You can throw virtual tomatoes at your screen right now. Why would I show you images and ramble on about a bag that is sold out? Well, it is gorgeous. And while it is unfair to anyone who wants to buy this bag, I would like you to cross your fingers and hope Net A Porter will re-stock this color of the PS1.

The Proenza Schouler PS1 continues to garner attention, being loved for its casual chic and everyday wearable vibe. The only difference we can start to see is in the material and colors being produced. That is the same thing we look forward to from other brands like Balenciaga, that continue to release the exact same design just in new colors each season. Proenza Schouler has been implementing the same idea as Balenciaga, producing a bag that is highly loved in new colors. We love this idea; creating a classic and only re-inventing the colors. The color of choice today is sea-blue.

Now comes the part where I tell you that it is sold out. And I am not sure if they will restock it. I would like to think that it will pop back onto NAP for everyone who wants this color. Why is this color perfect? It is not deep blue and it is not light blue, it ranges in that bright yet subdued yet eye-catching blue that will not look bland against jeans and truly offer a pop of color. I love a color that can pop without it having to be too edgy and bold. The Proenza Schouler PS1 in Sea-blue is one of those bags that has the right look with the right color.

The PS1 has not stopped being in the spotlight. The bag appeals to a crowd that wants a long strap, everyday bag. There of course is now the structured PS11, more suited for certain occasions that everyday-throw-everything-in-your-bag-and-go wear. But my heart still sits with the PS1. We will be bringing you more Spring PS1 colors soon! Check back for this version in sea-blue, which is $1595 via NAP.

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  • gpc

    Megs, are you ever going to get one of these or like the Bal, waiting for the right color? I have been on the fence about it for a long time. I am going to check them out again at Barneys when I am in Boston next week…

    • I am waiting on the right color choice!

      I should be getting images of all the Spring colors of the PS1 to post and help myself decide. I wonder if I am safe just going for black in this bag though – or a tan color

      • cge

        The black is an excellent choice, but as you live in Florida, you might get more use out of one of the brighter colors.

      • Maryann

        Wow! Have you seen the Croco one? Gorgeous! Since I can’t post pics here find it on Proenza Schouler on Facebook.

      • Joy Park

        the tan would be nice as well!
        you are so lucky that you can get a bag like this!
        im guessing you already got it and are loving it?!
        great blogs!

  • cge

    I held this exact bag, in this exact color, at Barney’s in New York last weekend. It’s stunning!! The only reason I didn’t purchase it is I was concerned that the color wouldn’t be versatile enough for my wardrobe. I opted to buy my very first Bottega bag instead, in a mouth-watering shade of charcoal grey, which I can wear with just about anything.

  • 19yearslater

    This color is perfection. The PS1 really highlights the amazing colors it comes in.

  • Ana JB

    I like the color. Very spring/summer! Well, I could even use it now, during the winter here in Montreal. ;)

  • leatherette

    As cge says above, looks like it’s available at Barney’s.,default,pd.html

  • tc

    i hope they solved their construction issues. i had my PS1 for only about 9 months; during that time, the clasp broke and the lining detached from the seams. to their credit, Proenza Schouler fixed/is fixing it for free, but really – there shouldn’t have been a problem at all.

  • Sue

    Still available in sea blue at – large, medium, pouchette, medium python… I am sorry to hear about the quality issues… I am saving for this bag, but have zero tolerance for quality issues at any price point above Coach…

    • I have heard some people had quality problems, but some people have not. I would not want any problems either if I bought the bag

  • Jeanie

    I just got this bag in cognac. I was debating between cognac and this sea blue but I decided that I want something that I can carry everywhere. And cognac is perfect! I got the last one on NAP :)
    I think you can also buy this color at Kirna zabete

  • Mochababe73

    This is a very pretty color, but I just don’t get the allure of the bag. It looks like a book bag and something that I wouldn’t want to wear everyday.

  • Olivia

    Does anyone know where I could see the bag IRL in Hawaii (Oahu)?

  • Margherita

    I just got the PS1 in moss, i love it!

  • speaking of…

    nothing is wrong with the color..i love it…

  • Ann

    I have to buy online, but cant make out what size to get, would you go for the medium or large?
    I like the size of the purple one of Leighton Meester

  • Amanda Yang

    I like color is moss too…
    so pretty

  • Elyse

    this is such an unusual color – menaing it would absolutely stand out (fb)

  • Joy

    LOVE IT!
    its gorgeous
    love the color
    its just the correct BAM of color for winter or summer!
    its excellent
    great blog!