Thanksgiving and the week following are a frenetic time to be interested in fashion. Most retailers only put the really good bags on sale twice a year, and everyone knows when to expect the fall sales because they’re so clearly marked by a holiday. I spent most of the past ten days combing through online sale section after sale section, and although the sales are definitely still happening, it seems like a good time to see which deals everyone has taken advantage of.

I’ve become something of a sneakerhead in the past year, so I’ve had my eyes on the shoe sections more than handbags when it comes to my own shopping. I’ve yet to find exactly what I’m looking for, though, so the only things I bought last week were several pairs of new pants from Gap to replace basically the same pants from several years ago that are nearly worn out. Maybe I’m a practical girl at heart?

Good handbags have been disappearing from the sales left and right, though, so I have a feeling many of you have been busier than me. In the comments, let us know what you’ve picked up since Thanksgiving and what, if anything, you’re still searching for.

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  • Amazona

    I got nothing. Instead, I took advantage of others’ sale madness and the closet clearance crazy-price-must-get-rid-of-old-things hysteria that comes with it and raided our local “eBay”. Got a small Lumi bag for 25 € and a LeSportSac pouch for 7 €.
    I am stalking a Longchamp coin purse though, so the New Year’s sale is much awaited…

  • CathLuvsPurses

    I got three pieces of Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake, just like the woman in the photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    As a fellow sneaker-fanatic, I opted for shoes: specifically, burgundy leather Common Projects sneakers and CP high-top suede sneakers on Net-A-Porter. Cute and comfortable — the holy grail! I also gave in the the hype and ordered a Mansur-Gavriel bucket which I hated on sight and promptly returned :-)

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  • Chris

    I dont like sales.
    Unfortunally …rs

  • Sandy

    Nothing…I would rather pay more than stand in lines with the crowds!

  • laura

    Saks and Nordstrom had the best sales. Too bad Neiman Marcus website was down. I got MK Collection and Alexander McQueen bags, UGG slippers, MK boots and pumps and lots of sweaters from Ann Taylor. I really went shopping this year…

    • JaLozy

      I agree Saks and Nordies did the best. The silver lining is Neiman’s offered online customers $50 off of $250 for the day on 12/2 to make it up to customers!

  • I normally don’t buy anything around this time of year, but this year I spent quite a bit ???? I bought a Dyson cordless, a dress from J Peterman and Hermes 24 Faubourg parfum ????

  • FashionableLena

    My oldest son needed basketball shoes. Since I’m a basketball fanatic, I gave him the Dick’s Sporting Goods coupon, and he got new shoes. Nothing for me as I bought myself a Chanel bag last month.
    Besides, I HATE crowds do Black Friday sales are not my thing. I will buy online but not things like clothes and shoes. I have to try them on because I hate returning things.

  • Sparky

    I love Christmas shopping and prefer to take my time and wander through stores, enjoying the atmosphere. I’ll shop a sale but I don’t make myself crazy hunting for the lowest price. Takes the joy out of giving. Besides, its too early to shop.

  • Some cute shoes.

  • Sara

    SSENSE online, Alexander Wang beige Rocco at 3rd of price!! Delivered to Australia in under a week!!! Can’t beat that. Merci SSENSE.

  • anon

    I just took advantage of online sales and free shipping for things I was already planning on ordering anyways so I saved quite a bit.

    • Florence Shadrick

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  • Courtney

    Nothing – i spent time with family and friends!!!

  • A

    Prada boots, a theory leather jacket, and a Derek Lam dress! Whee!

  • Yinkus

    ooh I just 2 pairs of alaias, a pair of jimmy choo anouk pumps , gianvito rossi pumps and a metallic givenchy pandora box at 65% off, thought I was done but when i saw the givenchy I had to, may have gone a little over board!! oops

  • Alexandra

    I didn’t get anything at the sales because I’m so over ridiculous over consumption and how fashion has become a vehicle for showing off and being ostentatious instead of for appreciation. Fashion is an art and designers are the artists. I found a new site that recognizes that and has created the world’s first digital fashion calendar it is and it is literally the most beautiful curated fashion experience on the web, after stalk a little on purseblog, I head over to skye with my glass of wine and just relax!

    • Sparkletastic

      Glad you are “over” it. More for me!!! ????

  • This time is always one of the most perfect moments to find the most perfect shoes… And this is exactly what I did. :) +

  • Jill

    I ordered the raspberry PS1 on Monday and they still haven’t shipped it due to “high volume.” I’m used to luxury retailers shipping goods within 24-36 hours. Is this normal or acceptable?

    • Where’d you order it from? If it was from Proenza directly, I’d give them a little more leeway than a regular retailer because designers of that size tend to have small e-commerce teams; I’m sure they get overwhelmed at sale time. I’d be irritated too, though.

      • Cherly

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  • Jess

    My 1 year old girl got me obsessed with stars… anything with stars on it I am drawn too! hence the Converse sneakers with said stars, a Frame denim skirt, Valentino Booties w kitten heel in black, MSGM t-shirt STAR dress, kenzo tiger ring and I think I might layby a small Givenchy Antigona for $1700AUD on sale… only catch is it’s purple. I’m not too sure :/ x