While at dinner with a few friends the other night, the subject of buying a new bag came up. My friend Jessica is in the market for something shiny and new, and her budget is $2,000. Naturally, I volunteered my recommendations…until I realized I didn’t have any. I can easily tell you which bag you should spend $3,000 on, or which bag you should impulse-buy for $500, but between those two extremes, things get a little murky. You can get the fanciest bag from a designer like Alexander Wang or 3.1 Phillip Lim, or you can get a basic or small piece from a brand like Givenchy or Valentino. Deciding which you’d rather do can be a little tricky.

I know what I’d do with $2,000, and that is buy a holographic Proenza Schouler PS11, but I have very specific personal taste when it comes to bags. (Read: I only like spending money on weird stuff.) I’d also consider the Prada, Reed Krakoff and Valentino options below, with varying levels of enthusiasm. With that in mind, I’d like to know – if you had $2,000 that could only be spent on a handbag, and not a dollar more, which handbag would you buy?

Proenza Schouler Holographic Mini PS11
$1,875 via Net-a-Porter

Reed Krakoff Gym Tote
$990 via Neiman Marcus

Prada Parabole Saffiano Tote
$1,890 via Neiman Marcus

Valentino Small Glam Lock Shoulder Bag
$1,895 via Neiman Marcus

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  • Pixel_Queen

    Dolce & Gabbana deer skin Sicily. Soft version. $1,995

  • sara

    Prada Parabole Saffiano Tote from this list. Hands down.

  • Sandra

    The Prada from this list, the Valentino is nice but small for my tastes. I just purchased the Givenchy Pandora….just $20.00 over the budget.

  • stacz

    Chloe Marcie

  • peanut

    Why not the original YSL Cabas Chyc? You can find them for less than $2000.

  • gpc

    Amanda, I would love to hear your suggestions in the $3000 price tag?

    • If I were going to spend $3,000 personally, I’d wait for Pre-Fall 2013 stuff to come out and buy one of the Valentino bags that are going to be made in ruby leopard calf hair. Other than that, I’d also look at the seasonal versions of the Givenchy Antigona and the Fendi 2Jours.

  • Anna

    McQueen’s the Hero (black leather, black&white leather combo or maroon suede) or Gucci’s Stirrup (hard shape, gray leather with perforated detailing) – both classic, practical totes that are stylistically distinct; from this list – the yellow Prada.

  • FashionableLena

    Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity in whatever version that I can get.

  • laura

    from this list I would buy the Prada. I would also recommend the Prada Saffiano Lux tote or a PS1 in any bright color.

  • Silversun

    If I didn’t have a Givenchy Antigona (the small one) already, I would totally go for that.

  • Julia

    I’d go for Balenciaga City or Givenchy Antigona (small one)

  • Kellee

    Balenciaga’s city bag for sure

  • Amanda

    Balenciaga city please!

  • kristint

    Givenchy Antigona for sure!! but from the list its a toss up between the PS1 and the Prada (but in a different color!)

  • Louch

    Prada hands down but in neutral colour. Definitely the Antigona – I paid exactly $2000 and is easily my fave bag at the moment.

  • Shay

    Small Givenchy Antigona or Medium Prada Saffiano double zip tote. Both are a solid investment.

  • Jenny

    Mulberry Bayswater or the small Givenchy Antigona, both classics that I would gladly spend the money on.

  • Proenza Schouler PS1, Chloe Marcie Hobo, or Chloe Paraty

  • kate

    My favorite would be the Hologram PS 11….or the ‘classic’ PS11 in black. Of course, for a truly lasting bag under $2000, I’d go for the Chanel Kisslock bag before they raise their prices :). Other than that, like people have mentioned, the YSL Cabas Chyc, and I feel like Valentino, Prada and both have stunning options for under 2k (particularly Valentino’s Patent Grande Lock bag, which I feel like will date less than the typical ‘rockstud’ bag although I love that one too).

  • AMDG

    Givenchy Pandora, Antigona, Lucrezia, love them all. Or are they all a bit over your $2000 budget? Otherwise black or orange PS11.

  • Karin bag4bag

    With my $2000- I’d head straight for an Alexander McQueen skull box clutch. I could get a Britannia design (without sparkles) or maybe the Dragonfly jacquard skull knucklebox clutch for that price. Not for everyday use of course, but I’d love to have either of those clutches one day.

  • Chris

    Balenciaga City Bag for sure! :)

  • mzlvlover

    I’ll go for the Reed Krakoff Gym Tote

  • gabyb

    I think the Reed Krakoff it’s gorgeous!!!!

  • www.withloveshmon.com

    saffiano or balenciaga city

  • I’d definitely go with the Proenza Schouler Holographic Mini PS11 because I know I’ll wear the s*it out of it.

  • Chele

    BV medium veneta!

  • Angelica Bustos

    I’d go straight for an Orange Proenza Schouler PS11 or the Alexander McQueen Skull Box Clutch in Leopard. If I was going to be reasonable to get my money’s worth.. a small Givenchy Antigona or Pandora or Chanel WOC or Timeless Clutch.

  • huang hongwei

    prada bags also nice

  • Stella

    add a few hundred to that and get a Saint Laurent tote!

  • Jon

    You all need to be killed