Handbag world, we have a problem. I placed myself on a bag ban because of my recent Celine and Chanel bag hauls (reviews of all to come soon). I even stated out loud to myself and Vlad that I would not be buying another bag for quite some time. Then Proenza Schouler repeated what they did last season: They offered exclusive pre-orders on upcoming bags to coincide with their fashion show and the Proenza Schouler Spring 2012 Floral PS1 is calling my name so insanely.

I feel like I need this bag. I need it to come to my wardrobe and stand out against my otherwise simple options. The yellow, turquoise, and black floral print combination against the brown leather accents looks so dreamy that I am surely on a Polynesian vacation upon first glance. And if a handbag can make me feel this way, I am certain it will only make my life more enjoyable (and fashionable).

So help me, help me figure out a loophole to my self-imposed bag ban so I can pre-order this bag and cuddle with it all spring and summer long. Order via Proenza Schouler for $1,855.

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  • 19yearslater

    You won’t actually have the bag for some time ;)

  • Victoria

    I’m more of a shoe gal myself, and I am trying not to buy Alexander Wang bag at the moment. It would be twice as expensive as my priciest bag but I WANT it so much… PS1 is just out of my range :) but if you actually can afford it without jeopardizing your rent or your kidney, go ahead :) it’s really pretty.

  • Sandra Rowley

    The PS1 especially in the brown color is very masculine to me…the bright colors help a little but still a masculine bag. I am not saying that it is not a great bag, just on the masculine side. The floral addition is genius. You should buy the bag….

  • Jen

    Oh wow. I’m loving that bag, and I don’t like prints – not even on clothes. There is something so warm about the dark brown with the bright yellow Tahitian floral pattern. It transports me back to my honeymoon and massages next to the ocean on Bora Bora. I can practically smell the vanilla! I’m on a bag ban myself, Megs, but I’m thinking that I just might to have this lovely little piece. Hey – at least it’s cheaper than Celine and Chanel!

  • Kat

    I don’t like this bag. In my opinion it looks a little cheap. The fabric looks like it came from a Hawaiian shirt.


  • kemilia

    I also think it looks cheap, and not just a little.

    But we are all entitled to our opinions and I loved your Chanel photos from a few days ago.

    • CarolineLondon

      I agree on all counts!
      I’m not sure quite how they’ve managed to make something as awesome as the PS1 look like a cheap, high-street pleather knock-off of itself.
      I am baffled…

  • Brandy

    I normally only like the PS1 when they come out in the gorgeous solid brights.. Not so much the neutrals or the patterns, but this caught my eye in a major way.
    The way they added in the print is genius. Not too much of it, while still keeping the nice brown leather in its normal structure is flawless!
    Of course way out of my budget..

  • nappy

    very reminiscent of what Balenciaga did with the Japonais print City GHW.. a mix of the masculine and feminine.. i had reservations about it but then i wanted it but it was sold out…

  • PropaFly

    Sometimes there is a high that comes with buying new bags that makes you crave more and more. I feel the need to hold an intervention. I think you may be on that high…this bag is not cute. Take a deep breath and wait for something better.

  • Fiona-Brasil

    I will follow the advise and will take a deep breath…Sometimes it looks nice in a picture, and not nice in person, sometimes is the other way around.But it truly reminds the floral Balenciaga which now is out of order…The price is not right though, fabric bags should not cost the same as leather.

  • bags leather

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  • jojo

    this floral prints actually makes the bag look cheap! It looks like something you can get from Target, only it cost a fortune~

  • Ruth

    If you were going to get a PS1…which is a spectacular bag….why would you get this one? The floral accent is seasonal and will be out of style in a year’s time. It looks a bit like one of those designer for Target lines. It can only be worn with certain outfits (pink…out), and after one little coffee stain on the yellow fabric, you’ll be wishing you went with a solid (and brightly colored) leather option. Don’t do it.