I have some bags I have not used in a long time..

  • Jackie

    My Handbag Prayer for This Year:

    Oh handbag who art in leather
    Chanel be thy name
    Thy delivery come
    Thy will be on my arm
    and I shall be in heaven

    Give me this year my quilted treasure
    And forgive me my credit card statement
    as I forgive those who bill against it

    Lead me into this temptation
    but protect me from knock-offs

    For thy tote, thy satchel or thy evening bag
    are to be mine now and forever


    • HAHAHAHAHA love this one!!!!!!!!

      • Jackie

        Why thank you kindly! Thought I’d lighten the mood with my less-than-fabulous poetic skills ;) lol. Ahhh Chanel … 😍

  • Tracy

    My reso: no more satchels! Will focus on acquiring an awesome wallet that can double as a clutch. currently ogling a yellow Marc Jacobs zip clutch and a citron PS1 continental wallet.

  • Tracey

    I have a few resolutions for my bags. I am going to:

    1) Keep a digital journal to organize my bags by designer category w/ pictures so that it is easier to decide which bag to wear the night before.

    2)Keep small objects within small zippy organizers w/ in my purse so changing bags each night is done in under 2 minutes.

    3) Practice random acts of kindness by giving away a bag each month to someone who compliments or admires it.

    4) Use my clutches at least 3 times a month.

    5) Change my car oil myself and use the money not spent to get a special bag.

  • Zaali

    I will try to be more patient, more accepting, more giving, caring and loving to all my friends and family. I will try not fret nor sweat the small things! But most of all, I will try to be more patient with people who are nasty, and mean! I will walk away from any situation(s) that may have a potential for creating huge scene. I will try to be my best at work and home.

  • C R Williams

    My resolution is to be the best mom I can be to my first baby girl due in April.

  • Mary

    It’s so easy to be a tPF member and get swept away with all the reveals on the forum and then by all your thoughts on handbags on your blog posts. Up until I discovered Purse Blog I didn’t even know I loved handbags! I was carrying a mini Jansport backpack for years! I think this last year I got carried away with all the beautiful bags I saw around here and ran out to get many of them, even though not all of them suited my wardrobe or my lifestyle. This year I resolve to better balance what I see on tPF, with what I need (or want!), and most importantly what I can afford. I plan to be more thoughtful in what I add to my collection and less impulsive. I think I should be able to do that without having to completely remove myself from the forum or stop visiting one of my favorite blogs! :)

  • Anita

    I resolve to find the perfect crossbody bag, purchase my first Lockheart bag, find loving homes for bags I no longer want, and only purchase bags I truly love.

  • Rebecca

    I resolve to use ALL of my bags this year. I tend to get bags that I really love but am afraid to use because I don’t want to get them dirty, etc. I bought each bag because I love it and they each deserve to be used and loved

  • klynneann

    My handbag resolution is to make a decision (which bag to buy, I like so many!) and then not feel guilty about it!

  • Heather

    Take care of my LV Beverly…. (gotta get that handle changed!) and save up for LV Evora! Ah~ Evora…I’ve been dreaming about it since the day we met… Since my budget got tight, I haven’t bought any purses and have been just drooling… dreaming… I’m determined to drink less Starbucks coffee and buy the Evora this year!

  • kelly

    My next year resoluton is to make carefully decision before I buy the bag. Make sure I do like it alot

  • Ashley

    Handbag resolution 2012: Have a specific and memorable story to go along with my next bag purchase. I got my first real designer bag on a high school graduation trip to Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive with my dad. I can never not smile or think of that special trip when I carry it. Although a good, coveted bag is always a plus, what makes it even sweeter is a good story. So, when someone says, “LOVE your bag,” I’ll have a reason why. And it won’t have to do with the ease of purchase, price, or designer.

  • Allison

    I resolve to get pregnant with my husband and then carry a fabulous baby bag!

  • christine wujek

    I resolve to buy a big girl bag and not have remorse:)

  • gillybean604

    I made 5 resolutions this year :)

    1. finish my final year of nursing school
    2. donate to charity
    3. go to Hawaii
    4. get a hedgehog
    5. sell my handknit scarves

  • Monique

    I resolve to to buy big, and I mean large handbags to hold all to cash I am going to get this year. In 2012, I decided to go bold and proclaim that this is going to be a winning year for me and bags bags are going to be my voice!

    Happy New year

  • dawn

    my resolution is to add a satchel to my bag collection!

  • Karin bag4bag

    My resolutions are (well if I have more than one I might manage to keep one !)

    1. To not keep things ‘for best’. I’m using the ‘good’ silverware everyday now because I realize its been in a box for ten years !

    2. To not weigh more next Jan 1st. Maybe I won’t weigh less, but I refuse to weigh more !

    3. Get a new job that is more who I am and still manage to pay the bills.

    4. Make sure every one of my 30 something bags gets an outing this year.

  • Galia

    Mine is a big one – I am leaving my legal career to become a handbag designer! Invested in professional courses, tools and machinery and now working on my first collection! My resolution is to settle my last remaining court case and start selling my new brand this year. and maybe a feature on your blog?!

  • 19yearslater

    To buy bags I really love, whether they be a high end brand or Dooney and Bourke. I want purses for me.

  • jrl

    I resolve to not carry a plastic bag over my bag because I do not want it marred in any way, even though it did save my purse from being stolen. Someone reached in on passenger side of car, to grab my purse and could only see a plastic bag and ran away and my purse was safe. But I am dying to let my purses be free and enjoy my purses, no worries.

  • krystal

    i resolve not to overthink my handbag purchases!!

  • Jamie

    No more blue bags! (I have waaaay too many). Any other colors are welcome in my closet.

  • Aka

    My resolution is , Not to resolve this year….let the life give me surprises… ( and hubby too ;) )

  • Fiona-Brazil

    My resolution is to buy bags only from certified shops in order to avoid more unplesant surprises.Enough of auction sites.

  • Mia

    I just got a “Givenchy Pandora” in green for x-mas!!! The bag is absolutely adorable!!! I love it soooo much!!! and my next target is Celine Trapeze. I know it’s very hard to find nowadays. but i will try my best. wish me good luck, girls!!

  • Restaurant Bruges

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  • suzanne

    i resolve to save enough money to buy myself my first Chanel maxi bag that i’ve always wanted since i was 20. 10 years on , & i’ve yet to get it.. Prices has gone way way up. But 2012 is the year i feel that i am absolutely getting it!

  • Tonya

    I resolve to carry my handbags more often. A little rain shouldn’t cause me to panic and not carry them. I should go “singing in the rain” swinging my handbags to and fro and not worry about a few droplets changing the color of my handles. I resolve to create a safe haven for my handbags and not just store them in my closet. I want to creat something that will make my fellow handbag lovers proud, something that makes you go “Ahhhhhhh” when you see the soft lights reflecting against my collection. Lastly, I resolve to add more color to my collection. I want to invest in orange, pink, green handbags, colors that will show the world how cheerful I am without me saying a word. Colors that will scream, I’m alive, I see the world in colors!!! LOL

  • BLynnT

    My handbag resolution is to take better care of my bags, especially the ones not in use. I’ve been a bit lazy in the past in this respect, and I want to keep the bags I have in the best condition possible.

  • Karen

    My new year’s resolutions:
    1. Stop impulse shopping! Think twice about purchases, unless it’s a really good deal that’s too much of a score to pass up! ;)
    2. Organization is key! From my closet to my cluttered purse where I can never find my iphone or keys.
    3. Allow every single bag in my collection to experience the outdoors instead of one having all the fun!

  • Rasheedah

    I resolve to buy only two handbags I really love this year. not just buy a bag I like because it’s on sale. I also would like to set my bags up in a way that allows me to change them out more often. I’m thinking of designating a certain bag each month.

  • Kells

    My handbag resolution is to discover a new brand and buy at least one handbag that I’ll want to keep for life.

  • Alice

    I am a very rational shopper. I hope to save more for a classic chanel bag.

  • Jessy

    I’m gonna have to borrow your handbag resolution from last year and “stop talking about a Balenciaga bag & buy one already”! I’ve been on the hunt for my dream colours for the past year or two, but I only ended up getting 3 Alexander Wang bags this past year. I need to quit Wang for the year and focus on other brands. Now let’s see if I can get my hands on one before the “end of the world”. tehehe..

  • Tamee

    I resolve to stop procrastinating….after I read this post first. :)

  • Amy

    I resolve to make my first foray into highest-quality handbags. I read Purseblog daily, comparison shop and check all the websites, but I have not been able to pull the trigger – whether on Chanel, LV, Valextra, Lanvin, or some other premier designer that I adore. The $200 will certainly help push me in the right direction.

  • Doran

    I resolve to stop swearing like a sailor. After a quick glimpse at those Mob Wives ladies I realized its just not cute! So good by F-bomb. Now how to get my point across with out it…

  • Amy T

    I resolve to:
    1. Buy only classic bags that I can pass down to my daughter! (It would only kill me if she weren’t into handbags!)
    2. Instead of buying 10 MBMJ bags in a year and tossing them around, spend that $$ to invest in a timeless LV or Chanel or….

  • XXL

    It’s 2012! Thanks to the Mayans, we have an excuse to party all we want this year (you know, in case the world really ends). I have yet been able to save up enough money for a little black crossbody that can match with any party outfits! So my purse resolution this year would be save up enough money for either a mini black Tory Burch crossbody OR the mini black PS11 I’ve been drooling over if my budget can even come close to it! Or a Minkoff Mini MAC if I can find a nice black one with gun metal hardware. Been doing research for a nice versatile crossbody but these 3 are the only ones I can see myself wearing. Please make some posts on black crossbodies! Any ideas would help.. I can’t decide! Happy 2012 everyone!!

  • XXL

    Although I don’t really think the world will end. hehe

  • Rashida

    My handbag resolution is to stop being so frugal and just go for it! Get the bags that I want. I’ve worked hard enough for it, time to treat myself! No more of listening to if you spend that much on a handbag you are crazy! I think I’m worth it!

  • Chrissy

    I resolve to NOT feel guilty about being able to purchase the beautiful things that I love! I did not grow up with a lot of money, so sometimes it’s easy to feel like things like shoes and handbags are “unnecessary”. I have worked really hard to myself to this point where I can now enjoy the spoils of my success! I have been saving for a Balenciaga Envelope Clutch or the Proenza Schouler Pouchette and can’t wait to get it!

  • Alexander

    My goal this year is to buy a pink mini burkin for my grandpa, yes it’s true I did say grandpa. No matter how strange that might seem, it is his absolute unbelievable wish. And I do owe him so much!

  • olivera davidoff

    For the first time I have a resolution. I wish to drop twenty pounds and change from a birkin to a kelly!

  • JP

    Maybe it’s my “pre-maternal” instincts kicking it, but my resolution is to find a bag that was not properly cared for and give it TPF makeover. All bags deserve TPF love! :D

  • Mai

    I would like to learn how to play the guitar. I am musically challenged.

  • Mai

    Oops… I didn’t see that it was about handbags… haha! I want to save enough to buy my first Louis Vuitton purse.

  • Linda

    My resolution is to realize that my obsession with handbags is a both a distraction and a compensation for the growing chaos in my life, and to 1) enjoy the obsession, and 2) embrace the chaos.

  • Machelle

    I resolve not to have handbag envy, but to have handbag passion! and not to be affaid of carrying my girls in public! To show them off more! Like my Chloe, show her off more!

  • Leda

    that´s it, to giveaway ,all mistakes , faults and misunderstanding, all the hate inside, all the anger someone can feel about others, and just let go …
    to be excused about anything non intentional done

  • Ann-Marie

    My resolution is to never go back to a cheap piece of crap purse ever again! Bought myself my first Coach just before Xmas after carrying my stuff in shoddy, cheap, fall-apart-in-a-month, no-name type bags from big discount stores all my life. Never again! So glad I found TPF so I can learn about REAL purses!

  • Chele

    My resolution is to finally get rid of the last 2 bags sitting in my closet unused. (I have consigned/given away 6-7 other bags over the past 2 years).

    Once those bags are gone, I’ll buy 2 beautiful bags that I’ll enjoy using, i.e., satisfying my Italian craving.

  • Janna

    I vow to rotate my hand bags and increase the inventory a bit! I get in a bag rut and must break out to show the people of North Dakota that fashion can exist in the middle of nowhere!

  • Lisa

    My resolution is to stop spending hundreds of dollars buying a Coach, D&B, or MK every month and invest in my first LV!

  • Jamie

    I will only buy 3 bags this year!! This year I wish to change all of my accessories. (makeup bag, wallet, key chain..etc…)

  • cherry

    I resolve to buy three eco-friendly or cruelty free bags. One will be a pop top clutch from the Ecoist, but I will spend time finding two more cool additions.

    All three must be beautiful, useful, and must inspire curiosity in others.

  • Doris

    I want to empty my purse on a daily basis every night so I won’t have a pile of receipts, to-do-lists, baby food and spoons in it constantly.

  • VanessaM

    My resolution is to stop using my old raggedy side bag and start stocking up on new purses! I never was really a fan of purses and handbags, but ever since my friend lol insulted it as a ‘hobo bag’.I started to notice and kind of agree as well. I really need to get into buying NEW purses and bags this year and get stylish..you know? Anyways, last year of college!(:

  • Hong

    My new year’s resolution? After reading this site and taking in the its amazing knowledge, to actually buy my first real designer bag. I have one little B.Markowsky messenger I’ve used throughout college but I think I need to move onto a real bag, and my eyes and bank account are set on the Miu Miu Vitello Bow in pink for which I was named after. (Squeel!!!)

  • susan

    I have way too many bags and this became very clear when I moved. I had 7 35 gallon tubs I put purses in to move. I started going through the purse and realized I have too many.
    1. To buy no more then 5 bags this year
    2.To sell the one’s I don’t use or won’t use. I have several with tags still on
    3. Make it a point to to carry all my bags for at least 2 days to make sure I don’t want them before I sell them.
    4. Finally buy the bag I have been thinking about buying for a year.
    5. Stop having OCD about my bags and buying bags.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    My greatest, and perhaps most difficult to achieve, resolution for 2012 is to refrain from shrieking inside my mind at the sight of a beautiful handbag resting on the floor in the mall. For the entire time I’m out my bag is literally glued to my body, it becomes an extension of my body like a cancerous growth, or as if I am a mother who will not allow her precious child to wander away without her knowing – this has become such an obsession that I will not eat lunch outside, go to the bathroom, push a grocery cart, browse store shelves without being absolutely sure that my bag is safe in my hands. I will not put it on a seat, on the floor, on the bathroom cubical hanger, NOWHERE. It makes me cringe to see all the other careless women who dump their bags on the floor (and other unmentionable places). However, this year I will try to control myself, let go of my bag once in a while, and not judge other women on how they seem to neglect their bags – after all they are not really neglecting their bags, they are just letting them get well acquainted with the outside world.

  • Martha

    My resolution is to stop caring about what other people think about my bag! Instead of worrying about what is the hottest bag to carry at the moment or whether something is going out-of-style, I should focus more on whatever suits my lifestyle and taste.

    To a happier year… and a new handbag to go with it!

  • Heather

    My resolution is to get a bag that I’m actually proud of, rather than one I got quickly without thinking about it.

  • Valerie Smith

    My handbag resolution is to be bold in 2012! Not just use my boring black and brown purses that I usually use but to by a purse with a pop of color! I love purple, maroon and blue!
    With $200 dollars I would buy,
    A really bold color bag that would catch your eye.
    Because why live life with a boring black bag,
    When you can walk around with a bold colored purse directly from a mag-azine!

  • Erika TImmer

    My handbag resolution for 2012 is to start carrying a bag for me. This full time working mom of three young children somehow substituted my handbag/purse for a large diaperbag- for the last 7 years! I want a handbag back….MY handbag with no baby or toddler stuff inside! I want to update my handbag collection with a bang (as it has been over 7 years) . I want to make a statement and some sparkle and shine and walk around with style!

  • Antonia

    My handbag resolution for 2012 is to save for my first Chloé bag!

  • Sunny

    I resolve to save for a nice handbag on my “lust list” instead of frittering my money away on cheap stuff. :)

  • Cathy

    My resolution: Buy a pair of Nicholas Kirkwoods this year :)

  • Akw

    I absolutely plan on making a picture book of my bags. And write everything about each bag… Where did I get it from,occasion, how i use it. How do I match wallets, shoes with it.how I paid (gift, cash ,cc,gift card etc). An encyclopedia for each and every bag… :) and yes, I will post pictures on tpf as well :) EXCITED :D

  • Alex

    My resolution – to take the time to flirt with under the radar bags while window shopping. Too often women gravitate to the celebrity endorsed iconic styles and forget the lesser known jems hiding in plain sight beside the attention seekers of the designer universe.

  • Kim

    My new years resolution is to really put 300% of all my effort into finishing designing and making my clothing collection and to finally start my blog. I am currently a fashion design student who is in love with everything fashion and all things beautiful, i would just love the self gratification of finally finishing something that i have always set on doing since i was really little and now that my skills are a little bit more better developed, i want to finish this collection of mine and to also as i have said, start up my blog that would show people some simple sewing skills that they could use to let them express their creativity and to also let them feel the way we (speaking for all designers) feel after making something wonderful :)

    • Kim

      ahhhhh i didnt read the blog fully and posted my actual resolution!!! haha well, my bag resolution is to save up for my soon to be baby, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM! i have wanted that bad boy since i was 6 haha along with the speedy 30, lets get my bag savings GOING! :D :)

  • Dana

    to buy myself a nice one-right now i am making do with my bags from Target

  • sunchicka

    Laugh more!

  • AL

    has winner been announced?

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