[Editor’s Note: Images from this post were removed at the request of Proenza Schouler.]

You know we hate publishing cell phone pictures, but if the picture contains something that’s exciting enough and that can’t be found anywhere else, we’re willing to do it for the sake of informing you guys about something exciting as quickly as possible. That’s the case with these pictures that Style.com tweeted from their visit to the Proenza Schouler Resort 2013 Preview – you guys, that’s a Proenza Schouler Holographic PS11. YOU GUYS.

My reaction to seeing these pictures was approximately 20 seconds of nothing but OMG + profanity, and when I showed the photos to Megs last night, her reaction was exactly the same. It takes a lot to get the two of us super excited about a leather treatment; after all, we’ve seen all kinds of things in our time spent running this site, and as far as I can remember, doing this kind of strong holographic finish over silver mirrored leather is something fairly unique in the designer accessories world, particularly for a marquee product. (Both Theyskens’ Theory and Hussein Chalayan have experimented with holographics, which puts Proenza in good company.) Not only that, but it’s incredibly cool-looking.

This kind of aesthetic innovation of materials fits perfectly with the brand that Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez have built for themselves; Proenza Schouler’s work has always been heavy on textiles that are cognizant of both their own history and how the conversation might move forward, which is one of the things that’s made me such a diehard Proenza fan (and purchaser of the brand’s work). That the same sense for innovation would extend to the company’s leather goods only makes sense, and this holographic leather (which will apparently come in several colors) is an incredibly eye-catching place to start exploring. This piece is from Resort 2013, which means it will be available in approximately six months’ time. For now, you can shop the brand’s existing product lineup via ProenzaSchouler.com.

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  • Its insane! I kind of like it.

  • Eric

    Didn’t Theyskens’ Theory do holographic bags last Spring?

  • We have it in stock

  • 19yearslater

    They look kinda cheap in the photos but I bet they’re brilliant in person. I wish I could see one irl!

  • Lulu

    I remember Balenciaga did something like this with a pochette or something? Anyways :D think its pretty cool for parties!

  • Ofcl01

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  • Oxkpyujaox

    This is my next purse for sure!!! 

  • SbergMD

    Don’t really like this.  Agree it looks a little tacky.  I love PS for their high quality leathers and their fantastic design and structure.  Their use of texture and off beat textiles is wonderful, but this just doesn’t make it.  They’re trying too hard, in my opinion.

  • bluelly

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  • Rashida

    I am not a fan…

  • Abraham Dewanggana

    I love it, but my endless love is for the Dries Van Noten’s poineering clutch version for Spring 2011